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REACH FOR THE STARS...This week we have our Beatrix Potter themed learning week. SUPER ATTENDANCE WEEK RESULTS! Class 14 achieved the most super attendance stickers and the class prize this week. We have booked them a hip hop dance masterclass with Northern Stars Dance Academy for achieveing 100%. We also drew the family cinema tickets and voucher for the Odeon Cinema. 95.8% attendance across the school this past week. For autumn term overall attendance is at 95.8%.


In Year 3 we have started our Stone Age topic. We decided to see what life was like for people living in the Stone Age, so we went into our forest school area and began to forage for food, wood and look for shelter. We found strawberries, apples and plums to eat, and plenty of dry wood to make a fire. A fire would be essential to keep us warm, scare away animals and cook our food.
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Year 3 visited the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda.


At the Roman Army Museum the children visited a virtual Roman classroom and took part in a lesson all about the Romans. They also watched a 3D film called The Edge of Empire, which told them all about how the Romans invaded and settled at Vindolanda.


In the afternoon, the children visited Vindolanda, which is an ancient Roman fort site. An archaeologist told them all about the work they do there digging up items from the past. They then looked around the site.  

Our year 6 pupils visited all sorts if historic places during the spring term as part of their London topic.