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REACH FOR THE STARS...POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS...ADVENTURE... Welcome back to school. Attendance this last week before half term was was 96.2% across the school. Overall this term it is at 96% and just above the total for this time last year. Attendance for last year was 95.6% for the whole school. Open day/evening sessions available to book for prospective 2019 Reception admissions. Please view future dates for further information.

Who's Who

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Come and meet the staff at Westerhope Primary

Mr M Outterside

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Mrs S Russell
Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum Lead/Governing Body member

(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Mrs K Salkeld

Deputy Headteacher- Disadvantaged Team/Governing Body member

(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Year 5 Teacher


Miss K Priest
SEND Coordinator/Governing Body member


Mrs S Ridley
School Business Manager/Business and Continuity Leader


Mrs J Coverdale
Data Manager/ICT Support/GDPR Lead


Mrs J Hall
Administrative Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor Lead


Mrs J Leath
SEND Admin/Reception/Attendance Team


Mrs S Donaghy
Nursery Teacher/Year 1


Mrs J Stokoe
Reception Teacher - EYFS Leader


Miss A Ellis

Reception Teacher/Outdoor Learning Program Lead/Governing Body Associate


Mrs E Hay

Reception Teacher/Parent Support Team


Mrs C Phillip
Year 1 Teacher/Parent Support Team/ Whole School Events Support


Mrs A Trowell
Year 1 Teacher/RE Lead


Miss C Stewart
Year 2 Teacher/School Council Lead


Miss L Holisz
Year 2 Teacher - KS1 Leader/Maths Team


Mrs  K Dalkin
Year 3 Teacher/DT Lead/NQT, RQT, Student Lead


Mr P McDonald
Year 3 Teacher - History Lead/MFL Lead


Mr M Outson
Year 4 Teacher/Geography Lead


Mrs H McManus
Year 4 Teacher - Life Skills Lead/Parent Support Team


Mrs V Purdy
Year 4 Teacher - Lower KS2 Leader/Literacy Lead/Phonics International Lead


Mrs S Dawes 

Year 5 Teacher/ Science Team


Mr S Thoburn
Year 5 Teacher - Computing Lead


Mrs L Driver
Year 5 Teacher


Mr A Bell
Year 6 Teacher - Science Lead/STEM Lead/Governing Body member


Mrs G Coker
Year 6 Teacher - Upper KS2 Leader/Maths Mastery Lead


Mrs Anderson
Music Teacher/PPA/Music Lead


Mr S Devlin
PE Teacher/PPA/PE and Sport Lead


Mrs S Wyld
Pastoral Lead/Attendance Team


Mr C Brown
Behaviour Support Officer/Forest School Lead


Ms D Blair
Nursery Nurse/Reception


Mrs N Anderson
Teaching Assistant - Nursery


Mrs E Poolan
Nursery Nurse 


Mrs K Hirst
Teaching Assistant - Reception


Miss G Marshall
Teaching Assistant - Reception


Mrs N Oxley
Teaching Assistant - Reception


Mrs R Butler
Teaching Assistant - Year 1/ Support Staff Assistant Lead


Miss H Carter
Teaching Assistant - Year 1


Mrs B Hewitson
Teaching Assistant - Year 1


Mrs N Rutherford
Teaching Assistant - Year 1


Mrs H Shorter
Teaching Assistant - Year 1/Year 2/First Aid & Administration of Medicines Lead


Mrs S Boakes
Teaching Assistant - Year 2


Mrs M Davies
Teaching Assistant - Year 2


Miss K Frend
Teaching Assistant - Year 2


Miss M Hanlon
Teaching Assistant - Year 2


Mrs T Beckwith
Teaching Assistant - Year 3


Mrs S Haggath
Teaching Assistant - Year 5/Support Staff Lead


Ms E Joyce
Teaching Assistant - Year 5


Mrs C Spark
Teaching Assistant - Year 5


Mrs D Atkinson
Teaching Assistant - Year 6


Mrs N Dunn
Teaching Assistant - Year 6


Mrs H Preshous
Teaching Assistant - Reading Intervention



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