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Autumn 1

Spooky Halloween Fun!!!

Here are Class 4 looking very scary!

Reading Week

We have been using 'Journey', a picture book with no words as the stimulus for our work during Reading Week.

We thought about who we would take with us on a journey. We had some exciting ideas: princesses, ballerinas, knights, kings and even a ninja! We worked together to make a puppet of our character. Great team work Year 1!

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to our 'Teapots and Tales' story sharing session. We loved listening to all the stories!

The rain didn't stop us doing PE! We loved doing our Joe Wicks exercises.

Some of the leaves on the trees we can see out of the Year 1 windows are changing to Autumn colours. Here we are finger painting our own Autumn trees!

Today we experimented with mixing Autumn colours.

You can see some of paintings here!

After listening to the story, 'The Squirrel's who Squabbled' we partitioned conkers and tried to find all the possibilities.

We thought about words to describe our Autumn materials and then used these words to write an Autumn poem.

We were so pleased with all the Autumn materials that were brought in to school this week, thank you. We worked with friends to sort them and then thought of words to describe them.

In Maths this week we have been using part whole models to partition numbers. We worked with a partner to try and find all the possible ways to partition number 4.

Reverend Matthew from St John's Church came to our Harvest assembly. Thank you so much to all the parents for their donations to our food bank appeal.

Ada Lovelace Day

Celebrating women in Science

We made our own gloop and then tried to write our name as quickly as we could before the letter shapes disappeared!

We explored what happens when milk, food colouring and washing up liquid are mixed. We were amazed when the food colouring made patterns in the milk!

Here we are creating colourful paintings!

After listening to the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' we made a story map and worked with friends to retell the story remembering to use storybook langauge.

We had our first Bible Explorers assembly with Mr Taylor. Miss Holisz and Mrs Phillip were very impressed with how well the children listened.

Today we used greater than and less than signs to compare amounts.

In Maths we have been comparing groups of objects and saying which group has more and which group has fewer. We made groups that had more or fewer than a given group. We found out that there can be more than one answer. At home your child could make some groups of toys, coins or dried pasta shapes and compare them.

Here are our finished bread rolls. The smell was delicious and made us all hungry so we hope your child enjoyed theirs!

Today we made our own bread. We were amazed at how much the dough had risen after playtime and it was great fun kneading it. Ask your child if they can remember the ingredients!

Last week we read the story, 'The Little Red Hen'. We made story maps and retold the story orally and in our writing books.

In Science we have been learning about our sense of touch. We played a game to see if we could describe how different objects felt. We usedwords like hard, soft, bumpy, rough and squishy.

In Computing we have been learning about algorithms. We had to give instructions to our 'computer' to help a friend get ready for home-time.

27th September We have had such a busy week in Year 1 this week.

27th September We have had a visit from the Railway Children.

We practised ordering Numicon tiles to 10 and quickly recognising them by shape or colour.

We have been practising holding our scissors correctly and cutting out carefully.

We’ve been so busy!

We have been practising reading and spelling words with the sounds ch, sh and th. Today we played a dice game with a partner blending and reading words containing the sound ch.

We love taking part in the Golden Mile and it will help us to keep fit!

We had lots of fun taking part in multi-skills activities.

Welcome to Year 1!
The children have had a lovely first week settling into their new classrooms and getting to know the teaching staff. We have been so impressed with their behaviour and how quickly they have learnt the new routines. Well done Year 1!