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A great first week back after Easter - the summer term starts with great weather and attendance. Please visit the 'Latest News' section for information on Nursery places for September 2021 - Closing date for applications is 19th March.Please check your email for the latest updates. Information is available on the latest news section and Coronavirus COVID-19 page. Good attendance since our whole school return. 96.1% across the whole school. Thanks for your great efforts. Our COVID-19 page is available on the ‘Parent' tab. This includes the measures that will be in place to ensure the safety of those on our school site. Please view these measures and follow the guidance outlined. REACH FOR THE STARS... POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS... ADVENTURE... Our school is 'good' in all Ofsted Framework areas. Our most recent report indicates: 'Thoughtful, high-quality care contributes well to the happy and harmonious school atmosphere.'


The school follows the National Curriculum for Mathematics. This describes in detail what pupils must learn in each year group. Details of the Programme of Study for Mathematics can be found below.


At Westerhope Primary School we love maths and see it as an essential life skill. We are committed to ensuring that children have a positive and meaningful experience of mathematics throughout the school. We offer a curriculum that secures essential knowledge and skills whilst giving the children many opportunities to use and apply their mathematical skills across the curriculum, through real life problem solving and mathematical investigations.

At Westerhope Primary School, we understand maths in Key Stages 1 and 2 is a subject which involves confidence and competence in the areas of number, measurement, geometry and statistics. We understand the values underpinning mathematical learning by providing a balance between conceptual understanding and procedural and factual fluency in order to develop the children’s arithmetic proficiency. We also promote the ability to solve problems in a variety of mathematical contexts. To be secure in curriculum expectations, the children should demonstrate their understanding using a variety of manipulatives and models and be able to articulately explain their thinking whilst engaging in dialogic discussion.

We, as a school, recognise that these are fundamental necessities for children to be able to fulfil their potential in their academic lives and in society as a whole, allowing them to meet challenges equipped as numerate individuals. In primary education, we supply the foundations for everything that will follow.


We aim for the children to:

  • Have a positive attitude to mathematics.
  • Have self confidence in their approach to maths.
  • Be able to work systematically, cooperatively and with perseverance.
  • Be able to think logically and independently.
  • Experience a sense of achievement regardless of age or ability.
  • Understand the appropriate underlying skills, concepts and knowledge of number, measurement, geometry and statistics.
  • Effectively use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to support thinking, learning and understanding.
  • Be able to apply previously acquired concepts, skills and knowledge and understanding to new situations both in and out of school.
  • Understand and appreciate pattern and relationship in mathematics.
  • Be able to communicate with peers and adults, ideas, experiences, questions, clearly and fluently, using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary.
  • Be able to explore problems using the appropriate strategies, predictions and deductions.
  • Be aware of the use of mathematics beyond the classroom.
  • Encourage the use of mental calculations and efficient strategies to work out solutions to enable them to develop procedural fluency alongside their conceptual understanding.

For Parents to:

  • Be actively involved in their children’s mathematical learning both in school and at home.

Westerhope Primary has developed a mastery approach to mathematics. The school works closely with the Great North Maths Hub and NCETM to continually support the development of teacher subject knowledge.


As part of the mastery approach a positive teacher mind-set and strong subject knowledge are key to student success in Mathematics. It is not the case that some pupils can do Mathematics and others cannot. We believe that all children can achieve in Maths. By making high expectations clear and emphasising the value of Mathematics education, pupils are encouraged to build confidence and resilience. A positive teacher mind-set in Mathematics encourages a love of learning and resilience that enables everyone to achieve. We are committed to ensuring that all pupils are given the opportunity to achieve mastery in the key concepts of Mathematics, appropriate for their age group, in order that they make genuine progress and avoid gaps in their understanding that provide barriers to learning as they move through education. Breaking learning into small steps, encouraging exploration in maths using manipulatives, providing opportunities to problem solve, promoting reasoning and mathematical thinking and encouraging children to spot relationships and make links with their learning are all essential components of Westerhope Primary’s approach to this subject.

Click on the stars below to see Maths in action across Westerhope Primary School.


At home we want our children to practise their factual fluency skills by using online programmes TTRS and Numbots. 5 minutes every day can make a huge difference. All children in KS1 have logins for Numbots and KS2 have logins for TTRS.

There are lots of online Maths programmes that you may find useful. See the links below.













































































































































































At Westerhope we continually encourage children to develop their reasoning skills.


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Our lovely Reception learners have been busy little maths experts!

We read a wonderful book entitled 'Balancing Act' to begin our learning of the meaning of = ('balanced' 'same').


The children have been taking a maths mastery approach to explore how numbers are made of other numbers and to learn the numerosity of sets, building own ideas about the differences and equality.

Year 6s found out that bees are actually excellent mathematicians! Bees use the hexagon shape because it has the greatest area and smallest perimeter without wasting space.

Right Angles


Year 2 were lucky enough to have Mrs Coker come and teach a lesson she saw in Shanghai! We learnt all about right angles. We used stem sentences to remember what they were. We made a right angle checker and found  real life right angles. Thanks Mrs Coker!

Check out the Maths Badge scores! 143 children altogether achieved a maths badge or certificate. Mrs Coker and Miss Holisz are very happy!

Year 5 and 6 children had great fun, showed perseverance and developed their reasoning skills by taking part in the 'Crystal Conundrum'

Year 6 children playing a game to consolidate their knowledge of 2D shape properties such as parallel lines, perpendicular lines, lines of symmetry, types of angles etc

Wang and Monica, teachers from Shanghai, visited the children at Westerhope and had a tour of the school. They were impressed with what they saw!

Mrs Coker visited Shanghai to learn about how maths is taught.

Maths Week - Year 5 helped Year 2 on an Egg Hunt. Inside each egg was a job and the children needed to think how Maths was used in that job. They had great fun and learned lots!

Maths Week - We have had some amazing entries to our 'Design an Egg Competition.' The children designed eggs that were characters or people who used Maths in their real life!

Reception children were developing their 'Real Life Maths' by weighing out ingredients when baking.

Look at our wonderful winning Primary Engineers in Year 6!

Thank you to all of the wonderful Year 6 parents attending our arithmetic workshop today. The children did a great job of teaching and the parents were super learners. A fab morning!

Well done! We had 126 children receive Maths Badges or certificates today! Super!

Maths Week

Year 5 and 6 attended a Mini Careers Event where adults from different jobs told the children about how they use Maths at work.

Maths Week

Year 5 and 6 took part in a Citizen Science Project helping the Natural History Museum. They used their mathematical skills by collecting data on earthworms for a project called Earthworm Watch.

Wow! We have had an amazing time celebrating Maths Week with Year 4. The children have been working in teams to see who can win the most tokens. We have loved finding out all about Maths in the real world. Fantatsic work everyone!

Year 5 and 6 used their computer programming skills to create a Maths Quiz similar to Live Mathletics. Maths is everywhere!

Try these challenges

Maths Week

Maths Week

Maths Week

Maths Week

Maths Week

Maths Week

It was great seeing so many Reception parents at our Maths Inspire Workshop.

Year 2 Times Tables Rockstars


Year 2 LOVED getting to test their times tables knowledge this morning. We quickly started increasing how many we could answer in the time!

Our next Inspire Maths workshops are being held on Wednesday 21st March for Reception parents and Tuesday 27th March for Year 6 parents! We can't wait to see you there.

Mrs Coker's favourite time of the year is coming soon... MATHS WEEK!!! Can you think what the theme might be this year? (Monday 23rd March - Wednesday 28th March)

Times Table Rock Stars - a fantastic interactive Maths game is coming soon to Westerhope... You will love it as much as Mrs Coker, Miss Holisz and Mrs Atkinson! Can you beat us?

CSI Days - As well as oodles of Science happening in school, application of maths skills were seen over the fabulous two days!

Click the link below to take you to the science page. Can you see all of the Maths skills being applied?

It was amazing to see so many parents at our Times Table workshop for Years 3 and 4. Remember 5 minutes a day makes such a difference.

170 Maths Badges and certificates have been achieved this time! That's even better than last assembly. Amazing!!!

A whopping 169 children achieved their next Maths badge or certificate!

Enterprise week - It has been so wonderful to see all the children creating amazing products for the Christmas Fair. They have been keeping costs low and making quality products to try and generate as much profit as possible. We can't wait to sell them to you!

We had a special visitor yesterday looking at all of the fabulous Maths learning children are having in school.

Look at this amazing Year 4 child who has been learning how to do Japanese multiplication! Mind-blowing stuff!

We had an amazing Maths Badge assembly today! 176 children achieved their next Maths badge or certificate which is absolutely fantastic! Well done!


Year 3 have been using a variety of concrete resources to investigate multiples of 3.

Click on the link below which will take you to the Parent Support area. Here you will find out about Maths Badges and how you can support your child at home.


Year 3 have been working brilliantly this morning! They have been practising subtracting 3 digit numbers using concrete materials (base ten). Their explanations were fantastic and this will really help them when they move onto subtracting using a formal written method. Great work Year 3!

This month is Barvember! Children are working with their teachers and their peers to solve hard Maths problems! They are using the 'bar model method' to help them to represent the problem. This supports the children's understanding of what the question is asking. It's a great technique that children in Singapore and Shang-hai use when they are solving mathematical problems. Here are some problems that you could have a go at!

Year 6 children investiagted why square numbers are called square numbers using Numicon!

Teachers will be adding lots of demonstration videos and links to helpful websites on the Parent Support area of the website. Click the link below to see how you can support your child with their Maths learning.

Brilliant news! 110 Maths Badges and certificates were achieved!

Y6 Maths

A good start to the year - 81 Maths badges and certificates were achieved. Year 1 did particularly well! Can we make it to 100 next time? Here is our Maths Badge rocket in school. By the end of the year we want to make it to the top - that would be 1200 Maths badges or certificates. I hope we make it!

Y6 Maths - Place Value

144 children achieved their Maths badge or certificate! Amazing work! That was so many children that it was hard to take a photo!

Thank you to everyone who entered the 'Create your own problem' competition. Here are the winners!

More Smart Cookies!

Check out these marvellous mathematicians from Year 5! They spotted the rule and used algebra to explain it!

Wow! 120 children got their next Maths badge or certificate! Amazing work! Well done!

Maths is Magic! Try this! Ask your friend to try it too. What number are you left with? Why?

Year 6 solving 'Visual and Diagram' Puzzles

Make 100 Puzzle! This really got our brains working but we managed to work out the rule. Once we had found out the rule, we discovered lots of options.

Super Sleuths

Today Year 4 became super sleuths solving logic problems from clues and breaking codes.  Well done you superstar detectives!

Look at all of these 'Smart Cookies' solving Maths problems with Mrs Atkinson!

Year 5 solving a 'finding all possibilities' problem involving flavours of ice-cream! A great problem for the lovely weather we are having!

Parent Puzzle time in Year 4!

Tower of Hanoi puzzle

Year 5 and 6 children received a very special letter today from King Conundrum asking for some help. We can't wait until Thursday to help him reach his magic floating crystal by solving maths puzzles.

These children solved a logic problem - how the frogs and toads can swap places on the lilypads. Children tried to find out the least number of moves needed.

These children were able to solve a logic problem - How to cross a fox, chicken and corn across a river. Well done!

Year 5 and Year 6 children worked together in teams to solve a Maths Orienteering course! They had great fun and the questions were challenging so it really got their brains working!

In KS2 assembly we have been thinking about when do we use Maths in real life? Children thought of loads of ideas! They also thought about what job they wanted when they grow up and the Maths they would use doing that job.

Where's the Maths in that? Can you think of Maths questions you could ask a partner, using this picture as a stimulus?

The Magic Egg - Year 4 worked in teams to piece together their egg tangrams and then hatch them into a bird. Fantastic teamwork everyone!

Year 4 worked well in teams solving a logic problem - 'How to get across the hall floor without touching the floor, using only one mat!' Great fun!

Nursery 2 had great fun solving Easter Maths problems

Try this Problem at home!

Design a Problem Competition - Don't forget entries need to be handed to Mrs Coker by Thursday 6th April. There will be prizes for the best!

Parent Puzzle Time in Year 6!

Year 6 worked in teams to solve 'Finding all possibilities' problems. They tried to solve them in a systematic way.

Year 6s helped Year 1s complete a Maths Treasure Hunt! Everyone had great fun searching for the clues in the eggs and then solving the addition and subtraction problems. Year6s were impressed with Year 1s Maths skills.

Year 2 and 5 Easter Hunt


We had to find the eggs that were scattered around the school and answer the maths problem inside! We then had to crack the code to find out the hidden message..

This week it is Maths Week! Our theme this year is 'Problem-Solving.' Keep looking at this page to see all of the fun children are having throughout the week.

Maths Week Letter

Year 6 children have been learning about algebra this week. They worked in a group to order these algebraic statements. Can you think of what y might be worth?

Look at these amazing Year 1 children who have solved a challenging 'Use Your Head' problem.

Great news! 126 children have achieved their Maths Badge or certificate this time. That's so many they couldn't fit on to one photo!

Well done to this Year 5 child who solved this Maths problem quickly in Maths Badge assembly. Can you do it too? Can you find a route from the start to the finish that adds up to 60?

Class 7 have been working hard problem solving and playing games in Maths this week! You can see the determination in their faces!

What a fantastic Maths Badge assembly! 120 children have achieved their Maths badge or certificate. Amazing!!!

Year 6 children proving that to find the area of a parallelogram you multiply the base by the height!

Year 4 have been busy investigating factor pairs using an array. They found it really useful!

Check out Year 4 having fun at their 'Timestable-a-thon!' Girls vs Boys! They have been practising very hard for the event and know how important it is to learn their times tables off by heart! Great job Year 4!

Year 4's Enterprise Profits 

We all decided to spend our profits in Maths games for our classrooms! The children had great fun trying them out. Thank you for all your support!

23.1.17 - Look at Reception children developing their number and counting skills using Numicon and other practical resources

18.1.17 Look at all of the children who have achieved their next Maths Badge or certificate! 64 children this time - can we get over 100 next Maths Badge assembly?

9.12.16 We use Numicon lots at Westerhope to help develop children's understanding. It is a fantastic concrete material used from Reception right up to Year 6.