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REACH FOR THE STARS...ATTENDANCE RESULTS! Class 14 again achieved the class prize this week with 100%. We have booked them a hip hop dance masterclass with Northern Stars Dance Academy for achieving 100% during Super Attendance Week. 97.1% attendance across the school this past week. For autumn term overall attendance is at 95.9%. School will close today at 3:15pm and reopen on Monday 30th October - Friday 20th October is a Teacher Training Day.


Our year 4 pupils have produced a Jim Edwards inspired image of the Newcastle Quayside.
Picture 1
Our year 6 pupils have studied the work of Banksy and asked questions about his style. They have begun some large scale art based upon their trip to the capital with a Banksy theme.
Picture 1
Have a look at our Banksy inspired work alongside 'Big Ben'.