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Miss Ellis Year 1

We learned about how to keep safe online

We made collages inspired by The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch :)

Painting our Lighthouses

Making Planets and Dancing to Songs from the 60's! :D

Friday Picnic Fun - Sixties Style!

We met Captain Scarlet!

Day one of MADD week!

Fun Filled Fridays!

Sports Week!

In Year 1 we set a homework challenge where the children had to write a story, using the words 'dragon' 'ice cream van' and 'castle'. Lots of children wrote FANTASTIC stories so well done to all of you who joined in the fun!


The prize went to Ellis for using amazing handwriting, full stops, capitals letters, finger spaces, conjunctions and a fantastic imaginative ideas. smiley Here is his story:


Once upon a time in Candy Land there was a castle with an ice cream van and all the children wanted ice cream but a dragon stole it. Then all of the knights went riding on their horses to get the ice cream back. They finally got to a Candy World after they went past orange dogs and swam through chocolate milk. Then they got stuck in nesquick sand  but they still got to the candy volcano and saw the dragon. They asked him, " Why did you take our ice cream?" The dragon said, "My volcano melts ice cream so I can't make it!" They said, "We can share it." So everyone got ice cream and they all lived happily ever after. The end.

More fun finding all possibilities with our friends and families! Thank you for helping us! :)

Maths, Maths! We love Maths!

Our Easter Egg Hunt!

Comic Relief Joke Off Video!

Still image for this video

Animal Antics!