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Interstellar Learning 2017/18

This is Mr Outterside's learning blog and the page where you will see those who have stood out for their approach to learning. Everyday he sees interstellar learning in our school. We will publicise our daily highlights so that you get a real flavour of life at our school.

We are proud to announce that our wonderful reception class are the winners of the 'Great Bug Hunt' competition. Follow this link to see their work on the Great Bug Hunt website!



We have another footballing superstar in school! This future talent is part of a local team who won this huge trophy to celebrate their success. Well done! 
Great effort from our cast of ‘Joseph’.
More amazing homework projects. Well done everyone who supported the pupils. They shared their projects this week with other classes.

Some super writing in Early Years this week. We are also proud of these sporting stars out of school. Well done also to those who are making a difference by raising money for the defibrillator fund. Well done team!

Some really great writing in year 1 this week. Have a look at their 'class pages' and watch out for giants!
40 out of 40 for these pupil on their year 6 arithmetic test. Well done - all ready for SATs!

Great teamwork from our dodge ball team that represented us at the OWL Trust tournament.

Great netball skills on display after school this week.
Some cool coding sessions today with Mr Thoburn. He showed year 5 how to debug a program and give fresh instructions so that the character (Scrat) could find his food.
We have had some wonderful extended writing in year 6. The Harry Potter theme has really caught the imagination of our writers and they have used Microsoft Word to present their work. This creative piece used the characters within the books and was an excellent example  - JK Rowling would be pleased! 

Some amazing work has gone on during 'Secret Buddy Week'. Have a look at our 'Life Skills' page for the thoughts of our pupils.


After our Armistice Day activities some pupils have talked to their families about the lives of relatives during the war years. This young learner asked his Grandad to write down his family history. It involved many family members who served in all sorts of ways during the Great War and 2nd World War. It is really important that these memories are kept alive through the generations.
Year 4 have looked closely at what happens to food in our stomach. They mixed bananas, orange juice and cracker biscuits to observe the combined mixture. Yuk!
Well done our 'stars' for this week who have stood at for their approach to learning. Well done team!

Super circuits are a great way of improving fitness but also a competitive way of developing large body actions. Mr McDonald has been putting year 3 through their paces with lots of circuit work this week. The focus was on agility, balance and stamina.

Some extreme reading today inside the camp with year 1.
Some super cool moves were in evidence as Mrs Coker's team took part in a hip-hop session with Northern Dance Stars. Great exercise and great fun!
Lots of classes thinking about Remembrance Day as we near 11th September. Year 1 pupils know why we wear poppies this time of year and have produced some delightful example to wear in honour of the fallen.
These year 2 writers have produced an excellent traditional tale base upon the Chinese character Mulan. They have include all of the important features and demonstrated great progress in their writing.
Tear 6 travelled to Alnwick Castle to find out about life in the past and also to see where Harry Potter was filmed. Have a look at class pages.
Year 3 had the opportunity to act as museum curators today. They opened the doors to their classrooms and year 4 pupils examined their stone age dwellings. They talked about the features of the caves so that the visitors were well informed about their topic.
In preparation for a visit to Alnwick Castle and a Harry Potter experience, these boys have achieved a great outcome with their cross-stitch techniques.
We have had a great first day of Reading Week with a visit from Beatrix Potter herself. She used her amazing sheep called 'Herdy' to magically tell each class their special book. It was great to see Peter, Benjamin, Mr McGreggor and Mr Tod in school. Have a good look at our 'class pages' over the coming days to see what is happening.
What was life like during the Stone Age? Well if you want to find out our year 3 pupils will be curating a museum in class shortly. Have a look at their impressive models to see what life was like around the cave. These can be viewed on their class pages alongside the rest of this great topic.
Bikeability training has taught us all about keeping safe on the road. Today this year 6 class were today looking at road signs, bike maintenance and then it was out onto the roads with our cycle coaches.
Year 4 are really enjoying 'Stitch Head' by Guy Bass. He is a great new author who has visited our school recently. It is great to see pupils investing their pocket money in these books or receiving them as birthday presents. Look at the number of Guy Bass books this pupil is reading.
Have a look at who visited year 3 this week - 'Stig of the Dump'. He looked lost, tired and cold after a long walk. He found it hard to communicate with our children but they made him welcome and tried to find out where he had come from. He ate the food he had found around the school grounds and drew a map of his journey. Follow this link to find out more.
Well done our 'stars of the week' - we are so proud of your efforts!
Our International Day began with our pupils dressing in the colours of the French tricolour and warming up with an assembly with Mr MacDonald. He taught us all the parts of the body with the help of some action songs in French. We had croissants and pain au chocolate to fuel us up for the day and Mr Outterside opened his café serving the finest cheeses. Have a look on the classes pages to see how we have immersed ourselves in French culture.
Knowing your multiplication tables helps you to deal with maths problems more efficiently. This young mathematician has challenged himself to learning his 12x table up to 15 x 12 this week.
We have begun to work in the outdoors with Mr Brown. Every class will take part in Forest School activities this year. Look out on the Forest School tab for regular updates.
Year 3 and year 4 were doing some extra reading in class (ERIC time) today and it was great to see them enjoying their books. Some have already won some book tokens!
Mr MacDonald and his mathematicians were working on a clever way of remembering their times tables today. They worked with a partner to put coloured counters into an array and noted the results.
Brilliant effort from this young reader. Mrs Preshus was so pleased with the amount of reading he is doing in his own time!
Well done these two boys who received awards from their sports clubs.
Well done to Ms Holistz and her New Zealand team who won the Olympics today.
Loads of outdoor adventure to end the year with our year 5 Berwick expedition; year 4 at Broomley Grange and year 3 camping out. Lots of learning about self, others and the environment in particular, as well as picking up new skills along the way.
Year 5 have had a super day looking at the geographical features and wildlife of the Northumbrian coast. We looked closely at the habitats of the local birds and seal colonies. We also cruised around some of the 28 Farne Islands - learning about how ships were wrecked on the rocky outcrops and kept safe by lighthouse keepers who lived on several of the islands. 
MADD Week ended with a brilliant parade in celebration of our learning this week.
Year 1 have been learning about the 1960s for MADD week. They were visited by an authentic TV character from the period. Captain Scarlet came in to tell them all about his adventures. They learned the secret code: SPECTRUM IS GREEN!
Good to see some of young sporting stars achieving awards at the end of the season.
An example of some superb project homework in Year 4. Well done!
Our wonderful year 6 pupils travelled to Duridge Bay this week. They are the best company and will be a huge miss when they eventually leave Westerhope. This group scaled the highest dune on the beach with Mr Bell!
Our UKS2 pupils have looked closely at how we make things move. The year 5 groups looked at mechanisms with Technology Tom to lift an object with pulleys and levers whilst Gem Education have worked with year 6 on how we can instruct devices utilising a variety of software.
These four boys really impressed Mrs Purdy today. She was so impressed with the content of their written work.
Some impressive displays of pupils' work have popped up this week. Great to see so much quality writing on our walls!
Monsieur MacDonald was very happy with this writing translated into French. Tres Bien!
Follow the link for a look at our Nursery visit the fire station today. When we were there our brave fire-fighters had to spring into action to attend a real fire!
WOW!  Year 4 have worked to produce this piece of 'shared art'. They have considered the work of Jim Edwards and represented Newcastle Quayside using his style.
Year 2 have been working with Technology Tom this week. They have been thinking about the power of the wind and how this can be utilised to make land yachts. They started by considering the chassis design and wheels that could be used. Look out for the finished products.
Some of our pupils are wearing multiplication wrist bands to remind them of their tables.
Excellent descriptive writing about 'tornadoes' from these year 6 boys. Well done.
Some delightful writing from this year 1 pupil today. It was all about the chicks hatching.
Year 2 have been looking at their use of tone in their water colour paintings. Some views of Uluru look like dazzling sunsets whilst others look as though dark storm clouds are gathering.
The Blyth Coastguard worked with year 1 today. They brought in all of their safety and life saving equipment so that we could see how they help people when they are in danger near the coast. They told us all about their adventures and how to be safe near the sea. Year 1 were very impressed!
Amazing arithmetic scores from our year 6 class. A week before their KS2 SATs and this group are achieving maximum marks for this test - demonstrating a high level of confidence . Forty out of forty for them all and some have done this several times. Well done!
Good writers always come up with clever ideas! This year 2 pupil has imagined some amazing ways to cheer up 'Mr Red Crayon' in the story she has been reading. Well done.
This young reader was highly commended two days in a row for his reading exploits. He impressed both Mrs Dawes and Mrs Preshous. Well done.
Miss Ellis had her 'socks blown off' again to day! This young mathematician was using his four times table to solve problems. Well done.
A great way to start the term with some excellent work in Nursery from a brilliant young artist! Also one of our pupils earned some cheerleading awards for her out of school club and good to see our pupils following up their topic work on the Romans with a visit to Hadrian's Wall.
The Crystal Conundrum - our oldest pupils have to save the crystal! If they don't solve enough problems the crystal will be worthless. Each problem solved gains two smaller crystals to fill the cylinder and elevate the large crystal up the cylinder. Have a look at all of the weird and wonderful problems the children had to solve.
Well done to these super readers who were rewarded with a trip to the library for all of their hard work at home. We also had some excellent presentations from our older pupils about their role models in life such as Grace Darling or Lionel Messi. Our School Council organised some fun Red Nose Day activities and this year 1 pupil achieved well with his writing skills. Well done.
Miss Ellis was so proud of this young writer in year 1. His progress since the start of term is so apparent when you see his most recent writing script. Well done.
Our choir worked with a school from Cumbria today. Three schools will be performing at a concert soon and this was a chance to harmonise together. Miss Lynsey-Dunn was pleased with the day of singing and the way in which the children worked with our friends from Cumbria.
We are so proud of this writing and the progress since September wow! Keep it up superstar!

More super learners from the last few days.

These two fantastic poets have learned  about 'The Sound Collector' poem. They have created their own version. Wonderful words!
These two year 1 pupils have worked so hard with division in maths.

We were all dressed in red today for our Chinese New Year celebration in Reception. Look out for more on the ‘Class Pages’. It is now the year of the rooster!

Year 4 had a'multiplication challenge' today. Have a look at the 'Class Pages' for the results.

‘Darkmouth’ is great read and our pupils in year 5 have looked closely at what some of the creatures might look like. Have a look at some of those they will be encountering in the text.

Telling the time is a vital life skill. This pupil really stood out today for his excellent approach.

Today our pupils have been thinking about the way we combine flavours to make healthy, nutritious meals. A chef from Chartwell’s came into school with the ‘On Your Marks’ cooking challenge. The children were invited to consider what makes a healthy meal then to prepare and taste the final dishes. Of course we had a bit of fun with timing of the cooking and the voting afterwards. They might try the recipes at home with their family.