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Autumn 1

Here are the winners or our reading week BINGO! Well done girls 📚⭐️

Here are our amazing stars this week! We are so proud 🏅⭐️🏅

The ever so popular Little Library is up and running in Reception! Lots of happy learners choosing their bedtime story to snuggle up and share with their grown up at bedtime (coming home very soon!)

One of our lovely learners enjoying time at our Talk for Writing area. Story telling at its best!

Let the outdoor fun begin…

🎶 When you’re smiling, the whole word smiles with you🎶

A beautiful autumn walk for our Sapphire learners 🍂🍁

Squishing, squashing, splashing, sloshing pumpkins in our water tray! What a fun afternoon!

Our lovely Miss Frend and her Book Talk groups sharing and exploring a pumpkin inspired text together.

Our wonderful pumpkin exploration station with all of our learner’s creations proudly on display!

“A pumpkin plant!” Here is one of our lovely learners spending a nice relaxing time at our pumpkin observation station 🎃 ✏️ 🎨

More artists at work…

It’s time for our delightful autumn walks this week 🍂

🏅🌟Our twinkling stars of the week🌟🏅 well done!

🧚🏽💫Our reception fairies have been busy in our classroom overnight 💫🧚🏾‍♀️

Let’s get busy time…

🌟🏅Welcome to our super stars of the week🏅🌟 Thank you shining so brightly this week.

Our little keepsake of our wonderful class 1 learners 💫♥️

Our little keepsake of our wonderful Class 2 learners 💫♥️

We look forward to sharing smiley faces in action very soon but until then, here is a little glimpse into our reception settling in time...


We would like to write a little message to say a very warm welcome to our lovely new Reception children and families. We feel so very lucky and honoured that we get to share this incredible journey with your precious little one as they take their big steps in school (wearing their little shiny shoes!)


Every year brings a fresh new sparkle of excitement, many moments of wonder and amazement, the growth of confidence and self belief, the sharing of kindness and care, and, without a doubt, adventure and possibilities.


Let the adventure begin together...


The Reception Team heart



As our children embark on the early days of Reception school life; building friendships and relationships with new adults, exploring their new classroom with curiosity, learning our class routines and rules and much more, we remember that during our settling in curriculum time, and beyond, that...