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REACH FOR THE STARS...This week we have our Beatrix Potter themed learning week. SUPER ATTENDANCE WEEK RESULTS! Class 14 achieved the most super attendance stickers and the class prize this week. We have booked them a hip hop dance masterclass with Northern Stars Dance Academy for achieveing 100%. We also drew the family cinema tickets and voucher for the Odeon Cinema. 95.8% attendance across the school this past week. For autumn term overall attendance is at 95.8%. School will close today at 3:15pm and reopen on Monday 30th October - Friday 20th October is a Teacher Training Day.


Westerhope Breadth of Study
Westerhope Progression of Skills

Reading, Reading Scheme and Phonics at Westerhope

Assessment, Tracking and Target Setting Policy and Guidance.How do we assess the Westerhope Curriculum?

In reading we use the 'North East Primary Consortium Reading Assessment' document. It outlines what each child should be able to do by the end of each year group. If you would like any more information about reading, please don't hesitate to ask the class teacher.

What does homework look like at Westerhope?