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52 Lives ‘Kind School’

Spreading Kindness at Westerhope Primary School...                                                             

To support Mental Health Day, one of our wonderful, kind learners is planning to deliver something really thoughtful to all of her class friends so "if they need a little encouragement, they can look at the message and hopefully it will make them feel better!"  

How lovely is this?




Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We say this so much at Westerhope, but we are so truly lucky to have such kind children and families at our school heart



We wanted to share this fabulous idea shared by one of our lovely mum's from school... 

They are little positive notes, which mum pops into her daughter's packed lunch box. 

"I’ve been writing little positive notes so at lunch time if she is feeling down hopefully it will make her feel better. Like keep smiling, hope you’re having the best day! Every day she get excited wondering what her note will say!"


Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is such a lovely idea (and so simple and easy to do!).











A warm welcome back after the summer holidays! It has been so wonderful to see everyone again and to hear all about your summer news!


We have lots of exciting things planned for this year and we can't wait for another year full of kindness here at Westerhope Primary School heart



We would love to hear from you if you have done anything super kind (or you know someone who has) so we can celebrate shining stars in school!

Remember, showing kindness can be for yourself, for your friends, family members or teachers, and the planet...whatever way you are being kind it will 100% make you feel fantastic! 


To parents/carers: If you would like to send in any messages or photographs of kindness, please do to ... I'd love to hear from you!




We will be celebrating World Kindness Day on Friday, 12th November, 2021, and look forward to supporting the wonderful 52 Lives Charity again. More details to follow in the next few weeks.



The following letter is being sent to you via parent mail...




We couldn’t think of a better way to end our school year... 

A huge congratulations to this incredible learner for receiving the 

Outstanding Kindness Award heart

We are so proud of you! Thank you for being you.
(The applause and cheer you received from your class when your name was announced said everything ❤️ Well done) 


We are so proud of all of our kind children here at Westerhope - we are the luckiest school in the world!

A little message as we break for the summer holidays to say thank you so much for all of your kindness this year - it has certainly been a different kind of year in many ways and we are so touched by your support and kindness throughout.


Our children at Westerhope make us proud every single day and we wouldn’t be a ‘Kind School’ without them!

Also, a big thank you to the lovely 52 Lives charity for being so generous in their kindness in so many ways for our lovely little learners 💛 We are so grateful. 


We wish all of our children and families a happy, safe summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September!
We have lots of exciting things planned for the new year and I look forward to sharing more soon! 

Mrs Hay 💗






Congratulations to our amazing Reception and Year 3 classes for taking part in a friendship activity themed competition set by 52 Lives and WINNING! How amazing? Not only did they receive a huge bundle of books, games and puzzles for their classes, they won a buddy bench for the school! All of our wonderful Westerhope learners will be able to sit, rest, chat and share good times with friends on a sparkly new bench and we all can't wait! 


Thank you Reception and Year 3 for being super kind stars! And a big thank you to 52 Lives for their generosity. We feel really happy, lucky winners!


We can't wait to share pictures of our new buddy bench ...coming soon!




As part of our ‘Making a Difference’ theme in school, Mrs Russell invited children to think about making a difference through kindness. Our budding kindness entrepreneurs were asked to take look at the Kindness grant funded by 52 Lives.


The kindness grant is designed to help bring amazing ideas to life and to encourage children to think about what they could do to create a kinder classroom, kinder school, kinder community and kinder world.


We are so pleased to welcome a successful applicant of the kindness grant! Congratulations to our Key Stage 2 member! Together with Mr Bell, our super science school lead, our kind scientist host is leading weekly science experiments with friends! 

Thank you for spreading lots of kindness through your own science club at Westerhope! What a wonderful experience for you and your friends!



Lots of our wonderful children here at Westerhope primary school are proud members of one of the best clubs going - Kids' Kindness Club by 52 Lives charity! It's such a lovely club, which aims to spread kindness in lots of different ways. It's a club filled with kindness challenges, interesting facts, quizzes and fun games, and it's free! 


Here is a picture of one of our kind hearted Key Stage 2 learners, who is a proud member of Kids' Kindness Club, completing one of the kindness challenges for this week! How fantastic! heart


Message for grown ups: Here is the link to the Kids' Kindness Club if you would like to find out more:





We are really proud to be featured on the 52 Lives School of Kindness website Show and Tell page, celebrating the lovely kindness surprise that Reception did for Year 2! heart



It was so lovely for the Reception teachers to receive this thoughtful surprise from a very kind little class member for Thank Your Teacher Day


A huge thank you and well done to our lovely Year 6 learners who created the most beautiful, thoughtful, caring and positive messages for a lady called Judy who is in need of some kindness. 

You truly have the kindest of hearts and we are so proud of you heart 


This wonderful bundle of kindness is in the post to 52 Lives Charity




Our Friendship Challenge Week competition entries are in! A big thank you to our wonderful Reception and Year 3 pupils for taking part and showing incredible examples of how to be super, kind friends and showing us the happy feelings it brings to our hearts when we show love and care to each other heart


We will be sure to keep you posted on how we get on! Our fingers are crossed for the winning prize of a buddy bench (wow!) however, whatever happens our lovely learners have certainly enjoyed taking part and that's the main thing!


Look at this wonderful friendship recipe created by Reception with the help of our lovely Miss Hymers (our super star teacher trainee in Reception)...







We just love to hear kind messages from teachers!

Our hearts were bursting with happiness when we heard how this lovely nursery pupil showed just how wonderful she is at being a good friend.

We are so lucky to have you in nursery - thank you.


We hope you like your 52 Lives kindness pencil!

Our school is not only full of super kind children, but super kind grown ups too! 

Here is our lovely member of staff showing kindness by raising funds for The Little Princess Trust by growing her hair for three years ready for the big cut (16 inches!) and for her hair to be donated to the charity! Wow! An amazing £260 has been raised.

What an incredibly kind thing to do!





As you will know, we are super supporters of our chosen school charity of the year 52Lives and we are so pleased to tell you that Jaime, CEO of the charity, and Greig, director of School of Kindness, have invited our Year 5 pupils at Westerhope to earn their Purple Kids’ Kindness badge

Mr McDonald, Mr Evans and the Year 5 pupils are definitely up for the challenge!

We will keep everyone updated with how they get on! 

Good luck Year 5!

Another competition winner! Wow!

We are so proud of our kind-hearted learner - well done! heart

We have a wonderful 52 Lives charity Easter kindness competition winner in Reception! Wow! We are so proud of you! Well done. Enjoy spending your book token prize!


How lucky are we to have such kind friends in Westerhope?

Such a beautiful message written by one of our lovely Year 3 learners for a young girl in need of a kind message. This incredibly kind hearted young girl is a 52 Lives Kids' Kindness Club member and regularly takes part in the charity's kindness activities spreading lots of kindness. 

Your heart must be bursting with kindness!

Well done!



Wow! A BIG thank you to everyone who took part in the 52 Lives Easter kindness competition.

It was so lovely to hear about the different kindness activities that you took part in! 

I always feel so proud when I see your photographs, read your messages, and when I receive little messages from Greig and Jaime at 52 Lives congratulating our little learners!



After completing the Easter Kindness Challenge, one of our incredibly kind Year 3 pupils said this to her mum: 


"Thank you for helping me with the kindness challenge, your heart is pure." heart


Some wonderful examples of the Easter Kindness challenge entries...

Well done to one of our kind hearted learners for being awarded their purple kindness badge by 52 Lives - awarded for showing so much kindness! What a wonderful achievement!

We are so proud of you!


We are all back together again - yay!


I just wanted to share a little of what our lovely Reception learners have done this week to 'be kind to ourselves'...


We have smiled, played, danced, explored, talked, laughed and used this wonderful recipe below to ease our lovely little learners back in to Reception life...


Self-kindness is important for our wellbeing. We spend more time with ourselves than anyone else and how we relate to ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel.


With this in mind, Year 3 have had a self kindness morning with thanks to Greig from 52 Lives School of Kindness...

Thank you so much to those who took part in the half-term kindness challenge! So many amazing entries - our fingers are crossed!

I'll be sure to post any good news!


Thank you for sharing your amazing Kindness challenge entries with me before you posted them off to 52Lives! You are all incredible! Here are a few examples...

Has your lovely little one watched Mrs Russell's Seesaw post about the exciting entrepreneurial opportunity to 'make a difference'?

You are invited to make a difference by spreading kindness with 52Lives'new Kindness Grant...





Please visit the Seesaw post for more details...the link to 52Lives to submit your ideas is below...Keep in touch and good luck!   

Kindness improves our physical and mental health so this fantastic half term challenge invitation set by 52Lives is a super way to feel positive and encourage a happy heart heartthrough the wonderful kindness activities. 


We have posted out a letter to you with all the details and website links. Here is a copy of the letter below:


Mrs Hay's weekly kindness challenges coming after half term...heart



A little sneaky peep at our new kindness display- We hope it brings a warm, kind welcome to those who pass by it. We can't wait for all of our busy little learners to be back and to get posting their acts of kindness in our fancy new post box!


We look forward to all being back together again soon.

Until then...


Merry Christmas!

Our very own Westerhope kind fairies have been very busy spreading kindness by making beautiful hand-made Christmas cards heart Each card will be delivered to a person in need of extra kindness this Christmas by the lovely 52 Lives charity.





Thank you, thank you, thank you!


A personal thank you video message was sent through to us from Jaime and Greig at 52 Lives to say a huge thank you for all the support Westerhope children, families and staff showed to 52 Lives charity on World Kindness Day heart  What a fantastic day it was celebrating the power of kindness!


The day (including money raised through the 52 Kindness challenge taken on by some children) raised hundreds of pounds!! WOW!! 100% of the money raised goes to people and families in need of support this Christmas. For example, 52 Lives plan to buy Christmas presents for people who wouldn't normally receive any, buy bedding for families who are struggling and spread kindness to children who have been affected by bullying.  


thank you, thank you, thank you!




Secret Buddy Week!

It's our Secret Buddy Week this week in Westerhope and we are excited to share a week of friendship fun! We will be learning and exploring all about friendships and the magic of kindness this week.


Our teachers and grown ups in class always tell us how proud they are of us and that we are all wonderful, kind-hearted friends alreadyheart but this week we will be shining even brighter than usual!

It was a fantastic morning in lower key stage today as we had the privilege of spending time (virtually!) with the incredible Greig and Jaime at 52 Lives again. We are so grateful for Greig and Jaime's time and we can't thank them enough - They definitely bring a kindness bounce in our steps after every session! 


So to help spread kindness this week, our lovely kind-hearted Year 3 learners created beautiful pictures, cards and messages for two brothers and a sister who are in need in kindness..This wonderful bundle of kindness is in the post to the wonderful 52 Lives charity heart Sent with oodles of Westerhope love.


What a fantastic start to our World Kindness Day - we were honoured to join School of Kindness Director, Greig, from 52 Lives as he launched WKD to us and fellow '52 Lives Kind Schools'.


The children were thrilled to (virtually!) meet Greig and learn all about the importance of kindness, including the benefits of being kind on our mind and body. 


Can you tell your grown up a kindness fact you learned from listening to Greig?


More photographs from our fantastic World Kindness Day in support of 52 Lives...

The day we have been waiting for has arrived...

World Kindness Day!!

Celebrating it with the inspirational 52 Lives charity to raise awareness and support of this incredible charity who help so many people in need of kindness.


We can't thank you enough for wearing purple and green and making a donation towards this special charity who help so many people in need of kindness. Your support really does make a difference (and I bet you feel so lovely and kind in the process too!) 


What an incredible atmosphere in school today! We are BURSTING with KINDNESS here at Westerhope Primary School...more photographs to follow (the day is still going strong with kindness in school!)


A sprinkle of photographs from today...we look forward to sharing lots more on Monday!

World Kindness Day count down...!

We are super excited here at Westerhope Primary School for World Kindness Day this Friday!

Our aim of the day is to empower our children through Kindness!


We have a fun packed day planned in are just some examples of the lovely activities our children will take part in:

Design a logo for World Kindness Day 

Read lots of poems about being kind, including writing a kindness poem

Use Talk for Writing to write a story about kindness

(our Year 4's have already started a Talk For Writing inspired Kind story- Can't wait to see more!)

Create a play called 'Kindness Club'

Yoga and mindfulness

outdoor sensory inspired mindfulness 

and lots more! 



More exciting news!!

We are so privileged to be invited to be part of a live webinar with the CEO and founder of 52 Lives, Jaime Thurston, along with Greig Trout, director of Kindness at 52 Lives, followed by a live Q&A session with Jaime and Greig and our Year 5 learners!


What a day this will be - we can't wait to share and celebrate this kindness inspired day with you.


Little reminders...



This World Kindness Day we are proudly supporting the 52 Lives charity.

Wear purple or green and donate £1 to help spread kindness and change lives.

Please text KindnessDay with the amount you wish to donate to 70085 so for example, KindnessDay 1 (for a donation of £1) 

Please note: unfortunately due to covid safety, no money can be accepted in school.  





52 Kindness Challenge for 52 Lives is still going strong!

It's not too late to take part in the 52 Kindness challenge to raise money for 52 Lives charity.


What is the 52 Lives challenge?

Children are invited to take part in a sponsored activity of their choice with a ‘52’ theme…it could be doing 52 acts of kindness, giving 52 compliments, 52 keepy-ups, 52 laps of your garden, baking 52 cupcakes…or anything you can think of!


How do I organise sponsorship/fundraising? 

For more details on setting up a fundraising page please visit




Here are some of our incredible kind-hearted learners heart who have taken on the 52 Kindness challenge! We are so PROUD of you all! The biggest well done to you! 

Special achievements for a special charity heart


Here are two of our lovely kind learners who picked up 52 pieces of litter in their neighbourhood - incredible!


52 Basket ball hoops were netted by our lovely kind learner! Wow! What an athlete!


52 socks were tie-dyed by our lovely kind learner! So creative!


Our lovely kind learner carried out 52 acts of kindness! So caring!


Our lovely kind learner baked 52 gingerbread men! What a star baker!


Our lovely kind learner ran 52 lengths of his grandma's street! Super energetic!




...and that's exactly what these thoughtful learners did!


Your home community are very lucky to have you near by to offer kindness in these ways - well done boys!






A donation to a local food bank during half term to those in need of help.

Our lovely Year 4 learners showed wonderful kindness this morning by creating kind messages and pictures for people in need of kindness...

Our super Year 4 learners have used 'Talk for Writing' in English to explore kindness...

Day one of half term (Happy Monday!) and I've just received a message from 52 Lives to say lots of fundraising pages have been opened up already for the 52 Lives inspired 52 challenge we set for half term homework as part of the preparations for World Kindness Day - Incredible!

I just wanted to say...

From, Mrs Hay heart



Click on the link below to read the latest World Kindness Letter sent out to our parents and carers this week (week beginning 19.10.20)



Look at this wonderful smile from Cameron after receiving a bundle of pictures and inspirational messages from our kind Year 5 pupils.

Cameron is a young boy, who is blind with complex learning needs. His mum was so touched by our kindness heart   



heart We are delighted to be an official ‘Kind School’ heart



Thank you to 52 Lives in awarding us the most loveliest of titles!




We are very proud here at Westerhope Primary School to be a part of spreading kindness in many ways through our lessons and kindness workshops. The children really enjoy learning about the importance of kindness in the world, and especially love creating their unique messages, drawings and creations for someone in need.


Please select the link below for further information:


Kindness Information for Parents


(Taken from 52Lives website):

Being kind is the best thing you can be – so we’ve created a Kindness Club just for kids. And we’d love you to join! It’s fun, it’s free and (best of all) it helps to create a kinder world.


As a Member of the Kindness Club you will receive a special email newsletter every single week, which includes:

  • A Kindness Challenge
  • A Show & Tell
  • Fun Facts
  • Games & Quizzes
  • Chances to be rewarded for your kind acts with badges and prizes!


For more details visit:


I would love to know if you join and the lovely kindness activities you get up to – keep me updated.


Kindest regards,

Mrs Hayheart



Making a difference…Our charity of the year!

We are always exploring ways to make a difference in our school, the community and the wider world…and this year our chosen school charity of the year is...

52 Lives Charity!

Our children are all super kind-hearted so we can’t wait to share the wonderful ideas we have in store on our continued journey in making a difference to ourselves and others.



A bundle of kind messages and pictures created by our wonderful, kind-hearted pupils at Westerhope sent to those in need of kindness...

Charity of the Year 2019/20 - Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter.

Our pupils have selected the Newcastle Dog and Cat shelter as our chosen charity to support this year. We have been visited by Beth and Bobby from the shelter as part of our ‘Making a Difference’ work. Beth told us how the charity works and about the different animals they care for. Did you know it costs £188 every year to heat  just one shelter for a homeless dog? Our aim is to provide this for dogs like Bobby.  Across the coming months we will inform you of how we aim to achieve this goal. 

Charity of the Year 2018/2019 


During 2018/19 at Westerhope, our chosen charity was North East Hearts with Goals ( 




Over the course of the school year we ran a series of different events in order to raise enough money to buy a defibrillator. We eventually achieved our goal and believe this is an excellent investment for the whole school community.


Why a defibrillator?


Sudden cardiac arrest kills approximately 100,000 people a year and in the UK, 15 young people a week die from an undiagnosed heart condition. 


What is a defibrillator?


A defibrillator is a device that can read the electrical output from a persons’ heart. The device can assess whether a shock should be administered to the patient and will shock a patient to potentially save their life. A defibrillator will never shock a patient that does not need it.


You can find out more about the charity and how many live have already been saved on their website.