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Have a great summer everyone and thanks for supporting the children so well during the year. We look forward to seeing you all on 7th September 2021. Please check your email for the latest updates. Information is available on the latest news section and Coronavirus COVID-19 page. Good attendance since our whole school return. 96% across the whole school. Thanks for your great efforts. Our COVID-19 page is available on the ‘Parent' tab. This includes the measures that will be in place to ensure the safety of those on our school site. Please view these measures and follow the guidance outlined. REACH FOR THE STARS... POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS... ADVENTURE... Our school is 'good' in all Ofsted Framework areas. Our most recent report indicates: 'Thoughtful, high-quality care contributes well to the happy and harmonious school atmosphere.'

Interstellar Learning Archive: 2019-20

This is Mr Outterside’s blog and where he gets to celebrate learning from across our school. Have a look below to see the pupils who have stood out for their ‘interstellar learning’.

Have a good look at some of these blogs by our pupils during the COVID lock down. Well done everyone!

Our first job since returning to school is to work alongside our pupils and help them to make up for time away from school. Mrs Coker is working with small groups to support their basic skills.

Our children of key workers are supporting each other very well during this period away from school.

More great cheerleading awards from this talented pupil.

Great to see our multi-skills team were narrowly pipped by Throckley at the OWL competition.

A great example of ‘making a difference’ with pupils collecting for the homeless animals in Newcastle.

Another great writer in KS1 this week.

Some impressive descriptive writing about ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ from year 1.

Brilliant writing from this pupil in Year 4. Miss McMullen was so proud of his efforts.

More hot chocolates rewards for these pupils today.

Superb effort from this KS1 writer! Ms Holisz was so pleased with his work.

These two pupils worked really hard to locate different countries on the globe.

I really enjoyed hearing the Year 2 pupils talk about their ideas for their trash monster recycled models. The key message was recycle, reuse, reduce!

Well done to the pupils who have completed the 20-Day Fitness Challenge from our Taekwon-do instructor John Churchward.

I loved the idea of a hydraulic mechanism to lift my house so that I could take in the view, or a floating house with a sea anchor, or even a stilted house to negotiate a flooded area.

Reception have had some great ideas to help ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’. They have read the book and designed contraptions to fit onto her bike.

An interesting investigation with Mr Thoburn - using the rising water level to move the silver foil float into the circuit. Did they manage to light the bulbs?

Some useful non-stitch bags were designed in Year 3 this week.

This Digital Leader explained to me how to make a Fitbit with the components you see below. He then used code to program his device. He then attached it to my leg to measure steps around school.

Great to see all of our pupils taking part in mindful activities.

Good fencing skills with Premier Sports.

Some superb work in Year 1.

A great effort from this pupil in the last few weeks!

Mr Thoburn was so pleased with the writing across his LKS2 phase this week. Year 4 focussing on persuasive texts and Year 3 using fronted adverbials very well.

Some great biographical writing about Charles Darwin from our oldest pupils.

Our Year 3 pupils brought their scooters in this week to develop their skills and control with our Bikeability instructors.

This pupil received loads of accolades from his teachers this week for his learning and helpful approach.

Brilliant phonics from this superstar!

Ice crystals in art and PE in Year 1.

Our archers in Year 4 had great fun today.

Year 5/6 compiled some informative leaflets to tell us about the adaptations of the red fox. Do you know 42% of the population in our country disappeared in 2014? They are setting up cameras in Westerhope to monitor numbers around the area.

Some great gymnastic jumping techniques in Year 3 and super reading in Year 1 already this term.

Another two sporting stars with a first football medal of the season.

Our Year 2 pupils have put their running stitch to good use for their Christmas stockings.

Some wonderful Anglo-Saxon and Viking jewellery has been handcrafted by one of our parents for the Year 4 display.

So many delightful Christmas traditions evident in school this week. A wonderful time to be in school and the message of peace and goodwill apparent across the classes.

Another great dancer at Westerhope.

The Westerhope Stone Age Museum was open for business today to demonstrate the learning of our LKS2 pupils. Some wonderful artefacts were on display.

We have a champion swimmer in school who has received medals in backstroke, breaststroke and crawl.

Some good boxing footwork and jabbing from these pupils in their session with Mr Brown.

Some great writing about ‘Indiana Jones’ and his adventures in Egypt.

Chronology has been a big focus this term. All our teachers are thinking about the way in which we represent the passing of time.

Some great new display around school reflecting learning across the classes.

Some brilliant writing in Year 4 by these two pupils to add to their impressive display.

This pupil had an interesting trip to the Great North Museum during the holidays and was very much interested in beginning a rock collection.

A superb piece of writing about the Stone Age from this pupil in Year 3 today.

These boys have worked really hard lately.

These pupils have created their own Anglo-Saxon settlements.

The discussions during the book trail highlighted the love of books that many children have.

This pupil can swim like a fish! She has achieved her 200m already.

What could this be? It was found on a beach in Saudi Arabia by a parent from our school. Is it a fish or fossil?

More pupils achieving accolades out of school.

Year 4 learning to play the recorder this week.

More coding sessions with Mr Thoburn this week.

A great week with the Bikeability in KS2.

Year 2 mocked up some houses so that the Great Fire could be recreated.

Mr Outson and Mrs Purdy demonstrated how the actions of the King prevented further destruction of London during the Great Fire. By pulling down some of the wooden buildings they halted the progress of the fire.

Our cave painters used earthy colours to recreate the earliest form of art.

More impressive Stone Age writing in Year 3 today.

Some great methods of calculation observed around school this morning - teachers working closely with pupils to demonstrate efficient methods.

Mr Devlin was so pleased with the efforts of these two writers.

A Go-Kart champion who has recently appeared on TV and a cheerleader have scooped awards out of school this week.

Year 1 were baking today. I was so impressed with the way they described the process.

More impressive computing. Mr Thoburn has been looking at databases involving insects.

Reception have been thinking about what they would like to do in the future. We love their display.

Mrs Purdy has been so impressed with the diary entries from the Great Fire of London!

I loved these evaluations of the designs the class made for ‘Ug’. Not only great work on the trouser garments but critical thinking about how to improve next time.

Mr Thoburn was so impressed with the use of Roman numerals today.

How would you design trousers for a Neolithic hunter? Well these children have used their design skills as well as stitching techniques to dress ‘Ug’.

Year 1 demonstrated dynamic movement around the grid and were able to stop, start and undertake different actions to the whistle.

A brilliant piece of writing from this Year 1 pupil. Highly impressive!

Great work understanding metaphors and similes. They ‘blew our socks off’.

This pupil works really hard in the woodland area with the Hextol Gardeners.

A pupil working hard with his writing this week.

A great effort in selecting words from the English wall to tell the story of ‘Little Red Hen’.

Some excellent whole class discussion on chronology from Year 3.

Excellent effort from this young learner with Ms Holisz.

This young Beaver has received an award from Bear Grylls. He is the Chief Scout and responsible for recognising the achievement of the Beavers.

Great research from this pupil.

Mrs Dalkin is finding we have some great reading detectives who are able to scrutinise news reports. This strange looking vehicle was stopped by the police on the motorway.

Great work on the Summer Challenge from these young learners.

Archives 2018/19

Family Science Fun - We have been designing, making and launching rockets on our school field. We had to protect our egg astronaut!

Rocket launching fun with my Family Scientists

Still image for this video

Year 6 has a great day exploring Gosforth Nature Reserve with the help of some knowledgeable volunteers . They showed our pupils some fascinating habitats of a variety of creatures.

These Roman shields were exhibited to other classes this week. What an amazing effort and good to see our pupils can talk about Roman Britain with confidence.

A delightful letter received at school in praise of this young volunteer. She helps within the community in her spare time.

A wonderful effort with hundreds of pages read at home from these two stars.

Fantastic stitching and fine motor skills in Year 3.

More great writing this week.

What an amazing tale!

Our wonderful writers in Reception who have shone this week!

This Reception class pupil has dazzled audiences on the stage!

Making a difference on the Bubble Run!

More great sporting stars!

Year 1 had a great session with the Coastguard Service today. They learned about water safety and the work of the RNLI.