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REACH FOR THE STARS..School opens for the 2017/18 academic year on Tuesday 5th September. Year 6 Leavers' Prom photos can be viewed on 'latest news' Good luck to our amazing year 6. We wish everyone a wonderful summer holidays and look forward to another great year of learning in September.

Secondary Transition Link

Walbottle Campus Transition Link


“Hello, My name is Darrin Potts and I am the Director of Key Stage 5 at Walbottle Campus.  I have a specific responsibility to work as Primary Liaison link with our feeder schools.

In 2013 we accepted 250 students from our main feeder schools as well as more than 60 from other schools.  In total we have students from 29 different primary schools across the city.  As you can imagine, dealing with such a large number of students and primary schools is quite a task however we have strong links with both the school leadership team at Westerhope Primary and the teachers in Year 6 in particular.  We are full this year in Year 7 and expect to be so again in 2014.

I am confident that we can demonstrate to you that students achieve fantastic results and outcomes at Walbottle and we would love to have your son / daughter join us and help us become the best school in the city and School of First Choice in the West of Newcastle.  You may have ideas about what Walbottle used to be like and perhaps you have never visited, or maybe not visited for many years.  I would be delighted to show you why we believe that your child should come to us when they reach Year 7 and how we can stretch them and ensure they fulfil their potential.

I would like to invite you to come and see for yourself what we have to offer.  You can arrange a slot that is convenient to you either during the school day or after school, where you can come and see the school in action.  We will show you around and accompany you as you see students in lessons, working, performing and collaborating with each other in an environment that is providing stretch and challenge to all.

Please email or call at any time on any issue you may have with transition, whether your child is in Year 6 or perhaps even younger.  I would love the chance to show off what Walbottle has to offer and I am confident that we can show you why you should make us School of First Choice”.

Darrin Potts
Director of Key Stage 5 & Transition Link