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Life Skills & Keeping Safe

Life Skills

At Westerhope we aim to give pupils the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe in the world today. Our PHSCE work has a great deal of emphasis on the 'life skills' we need to keep safe - this includes aspects such as e-safety, personal hygiene, fire safety, mental health and many others. We have achieved 'Healthy School' status as a result of this work. Mrs McManus leads this area across our school through the curriculum and other initiatives. Please view some of the current activites and our PHSCE curriculum. 

Current year:

Previous learning:

Our PSHCE curriculum is embedded across our school. Please view the areas we will be exploring over the school years.

Information to support parents with the development of their children's life skills an be found here:

Keeping Safe


At Westerhope Primary we are acutely aware of the importance of helping children to stay safe. In order that our pupils are safe in school and understand how to assess risk at other times we have polices and procedures in place to support this work. Our school staff are constantly reviewing this aspect of our provision. Our Westerhope Governing Body discusses matters of safety at every meeting and also undertakes formal audits annually. Ofsted recently indicated this aspect of our work was compliant with statutory guidelines.


Designated Staff


We have key members of our senior leadership team with overall responsible for keeping pupils safe in our school. These include:


Mr Outterside (Headteacher) - Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).

Mrs Wyld (Pastoral Leader) - Deputy Safeguarding Lead 



We also have other senior staff who have undertaken 'designated' training in support of the DSL and the Deputy DSLs on a daily basis. These include:


Mrs Stokoe (EYFS Leader)

Mrs Coker (UKS2 Leader)

Mrs Purdy (English leader)

Miss Holisz (KS1 leader)

Mrs Russell (Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Brown (Behaviour Support Officer)


Children and visitors are made aware of key adults they can talk to and who are trained to keep the school community safe. The poster below is displayed all around school to remind them of the key safeguarding personnel.


The nominated governor for safeguarding is our Chair of Governors - Brid Fitzpatrick


Our school also consults on safeguarding matters with the Newcastle Local Authority Designated Officer as well as with Clennell Educational Solutions on matters of staff training, policy and advice. All visitors into school must comply with school safeguarding procedures (see leaflet below)

Picture 1

Pastoral Care


Our Pastoral Leader is Mrs Wyld. Along with many of our staff she is trained to work with pupils experiencing emotional difficulties across the school. Our Thrive program of recent years has supported pupils to improve their access to the curriculum through targeted support and mentoring. Mrs Wyld's remit is to ensure that our pupils are well supported if they are experiencing difficulties. She liaises with teachers and senior leaders to ensure pupils are well supported - this sometimes involves working with families and external agencies also. Any parent or carer can call up Mrs Wyld's help if they need to discuss the emotional, social or behavioural approach of their child at home or school.


Behaviour Support


Mr Brown is our Behaviour Support Officer. He works with children across the school to assist if they are having difficulties or issues across the school day. This may involve discussing concerns with pupils or ensuring play times are productive for all pupils. He often mediates between those who have difficulties with relationships and also those who need strategies to manage their own behaviours. He liaises closely with the rest of the Pastoral Team as well as keeping teachers and parents involved with how pupils are conducting themselves at different times, or how they approach different aspects of school life. He also knows the value of supporting pupils emotionally and this can involve different types of activities such as Forest School or when supervises our residential visits. This is where he gets lots of opportunities to explore how pupils approach different situations and how they feel about themselves and others.

Picture 1
Mr Brown (Behaviour Support) and Ms Wyld (Pastoral Lead).

Pupil Perceptions


It is important that our pupils are consulted on aspects of their life in school. We regularly survey the school community and ask our pupils how they feel about aspects of school life. Questions are regularly related to safety and well being We follow up any negative feedback so that our pupils know that their voice is heard.


Pupil Voice


Our School Council meets regularly with Miss Stewart. They have also recently discussed life at our school with our Newcastle LA Achievement Partner and governors. These discussions indicated that those questioned were aware of who to turn to if they had a concern in school. They were supportive of each other and indicated their was no behavioural disruption to lessons. They discussed the concept of bullying and what it meant to be bullied. It was noted that they had a positive view of this aspect of school life and  none could cite they they had experienced bullying in school. However , we are keen to continually monitor pupil perceptions and ensure that pupil voice is heard.


Please view the work of our Westerhope Council by following this link below.


Peer Supporters.


Our Peer Supporters are now in post. They have the task of helping other pupils in the school and have been appointed because of their caring approach and sensible outlook. Our teachers are relying on them on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly at Westerhope.

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