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Year 3 learning about timelines

History Detective Club

It has been an exciting few weeks where we have absorbed ourselves in learning about the past in different ways. We have used technology to research different periods of history to improve chronological understanding, used artefacts to develop our questioning and enquiry skills and finished off by researching the Bayeux Tapestry and created our own animated version of it. Well done team!



Lego movie - The Bayeux Tapestry

Still image for this video
Find out more about the History curriculum here.

Year 6 were history detectives, using their prior knowledge and deduction skills to work out who the victims of tomb robberies were.

Year 3 were ‘history detectives’ as they questioned Mr. William Messer about life at school and in Westerhope when he was a child. He brought in photographs and documents to show the class.

Year 6 had fun playing their homemade Ancient Egyptian themed board games with their friends and family!


Spring Term topics


There has been some brilliant work in History topics this half term, which we would love for you to see. We have a broad and enriching curriculum that has helped the children in all year groups to improve their chronological understanding, historical knowledge, developed their questioning skills and we have seen the children apply this knowledge and vocabulary in a range of contexts and medias.


Follow the links below to see the different class pages where your children's history topic work has been celebrated.


Year 1 have been learning all about a local heroine, Grace Darling.


Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London and were even visited by Samuel Pepys.


Year 3 are reading the Michael Morpurgo's The Amazing story of Adolphus Tips, which is set in World War II. They are enjoying learning about what life was like for children during the war.


Year 4 have started their Invaders and Settlers topic, finding out about the Anglo-Saxons, before moving on to the Vikings. The children are excited for their school trip to Jarrow Hall and will be exploring their Viking Box of Delights next half term.


Year 5 have been learning about Ancient Greece and will take you on an interactive tour of the ancient ruins.


Year 6 have been learning about Ancient Egypt and created some wonderful Yakits that demonstrate the knowledge they have gained so far.

Autumn term


There have been some exciting History topics this term. Please check out the pictures below which celebrate some of the achievements from different year groups.

An example of a historian working at greater depth
Here is an excellent example of a pupil finding out about the past from a primary source. His Grandad told him all about his family and their exploits during two world wars. This information had been researched and well documented with his family tree. After our Armistice Day activities his Grandad wrote his family history and told him about the significant events.

In Year 3 we have started our Stone Age topic. We decided to see what life was like for people living in the Stone Age, so we went into our forest school area and began to forage for food, wood and look for shelter. We found strawberries, apples and plums to eat, and plenty of dry wood to make a fire. A fire would be essential to keep us warm, scare away animals and cook our food.

Year 3 visited the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda.


At the Roman Army Museum the children visited a virtual Roman classroom and took part in a lesson all about the Romans. They also watched a 3D film called The Edge of Empire, which told them all about how the Romans invaded and settled at Vindolanda.


In the afternoon, the children visited Vindolanda, which is an ancient Roman fort site. An archaeologist told them all about the work they do there digging up items from the past. They then looked around the site.  

Our year 6 pupils visited all sorts if historic places during the spring term as part of their London topic.