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House Points System

House Teams

House Points At Westerhope Primary school

We understand the importance of teamwork. The whole school, including the staff, have been assigned a house and each house works hard to earn house points,  These are then added to their team's overall weekly, half - termly and yearly house points.

Each team will have a House Captain - someone who will lead by example.




Look at how many house points have already been collected this half term.  Obviously, the children must be working very hard.  Keep up the hard work!  
We have 3 weeks left of this half term so I wonder if any other teams can beat Andromeda.  They are nearly 200 points ahead at the moment.
 Keep checking the website for a weekly update.

This week's Leader Board

Friday 27th November 2020

This week's Leader Board

Friday 20th November 2020



1st Perseus                           460 points

2nd Andromeda                       444 points


3rd Aquila                               437 points

4th Pegasus                            301 points


Well done to Perseus, who are the winners this week!


This week's Leader Board

Friday 13th November 2020


1st Andromeda                       553 points

2nd Perseus                           498 points

3rd Pegasus                            425 points

4th Aquila                               404 points


Wow, what an incredible number of house points have been achieved this week! 

As a school, we have achieved nearly 1900 house points.  That is an incredible number. 

How did you earn your house points this week?

1st and 2nd place this week remain the same as last week. 

However, well done to Pegasus to have managed to move up to 3rd on the leader board.



Leader Board for Last Week

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020


1st Andromeda                       359 points

2nd Perseus                           348 points

3rd Aquila                               341 points

4th Pegasus                            327 points

Great effort!  Keep up all of the hard work.  There were only 18 points between the top 3 teams.
At the end of each half term the house team that has earned the most house points will win a house prize.  The prize for the first half-term was a non-school uniform day and our first half-term winners of 2020 were Andromeda.

Leader Board for the First Half-Term



1st Andromeda                       1889 points

2nd Perseus                           1837 points

3rd Pegasus                            1804 points

4th Aquila                               1700 points