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REACH FOR THE STARS...POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS...ADVENTURE... Thanks for supporting Secret Buddy Week and Children in Need. Great attendance this last week with 97.5% across the school. Overall this term it is at 96.3% and above the total for this time last year. Attendance for last year was 95.6% for the whole school. Please view future dates for further information.

Autumn Term 1

Autumn 1
Victorian project Homework
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Week 7
Week 5

William Morris Wallpaper


This week in Art and Design we have been studying the Victorian Artist, William Morris.


We learned all about him and other Artists during the Victorian period.


We also looked at his style of art and practised his style.


Next week we are going replicate some of his most famous designs

Week 4

More French!


We have continued to learn French, as we do every week.


We love learning French with Mrs Anderson.

Week 3

French Day


We had lots of fun today learning French.


In the morning we had a French breakfast and we had to order our breakfast in French.


Then learned all about the French numbers and completed calculations using the French numbers.


Finally in the afternoon we created art work in the style of Matisse

Class 12
Class 11
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Week 2


On Tuesday we took part in  hula hoop fitness session and it was lots of fun!

Hula Hoop Showcase!

Still image for this video
Some of class 11 showing off their hula hooping skills!

Week 1


We have had a fantastic first week in Year 5!


After getting to know each other we spent the rest of the week learning all about the amazing brain!


We first of all learned all about brain cells and the three different parts of the brain. Can you remember what they are?


Then we learned all about the left and right side of the brain and we found out if we are more left or right sided. Can you remember which side is which?


We also made brain hats to show the left and right side of the brain.


Finally we learned all about the different types of learners (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) and we found out which one we prefer.


We can now use everything we have learned about our brains to become brilliant thinkers and learners in year 5!