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REACH FOR THE STARS...ATTENDANCE RESULTS! Class 14 again achieved the class prize this week with 100%. We have booked them a hip hop dance masterclass with Northern Stars Dance Academy for achieving 100% during Super Attendance Week. 97.1% attendance across the school this past week. For autumn term overall attendance is at 95.9%. School will close today at 3:15pm and reopen on Monday 30th October - Friday 20th October is a Teacher Training Day.


Mrs Wyld and Mr Brown head our THRIVE team at Westerhope and they are responsible for looking after the well-being of our children in school.


Westerhope is a THRIVE school committed to the children in our care, with designated staff trained in the THRIVE approach.


THRIVE brings positive change to children with gaps in their emotional, relational development which can affect their learning.


Assessments are used to guide staff in supporting children within their care. Our trained THRIVE practitioners are then able to meet the needs of the individual child for both in-class support and intervention sessions.


Our school has a THRIVE base where children are able to work within small groups or on a 1-1 basis with trained practitioners.


Using the THRIVE approach we believe our children will, with support, re-engage with their learning in order to reach their full potential.

Please click here to view the Thrive website