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Autumn 2

We had a lovely end of term treat when music group The Holly and The Ivy visited school to sing us some Christmas songs.

Mrs Phillip challenged us to make the tallest rocket we could with the boxes. We had to think carefully about which boxes should go at the bottom of our rocket to make it more stable.

Here are our brilliant rockets!

We worked in teams to see if we could make a stable structure by balancing our rockets together.

As part of our work in DT we designed and made space rockets. We carefully measured and cut paper to fit our boxes and then drew the features of our rocket.

We enjoyed visiting the St John's Church and listening to Reverend Matthew talk about the Christmas story.

Very excited children ready for our Christmas party!

We are feeling very festive in our Christmas jumpers!

Super Science!

Today we used torches to find out which materials we could see the light through, we were quite suprised by some of the results! Ask your child to tell you about it

We carried out an experiment to find out which materials were waterproof. We made predictions and then used a pipette to drop water on the materials to see what happened.

Here we are ready for our Christmas performance. Mrs Phillip and Mrs Davies were so proud of us!

Super Space Sliders!

We have been busy making space themed pictures with a sliding mechanism as part of our work in DT. We had lots of good ideas and tried hard to draw, colour and cut our pictures carefully se we had a brilliant finished product.

The hall looked very festive today as we enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch and two lucky children won selection boxes too!

Road Safety Visit

Jill came to talk to us today about road safety. We talked about crossing roads safely, we thought about what we should wear so drivers could see in the dark, and we talked about why we need to use car seats.

Christmas is coming!!!

We loved helping to decorate our class Christmas tree!

Polar Explorer Day!

We have had such an interesting day! First Mr Outson told us about Ben Saunders,  a polar explorer who has travelled across the Arctic and Antartica. Then we met Karen who has visited the Arctic. She showed us some of her equipment and we looked at some exciting photos. Back in class we found out about some Arctic animals. See if your child can tell you about polar bears!

We have enjoyed 'tinkering' with the Bee Bots, exploring the buttons and finding out what we can make them do.

We played a game feeling different materials and describing them. It was good fun and we were able to use lots of different words such as smooth, hard, bumpy, rigid, rough and stretchy. We also made a collection of wooden materials and described those too.

We went on a 'materials hunt' around school. We spotted things made from wood, paper, plastic, metal, fabric and glass.

We all loved wearing our pyjamas to school today to help raise money for Children in Need.

We loved spending our Win Its this week!

Our visit from the dental nurse.

We talked about how to keep our teeth strong and healthy and talked about visiting the dentist regularly. We thought about which foods we should eat and we used a timer to see how long we should brush our teeth for.

Everyday Materials

Our display of metal objects. We thought about words to describe the objects we had brought from home.

Our new Science topic is Everyday Materials. We worked in groups to talk about and sort objects by the materials they were made out of.

Remembrance Day

Today we visited the church, looked at the Remembrance Day display and found out about some of the letters, photos and objects in the church hall.

We made poppies to decorate the church using potato prints and fingerprints .