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Have a great summer everyone and thanks for supporting the children so well during the year. We look forward to seeing you all on 7th September 2021. Please check your email for the latest updates. Information is available on the latest news section and Coronavirus COVID-19 page. Good attendance since our whole school return. 96% across the whole school. Thanks for your great efforts. Our COVID-19 page is available on the ‘Parent' tab. This includes the measures that will be in place to ensure the safety of those on our school site. Please view these measures and follow the guidance outlined. REACH FOR THE STARS... POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS... ADVENTURE... Our school is 'good' in all Ofsted Framework areas. Our most recent report indicates: 'Thoughtful, high-quality care contributes well to the happy and harmonious school atmosphere.'

Autumn 2

Van Gogh- Starry night


Year 2 have focused their art this term on Van Gogh's Starry night picture. We have used colouring pencils, water colour paint and now we created it using an art software.


Christmas party


Year 2 and 3 had an amazing party! Thank you for all of the food you sent in with the children!

Hedgehog house instructions


All of year 2 were set a task today. We gave them a set of instructions to make a hedgehog house. We used the time connectives to help us know what order to do things in. We had a lot of fun.. even if it was very cold! Watch this space to see if we have any visitors smiley





We have been using different models and images to help us prove multiplication number statements. We even worked out that multiplication is commutative which means the numbers can be swapped around and still get the same answer! Are you impressed???!



Monday 4th December


Today we started our new English unit- instructions. We started off by giving verbal instructions to each other. We quickly realised that we had to be very specific in the instructions that we gave to ensure our partner got it correct.

We also went outside for the Golden Mile. Please can you ensure your child has trainers in school during the week so they can quickly get changed to go outside for Golden Mile. Thank you!




Friday 1st December

We were challenged to create a product that we could sell at the Christmas fair in order to make a profit for maths resources.

We loved getting to make our hot chocolate kits, especially the unicorn hot chocolate! The melted snowman biscuits were delicious! We hope you enjoyed the fair and thanks for your continued support smiley Watch this space to find out how much we earned..





Superhero pop-up books

Owl Babies


We have been working towards creating our own story based on Owl Babies. So far, we have completed comprehension questions, expressed our opinions and learnt some new vocabulary to describe how the characters are feeling.


Today we looked at certain points of the story and we worked in a group to freeze frame it. See if you can guess what parts of the story these pictures are from..


Secret Buddy Week


This week is Anti Bullying week and we have all been given a secret buddy to share kindness with. We got a cool sticker when we completed an act of kindness. Some things the children did to be kind were: helping someone to first aid, sharing a joke, playing with the or giving them a compliment.

Well done!



Science experiment 2.11.17


We got a letter from the Three Little Pigs today that asked us to investigate which material would be the best for windy weather! We used straw, play dough, lego, ice and art straws. First we made predictions. Some of us thought the lego would be the best as it is strong. Some thought the play dough would be the best because it wouldn't blow away. After that we got very messy and made our houses! Let's just say we needed a brush and shovel very quickly smiley We tested them ensuring it was a fair test. We discovered that lego was the best material. The least suitable was ice as it just melted away! We had so much fun smiley

Outside Achievements


This young dancer is very excited as she has won these 2 very large trophies! Well done smiley





We are close to making our own superhero pop up books. Before we do this, we looked at a range of different pop up books. We loved the different kinds of books and thought they brought the books to life. After this, we thought about our own pop up books. We planned what our background would be and how our superhero would save the day.



Welcome back!


I hope you all have had a lovely half term. We have had a super week already with the Halloween disco and Bling Your Bike. Thank you for all of your hard work, the children have definitely been busy!