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REACH FOR THE STARS..E-SAFETY SESSIONS FOR PARENTS TUES 27.06.17 9-10AM OR 5-6PM. PLEASE LET OFFICE KNOW IF YOU ATTENDING..Please help us keep our attendance average up for the rest of the school year. We are aiming to improve our overall attendance over the coming weeks. Ofsted visited our school last week - a monitoring report from HMI will be available shortly. We have packed summer term ahead. Please have a look at our calendar for details of events. E-SAFETY SESSIONS FOR PARENTS TUES 27.06.17 9-10AM OR 5-6PM. PLEASE LET OFFICE KNOW IF YOU ATTENDING.


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Mrs Wyld is our Thrive Leader and responsible for supporting those who fall below our attendance thresholds. Our whole school target is to raise attendance by at least 2% across the school to 97% as well as significantly decreasing the numbers who are persistently absent.

Our current attendance for this school year is 95.3%.


At the moment this is a 0.4%  improvement on last year and a key whole school priority.


Our attendance for the past week was 93%. Please help to improve this next week.


Our top attenders in school for the past week were Class 8 -  Mr Thoburn's class with 98.6%. Well done to them.


Have a look at the documents attached below to see your class attendance currently.


It is important that we give our pupils the best possible chance with attendance and punctuality to be proud of. This page will highlight our weekly attendance patterns. We are keen to celebrate those who attend well and arrive at school on time. We have a weekly attendance assembly to highlight this priority whilst our Family Support Officer will work those who require help to improve their attendance or punctuality.

It is vital that our school improves our profile of attendance. Despite the extensive work of our Family Support Officer our attendance for this past year was below the national average at 94.9% and decreasing since 2014. Unauthorised absence is 0.9% below the national average as are persistent absentees for  those missing 10% of school sessions (4.7 below average at 13.1%) and 15% of school sessions (4.6% below average at 6.7%). Both have increased since 2015. Similarly, key groups have inconsistencies that we are keen to improve – pupils accessing pupil premium funding for example attend 2.6% less than other pupils and SEND registered pupils 1.1% fewer than other pupils also.


These are stark figures  -  therefore in order to improve this picture we are currently targeting pupils and classes who lag behind the rest of our school as well as key groups.  Please help us to support our pupils in this way.

Every week we award the 'Attendance Giraffe' to the class with the best attendance. We also award wrist bands for 100% in each class (drawn from a hat) and now a 'Five Day Fiver' for the person drawn out of a hat for 100% across the school. They receive a Metro Centre voucher to spend.
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You can view our weekly attendance on this website or in the foyer at school.
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