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Autumn 1

We would like to write a little message to send a very warm welcome to our lovely new Reception children and families! We feel so very lucky and honoured that we get to share this incredible journey with your precious little one. 


Every year brings a fresh new sparkle of excitement, many moments of wonder and amazement, the growth of confidence and self belief, the sharing of kindness and care, and, without a doubt, adventure and possibilities.


Let the adventure begin together...


The Reception Team heart


We wish you all a very happy half term!

We have had a wonderful time with all of your amazing children.

They have settled in so well and have made an excellent start to their learning journeys.

smileyWe can't wait to see what Autumn 2 brings smiley


This week we chose 2 stars for their excellent reading.  They were so lucky to win a lovely book.  heart Well done heart

Our detective learners challenging themselves on what is inside the Autumn feely box!

A delightful pumpkin sensory explore and investigation time 🎃

Scissor skill and finger control learning time...

It’s a busy time of year for these witches writing up their spells 🦇🦉🕸 ...

Here are our amazing stars of the week!!!!

Look how creative we were with all of our autumn walk collections...

Never underestimate a puddle with lovely little learners 💦

Funky finger time!

Our lovely learners have been exploring the bones in the body...

Busy little learning hands enjoying exploring...

Autumn season is ready to be explored by our wonderful learners...

Thank you to one of our super learners for sharing her home learning with us! What an autumn super star!

Outdoor adventure learning ... and mini beast finding!

Busy Little Hands

Please find below a copy of our current topic planner ...