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Miss Stewart Year 2

Welcome to Class 5!


Welcome to our class page. You will get to see the amazing work we do in Year 2 and I will share lots of photos of what our learning looks like! The children have settled in really well and are  all working super hard.

​Just a reminder...

​PE is on Monday and Thursday with Mr Devlin.
​Reading books should be in school everyday and the children can change them as soon as they have read them both!

​The children get tested every Friday on their weekly spellings. Please practise at home making sure they are getting them right.

Thanks very much and keep checking our page!


Westerhope Olympics


We had such a good day today and everyone tried their absolute best. Throughout the school all the children were allocated a teacher and a country! My country was Northern Ireland- obviously, and we came second!! I was so impressed with their attitudes and I think we all have sore throats after all of the chants smiley

We hope you enjoy our photos...

Westerhope Olympics



WOW what a great day!! We absolutely loved it and thank you for all the fabulous costumes! They all looked amazing!



Thursday 6th July


We are getting ready for the MADD parade tomorrow... fingers crossed that the weather stays dry for us!


Our 80's art pieces... we couldn't believe how cool they looked! sad





Year 2 are enjoying all of our 80's themed activities this week! We have looked at lots of 80's style art and have tried to recreate some. We went to the ICT suite to create one of our pieces... 


MADD week!


It is finally here! We are all super excited for MADD week and can't wait to take part in our 1980's music, art, dance and drama!

Our MADD parade is on Friday at 1.30pm and I hope to see lots of you coming to support us! We have asked that the children come dressed in 1980's clothes. We have sent home examples for what to wear but if you are stuck please feel free to ask me! smiley



Today we looked at how quickly germs could spread!! Miss Holisz came out and shook one persons hand and all of a sudden we could see the germs (glitter) spread! We went around shaking everyones hand and the germs (glitter) were everywhere! We were so shocked! After, we looked at how we could keep ourselves clean by ensuring we wash our hands after the toilet and before eating.


School trip


We had such an amazing day on our school trip to Tynemouth! The children were so well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed getting out of school for the day! It was delightful to see them have so much fun and be so interested in everything! Well done Class 5!smiley




Book Fair


Look at all these amazing books we got to buy at the book fair!!



Sports week


We were lucky enough to have Mrs Marshall come and teach us some PE! We enjoyed all the key skill activities she taught us and hope to see her again soon!



Sports day


Sports day


We had a super sports day! Thanks for coming to support us!





Sports Week





I have set the children a sports week challenge. I asked the children to think about if they have their 5 a day and if they didn't... could they?

If they normally come in from school and have something naughty such as crisps or chocolate could they change that to a banana or raisins!?

I have asked the children to write a food a diary of what they eat and any changes they make. Also any activity they do too that makes their heart beat fast!


Wake up Shake up

We kicked off sports week this week by getting to do some wake up shake up! The year 6's kindly came up with our dance and then we got to have a go at it. Even the teachers joined in!


The Body Coach HIIT session


We took part in a HIIT session this morning watching Joe Wick's online. We loved it as he told us exactly what to do. Even though it was tricky everyone tried so hard!! We were all a bit red and sweaty after! Even myself..


Could you do something like this with the children at home? Let me know if you do!



DO you think they worked hard?!

Friday 9th June


School trip


Our school trip is on Friday 23rd June this year. I gave out letters this week but if you did not get one please see me!


Reading champions

Our reading champions came along and delivered us a special bag today. Inside the bag is a book that they have chosen for us to read. I have selected a child to read this book and they can write a review about it when he has finished!! We all love a new book so this is really exciting!!



Aboriginal Painting



Tuesday 6th June 


Year 2 got a special treat today! We had a whole day doing design and technology with Technology Tom! All of the children smiled from start to finish and learned so much! We were scientists, technologists, engineers and designers all in a day.. phew! Every child got to design their own land yacht and test them to see how far they could go. We had a go at fixing them so we had to work out why some of them didn't move far. The children were so well behaved, they made us feel very very proud! Technology Tom commented on how lovely they all were smiley


We felt very proud of ourselves throughout the day!!

We made sure we helped our friends!


Some of us felt sad when our cars didn't move far, but that meant we had to try and fix them 

Friday 26th May


We had a visitor in this week talking to us about E-safety and how to keep safe on the internet. It's really important we don't talk to strangers online and that children are always supervised at home!



Picnic time!


Thanks to Y4 for putting on a great picnic today! It made it even better that the sun was shining smiley

Wednesday 24th May


We have been enjoying the summer sunshine this week! We have been very busy the past few weeks and the children have all worked so hard. I couldn't be more proud of all their hard work!


We have lots coming up next term as well- book look week, sports week, MADD week and many more fun things including our trip! More details for the trip will be coming next term smiley

We are lucky enough to be taking part in an activity with Y4 this week. Last week we met with Y4 and they asked us lots of questions about our favourite sandwiches. The children got to choose what they would like in their sandwich and this Friday we will be having a picnic to taste them!! What a treat!




We are near the end of our Australia topic and have been doing lots of art work. Last week we painted Ayers Rock with water colours and focused on including tints and tones. They changed their colours and ended up with 2 lovely pieces.




This week we have been doing some observational drawings of aboriginal drawings. We have to work very quietly for this as we need to concentrate. Then we got the pens out to add more detail...  They look amazing!



Friday 5th May


This week we have loved getting to have very special visitors in school! We have enjoyed getting to see the chicks and watch them develop and grow throughout their life cycle. We are excited to get to learn all about them in science.








We have been learning about what is right and wrong with Mrs Atkinson and the children are learning lots about how to keep themselves safe! We heard from Pantosaurus who told us that our body belongs to us and we must tell an adult is we feel upset. He told us a funny way to remember it - PANTS. The children can explain what each letter means! We have been designing our own pants poster!smiley


Friday 28th April


What a great first week back! The children have settled back into school and are ready for our final term. The children are loving our new English book- The Day The Crayons Quit. We especially loved the peach crayon's letter.... I'll let them tell you why! smiley


We read the book with a partner and today we wrote an apology letter to the crayon who we felt most sorry for! We had to really think about how we would make them feel better.



Outside achievements


These two super dancers brought in lots of trophies to show the class. They won these over the Easter holidays for their excellent dancing. Well done girls! smiley




Happy Easter Holidays!

There are no spellings for over the holidays but you could use the sheet that was given to you at parents evening with the Year 1 and 2 words to have a go at if you would like.

Keep reading at home and encouraging lots and lots of questions...What new words can you find from any books over the holidays? Tell me when we get back smiley

Thanks for all your hard work again and ensuring your children are in school and on time! It makes a huge difference to their learning... See you all in 2 weeks!



Maths Week


Thanks to all the parents who came and joined in with our maths this week. The children loved it and I heard lots of good reports about how super they are at their quick maths skills.





I am sure the children have told you by now but we got to eat some chocolate for our maths today! Can you believe it?!smiley We tasted 4 different types of Easter egg and had to decide which egg was our favourite (it was a very tough decision). We then had to go round the class and collect our data to find our what everyone's favourite egg was! We used this to create a pictogram to show our data and then interpret it.



Shape hunt


Mr Devlin then took us all on a shape hunt outside! It was interesting to see what shapes we could find in the garden...

Could you do this at home? What 2d or 3d shapes can you find?



Wednesday 5th April


Today was the day we got to raise lots of money for a great cause. We enjoyed getting to run with Mr Bell to encourage him during his WHOLE day of running!! (it makes me tired even typing it!). Here are some photos of us getting ready... Well done to Mr Bell and to everyone for joining in!



Maths week

Today the class were set with a tricky problem... Mrs Coker talked a lot about perseverance in assembly and today the children had to show me this!!

See if they can explain the answer to you at home.

Can you create your own problem similar to this?



We ended up having some chicken and sheep in our classroom too to help us find the answer..

Maths Week!


We have had an eggs-cellent day today during our first day of Maths weeksmiley! We started off with an Easter Maths Hunt with Year 5. We worked with Year 5 children to find the eggs that were scattered around the school. Then we had to crack the code to discover what the hidden message was.. It made it EVEN better that the sun came out too!



In maths week we will be exploring different types of problem solving questions. Today we looked at finding all possibility questions which meant we needed to work systematically to ensure we didn't get any repeating answers, and we got all possible answers!



Thank you to all the parents who came and joined us this afternoon. It was lovely to hear how impressed you were with their maths skills!  If you haven't been and would like to come on Wednesday the times are 2.45-3.15 smiley




Comic Relief Joke Off Video!

Still image for this video

Comic Relief


We had a fantastic day todaysmiley The children ran 400m around the playground and we really enjoyed it!! The sun was shining and it made us all smile... Thanks for all of your donations today, the final amount raised will be announced on the website soon!





We had the best attendance last week with 99.3%!!!! We get to have the giraffe all week.... well done class 5!

I think we are happy...


Monday 20th March


Comic Relief


Just a reminder that it is comic relief on Friday 24th March! Children are invited to come to school dressed in red and we ask for a £1 donation for this cause. We will also be having a joke off in assembly so our school councillors will be picking their favourite from the class! Watch this space...




The children are enjoying our Traditional Tales work and we wrote up a set of instructions for "How to make a traditional tale". We enjoyed getting to create our own story as well as instructions. This week we will be looking at the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig in more detail before we create our own.





We looked at a written method for addition today. We used the dienes to add using the column method. We worked in groups of 3 and learned a lot from each other!



Class 5 are on a mission!! We are trying to complete the 40 book challengesad. Every time they read a book with it noted in their reading diaries they get to put that many spots on their chart. The more you read the more spots you will get! We encourage children to read different books at home too so make sure you include these in your reading diaries- it might even be a bed time story one night, every little counts smiley 

Watch this space for the winners....

Friday 10th March


We are loving our Traditional Tales and got the opportunity to invent our own stories today. We had to roll the dice and create a story. Then we had to feedback to the class. The children then used this to plan their instructions how "how to write a traditional tale' which we are starting to write next week! How exciting!




Today in music with Miss Lynsey Dunn we were using our instruments to create a rhythm and identify how it is made up off crochets, quavers and semiquavers. Sounds very interesting!

Tuesday 7th March



The children have been working on telling the time in maths this week. We enjoyed getting to play games to help us understand. Most of us have been able to tell the time to half, quarter to and quarter past! Some of us have even ventured into telling them time to 5 minutes- I was so impressed! I will sometimes stop the class and ask WHAT IS THE TIME? They love being able to do this and make sure they remind of the time throughout the day.


It would be really helpful if you could continue this at home! smiley





We got the Bee Bots out in ICT today. I set them a challenge to give their Bee Bot a set of instructions to get to one point to another. I think Mr Outterside could have heard the cheers from the children when they managed to complete this! smiley


World Book Day


We had such an amazing day filled with so much reading and fun book activities!! I was so impressed with all of their costumes, thank you for taking time to do this!



We got time in the ICT suite to look on the World Book Day website and explore what was on it. Then I set the class a scavenger hunt to find a list of items from any book. They had to find things such as a witch and a frog. That meant we had to read lots and lots of books... This is something you could try with the children at home toosmiley



This lovely girl won an amazing Where's Wally? jigsaw for her costume!!



After break, we were able to read with the children from Year 5. We loved getting to hear about their favourite books and listen to them read. Lots of us had a go at reading their books and the Year 5 children said that they were impressed!!


Monday 27th February




We got to read lots of different character descriptions today and match it to the correct character. We had to find evidence of how we knew it was this character. The children then identified lots of complex vocabulary and we clarified their meaning. They loved words such as tyrannical, grotesque and arrogant!





We started our new topic We are Astronauts! Today we had to physically give instructions to our partners to get from earth to the moon. We mapped out our ideas first then had a go had giving each other algorithms. Sometimes we had to reset the algorithm as it did not work!


Monday 13th February


Year 2 have been extremely busy and non stop the past few weeks! We have been retelling the story of the Pelican and the Fish. I have been so impressed with their progress and how much they are including in their writing!

In PE at the minute, we are enjoying our gymnastics. We got the apparatus out and displayed great teamwork and listening skills while using this. Some of us were nervous but we were determined to try all of it!



School Nurse Visit


We were lucky enough to have a visit from the school nurse today. She spoke to us about being good friends, looking after ourselves and how to be safe on the internet. We listened really well and found everything she had to tell us very interesting. We must be careful when we play on the internet and make sure we always have an adult with us!

Friday 3rd February


We are loving our new story in English called The Pelican and the Fish. Today we got into character to help us retell the whole story. The children came up with their own actions and were able to retell the story smiley


look at us quiver!!







I think it was an understatement to say year 2 were excited for their fire today! It was a lovely end to our amazing fire topic and we were so thankful to Mr Brown for helping us be safe during this. We brought our houses that we made and watched them burn in the fire just like back in 1666. Then we got to toast our marshmallows and count to 30 before we could eat them so it was cold enough for  us! What an amazing afternoon smiley



Elmer the Elephants


The children finished their Elmer elephants off and don't they look great! We enjoyed reading this book in PSHE and getting to make these...



Tuesday 1st February


We created our own houses today to represent the Great Fire of London. As we are finishing our topic this week we made some houses that we could lay out on Friday during our campfire. The children worked in teams and are becoming great team members smiley







Tuesday 31st January 


The children got sent home a letter today that was letting you know we will be having a camp fire on Friday to celebrate the end of our Fire topic! We ask if you could send your children to school in old or clothes you don't mind getting dirty as we will be outside most of the day so it is important they are warm and comfortable. I would recommend very warm clothes too. Mr Brown will be leading this and he is Forest School qualified so the children will be kept safe. How exciting! 

This is all on the letter but please feel free to ask any questions smiley



In English today the children got introduced to their new story called the Pelican and the Fish. We had to use inference and prediction skills to answer questions. This mean we had to back up our answers with evidence. The children are able to delve deep into the text and gave great answers. We ended our lesson with a class debate... it got very heated !



In maths we got practical again to make an amount of money. The children discovered that there was more than one way to make an amount! We made as many ways as possible and see if we could beat our friends. Some of us were also able to find an amount using the least amount of coins smiley 




Monday 30th January 


We are starting our new English unit today which is fables. The children got to read lots of different fables and they LOVED them. They enjoyed reading about the characters and the moral at the end of each story. They even had a go at acting out the Hare and the Tortoise.We got to read with a friend and rank the fables in order of our favourite.




The children got hands on with money today! We learned about the different types of coins we had and which had the least and most value. The children had to match up lots of different amounts to the correct price! 

At home see if they can help you with money at the shops! 



Achievements outside of school!


This young learner brought in his amazing trophy he won for his motor cross racing! We are very proud of him and love to share achievements outside of school. Keep it up smiley


Thursday 26th January 


In our PSHE, we are focusing on respecting differences. We enjoyed reading Elmer and talked about respecting the similarities and differences in each other. We are creating our own Elmer elephants! Watch this space for the finished products.




Tuesday 24th January 2017 



In our reading lessons today, we started by timing ourselves reading the common exception words. The children had to read as quick as possible all the words in 60 seconds and then beat their score the next time! Have a go doing this at home with the children, they loved it! 


We then went onto clarifying words in our new book we will be looking at - Toby and the Great fire of London. We found out the meaning of words such as foolish, bleating and soot smiley






We then had a look at different paintings of the Great Fire of London, and looked more into a different painting by Paul Klee which was called 'Fire in the evening'. We talked about the different colours and why they were used. The children then had a go themselves smiley


The start of 2017 


What a busy few weeks we have had! The children have got stuck into their learning again and I am so impressed with the progress they have madesmiley


Friday 20th January 


We were very lucky on Friday because we got the chance to learn all about healthy eating. We found out what a healthy meal consists of and the sort of things we should be eating to wake up our brains! Then I even got the chance to do some cooking myself... 
The children had so much fun and even got to taste some of the food too ( I didn't even have to bribe them to say it was nice!)



We started our new topic- Animals including humans. The children had a go at investigating different animals and their babies and were pleasantly surprised at what they found out! They worked in science teams to find the matching pair. We then looked at how the different types of animals change as they grow. We are looking forward to finding out lots of new information in our science. 





We have been focusing on place value and developing the children's understanding by completing reasoning and problem solving questions. We had to use number cards 0-9 to make different numbers such as the largest possible even number. It was very tricky but we showed determination until we got the right answer!




My phonics class have been learning all about the fascinating rules for changing words into the past tense and our friend- uncle 'ed'. Can you find any of these words in your reading? What was the rule?

Monday 9th January 2017


Happy new year everyone!!

It was a delight to see everyone's lovely smiley faces this morning after such a long break. I hope you all had a well deserved holiday! I enjoyed getting to hear what the children got up to over Christmas and what things Santa brought them! 


Just a reminder that the children should always have their reading record in school with them as we read with them on a daily basis. Please continue to read as much as possible with your children at home- every little bit counts into their progression. 


I have sent spellings home and the children will be tested this Friday (13th -eek). It is really important that they are practising these at home. They also have all of their spelling words in their reading record. 


We will be setting Mathletics homework this week so we will inform the children when they can complete this. 


Watch this space for what we will be getting up to in the next few weeks. 



Monday 19th December


We loved getting to watch the cast of Aladdin perform for us today. It was a great day, we made sure to make lots of noise!



Christmas party


Thank you for all the food you brought in for our Christmas party. We had such a great time and don't know where the time went to! We played lots of games, had a dance and ate lots and lots.



Friday 16th December


It is Christmas jumper day! We loved getting to wear our Christmas jumpers in order to raise awareness for Save The Children. Thank you for supporting this great cause.
We have been getting crafty completing our Christmas crafts! The children have completed their calendar, card and Christmas decoration which will be sent home next week.



Christmas Party


Just a reminder that our Christmas party is on Monday 19th December. Children can bring their party clothes to school but they must come to school in uniform.


Please could you send a small amount of prepared food on Monday: (girls sweet food and boys savoury food). Ideas include sandwiches, crisps, cold pizza, quiche etc. If you could label your container we will ensure that it returns back to you safely.


Thank you smiley

Christmas Performance 


Wow.. I think you will all agree that the children put on an AMAZING show today!! We are all so proud of the whole of key stage 1 smiley

Thanks to all the parents, family and friends who came to watch and supported your children running up to it. We really appreciate all the hard work you do so thank you! I hope it put you all in the Christmas spirit smiley





Friday 9th December


Elfred the Elf

We have had a very naughty elf this week!! It is a good job Class 5 show him exactly how to






We played a great game today to help children with their tens and ones. It was a race to see who would win! I had a go with one child and he managed to beat me!!! It must have been a one off...


Most Improved Footballer!


This super footballer won an award this week for being the most improved player! He has shown great resilience and determination. Well Done smiley

Thursday 8th December


Westerhope are carrying out a really kind gesture this Christmas. We are supporting Changing Lives charity and bringing in gifts to give to the homeless for Christmas.

From now until Friday 16th December we will be collecting the following items to give to homeless people in Newcastle throughout Christmas:


tooth brushes

tooth paste


shower gel

Mars bars (or any other substantial chocolate bar)





a Christmas card

a bag (an old handbag, ruck sack, simple canvas shopping bags etc)


 We know many of these people have never had presents and expect nothing for Christmas and it would be fantastic if we could bring just a little happiness to more people during this festive time.


Items can be handed into me and items will be collected in boxes outside Mrs Russell's office.

Thank you for your support.

Monday 5th December


As it is December we had a great time decorating our classroom! It is definitely starting to feel a lot like Christmas in Year 2...





We are starting to learn more about the Great Fire of London in our English. Today we analysed a text and made notes about when, where, who and how it happened!




We were busy recalling facts to 20 today. We worked systemically to find lots of number bonds. We worked in pairs and one person said "I have 3" the other person said " I have 4", then they would both say "TOGETHER WE HAVE 7". This helped the children recall the important number bonds that they all must know.

Have a go at home with your child and see how quick you can do it!



Elfred the Elf


Elfred joined us this morning and set us all a CHALLENGE!! He had his favourite books and read 5 times- and even got a grown up to write how 'elftastic' he was! He challenged us to read 5 times this week sad



A special delivery- Elfred the Elf!!


A special delivery came to our class today and you will never guess where it came from...The North Pole!! sad

After we got over all the excitement, we decided to open it up. Inside we found a book and an elf. It told us that it had been sent by SANTA himself (wow!) to check how all the boys and girls in Class 5 are behaving. There is only one rule- we cannot touch Elfred or else the magic disappears and he has to leave us!

We can't wait to see what kind of fun things Elfred gets up to while he is with us smiley


Christmas Dates 


All the information about our Christmas activities can be found on the Future Dates section on the website. Just to remind you that the Y1/2 performance is Wednesday 14th December at 9.30-10.30 or 2pm-3pm. I am looking forward to seeing you all there- you will be so proud of them smiley 
All the children got a letter informing you what clothes we would like them to bring in for their part so when that is available we would love if you could bring that into school as soon as possible. 


Lastly, just a thank you for ensuring your children are in school everyday and ON TIME smiley It is so important and at the minute Class 5 are in the lead for Westerhope Cinema at the end of the term!! Keep it up!no



Wednesday 30th November


I am so impressed with this young learners hard work that she carried out at home! She found lots of facts about our topic The Great Fire of London.

Can you find out any interesting facts about it with your child?!


Handwriting hero


We started our joins in Class 5 and I couldn't believe how hard the children tried! This superstar blew me away with his handwriting and tried 100%. Well done Handwriting Hero!! smiley


Christmas Fair


We have been busy getting our enterprise project ready for the Christmas Fair. We are making Reindeer hot chocolate smiley I had some NAUGHTY children trying to eat some of the goods... it definitely wasn't me!! Come and see our stall on Friday.




Have you filled a bucket?


We have been continuing our random acts of kindness and talking about how we can be kind to others. We read this lovely book and talked about being bucket fillers and not bucket dippers. We then wrote a nice little note to somebody- when we fill someone elses bucket we also fill our own!!smiley Ask your children how they can be bucket fillers!





Tuesday 29th November



I set the children a Numicon challenge today! The children had to use the numicon pieces 1-10 to fill the whole stocking without leaving any of the wholes out. They used trial and error to try and figure out this investigation. We showed a lot of resilience and didn't give up. Here are some photos to show case our learning...



We felt very happy with ourselves when we succeeded!!

Monday 28th November



The children have decided what they want to write on the class page... here it goes.


We are delighted that we have new books and we enjoyed reading them. When we take a new book home you have to try and look after it so it doesn't get ripped. We liked getting to read together in small groups and then answered questions afterwards.



We enjoy mathletics because it helps us learn our number facts. Here we are trying to improve our maths.



Thursday 24th November


We are nearing the end of our learning journey about shape. We all now know the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and we even got to play Top Trumps to put our knowledge to the test!

Some of the learning comments children mentioned were

" If I got a cube or a cuboid I know I cant lose as it has 12 edges"

" A sphere is a bad card to pick because it only has 1 curved face"

" If we both picked up a cube and a cuboid we could only draw because they have the same amount of faces, edges and vertices"


Super learning Class 5! Have a go at playing at home with your children, they loved it!





Golden Mile


We are carrying out the Golden Mile in school so can you please make sure your children have trainers in school everyday! They really enjoyed it and said it will help them get fit!

Monday 21st November 


We have been enjoying exploring poetry. Today we split up into 2 groups and played around with a poem. The children had a go at rearranging the structure of it according to what they wanted. We had to find a sentence that matched ours by finding rhyming words. We were impressed with our version of the poem. It is called What is pink? By Christina Rossetti and we will be devling deeper into it next week.


Then in maths we had a go at sorting shapes into a Carroll diagram. All the children are confident at describing the properties of 2D shapes and could sort them. Ask your children what they know about shapes... we even discovered that a square is a special type of rectangle!! Mind blowing! The children then created their own right angle checker to explore what shapes had right angles. 




Children in Need

Wow, I am very full and I bet lots of the children are too. Thank you for all of your donations and lovely cakes that you baked. We enjoyed taking part in the Westerhope Bake Off and had 2 very special guests to judge the cakes in assembly.. I'll let the children tell you what happened next- it got very messy!!



As you can tell we really enjoyed our treats today and getting to raise money for such a good cause. Have a great weekend!!



Thursday 17th November

The children have been looking at 2D shapes this week in Maths. We have been investigating their sides and vertices.
We looked at vertical lines of symmetry yesterday and how to identify if a shapes was symmetrical, we then sorted them into a table.



I then set the children a task. I asked them if I had 12 sides in a bag, how many different shapes could I have? They found out that there were lots and lots of different shapes that it could have been. The children used trial and error to see if they were right or wrong and then they had to prove their answers.



Random Acts of Kindness


I gave the children a task that they needed to make someone smile today!

They got to write it on post it notes and put it up on the board.

Some of the quotes were...


" I helped someone who fell over and brought them to first aid"
" I told my friend they are nice because they always make me smile"

"I helped somebody do their work and that made them smile"

" I made a new friend at playtime and that made us both smile"


Tuesday 15th November

Class 5 have loved writing their own version of Owl babies. They adapted the story and changed the animals and their names. We have been working hard to rehearse our sentences and to include capital letters and full stops. The children blew me away and exceeded my expectations! They included expanded noun phrases, commas in a list, recurring language, synonyms for happy and sad, powerful verbs and much more!

We then edited and redrafted our work to make them even better. We looked at our think pinks and how we could fix them.
Then we used these to create our own class book! The children came up with the title and the design; they also wanted a lovely picture of themselves on the front cover to show that they are the authors. Ask them what their story was about!


Well done Class 5!!



Random Acts of Kindness week


We are taking part in Anti-Bullying Week this week. Anti-Bullying Week helps our school to shine a spotlight on bullying and encourage all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year.


As a school, we have decided the best way to combat bullying is to be kind. Therefore we are challenging everyone in our school community to perform at least one ‘Random Act of Kindness’ during the week.


Some suggestions of kind acts from our School Council are:




  • Give a compliment to someone who deserves it

  • Smile lots

  • Give someone a book you think they’ll like

  • Help someone with their heavy bag

  • Buy someone flowers


    We hope your children are inspired to be kind at home too! Let us know how you get on...

    Thanks for you support!

Thursday 10th November


This morning,  we had a go at using the bar method to find different fractions. We loved this method as it really helped us understand fractions better. We found out what 1,2,3 and 4 quarters of different numbers were. Feel free to get them to show you tonight! I know you will be impressed..


Wednesday 9th November

Parents evening
​It was lovely to meet lots of parents these past few days and share all your children's successes! Thanks for taking the time to come and meet with me and your continued support with their learning. I really appreciate all that you do as it makes a big difference so many thanks!

​We decided to talk about our new topic- FIRE and had a chat about the recent bonfire night and what the children got to see. We worked in groups of 3 to design and plan our own firework pictures. The children had to use contrasting colours to make sure their fireworks stood out. Here are some of our pictures...



Tuesday 8th November


Today, Year 2 were really focusing on improving their writing.

The children peer assessed their partners work and helped them correct their work to make it even better. We found it easier to spot mistakes in other people's work! Great teamwork Class 5.



I set the class a competition to see who could write the most words about their friends and family in 5 minutes! I was really impressed with the winner who has 77 words!! They didn't put their pencil down once...


Then we decided to write our sentences in different colour pens. This helped us understand when to start a new sentence as we sometimes forget our capital letters and full stops. The children told me this task helped them not get muddled up and keep track of their sentence. And off course it looked lovely too!




Friday 4th November


We started to learn about fractions in maths today so we decided to go to the ICT suite and find different fractions of a shape. The children were using great mathematical language to tell me how they knew. Try and see if the children can talk about them in different situations at home. We discussed how we get a fraction in our spellings every week! We will be digging a bit deeper next week.


Some of us got onto really tricky questions...



WE WON THE ATTENDANCE AWARD!! The children were over the moon when they found out we won the award for the best attendance last week! It is SO important so thank you for ensuring your children are in every single day and on time! Let's keep it up.



Tuesday 1st November


When we came in from lunch, there were a pile of books all over the floor! We had to sort them into 2 groups; fiction or non fiction. We each came out and chose a book and decided which hoop it belonged in. We had to explain how we knew... ask your children at night what kind of book they are reading and ask them to explain it.


In the afternoon, we put our scientist hats on and had to explore lots of different objects to decide how we could change their shape. We had to see if they could be bent, stretched, squeezed or twisted. Here are some photos to show what we found out!

Friday 21st October


​This week Class 5 have been SUPER busy applying all we have learnt to create our superhero moving mechanism pop up book. The children had so much fun creating their own individual book. They used their art skills and included contrasting colours to create pop art. They then designed their pop up book and chose if they would like a slider or a pivot as their moving mechanism which depended on their individual superhero story. They then had to write a story to describe what is happening in their pop up book. We then came together and presented them to the whole class. We loved getting to see everybody's. Well done Class 5, great job!



Have a great half term!! You all deserve a rest. See you on Monday 31st October.





Tuesday 18th October


Today in English, we used our plans and wrote a set of instructions to build a hedgehog house. We had to remember all the features of instructions such as words to indicate the passing of time, imperative verbs and a title. We reread our work to check it made sense and we had included all the features of instructions. I was very happy with everyone's hard word!
This afternoon I found some scary looking children in my classroom!! Can you recognise anybody?!
It certainly looks like they all had a fabulous time!

 Monday 17th October- Making hedgehog houses


​This past week, year 2 have been learning all about instructions and their features. We had a special job to do for Mr Outterside and Mr McDonald as they found hedgehogs at their houses so we decided to build homes for them. We worked with a partner to read the written instructions. Here are some pictures of what we got up to...



We took our boxes outside and had to gather lots of leaves and twigs. Then we had to use them to  camouflage our boxes in suitable place. Can you spot the hedgehog homes?!





Music Friday 14th October

Friday 14th October


My star of the week is this lovely young boy! He has really impressed me this week with his attitude to his learning and has really taken ownership towards it. I am so proud of you!


We looked at finding our 2s, 5s and 10 times tables today on the number square! It was tricky so we used our friends to help us. How lovely!


There are now 3 pieces of maths homework available for the children to complete. Please make sure you are encouraging them to do it so they are improving their maths skills.


Maths 12th October 2016


We have just started learning about multiplication! Today we looked at representing multiplication in lots of different ways using numicon, bead strings and lots more. Have a look at our pictures and see all the tricky questions we were answering.  We even discovered that multiplication is COMMUTATIVE!


Superhero Science 11th October 2016

​We have been investigating what material we would need to use to make a cape for Elliot Jones to go and save the world. We worked in groups and used scientific vocabulary to explain why we thought a material did suit or didn't suit.


Amazing work from home 12th October 2016


This young learner really impressed me this week. He loved retelling the story of Mulan in school that he completed it again at home and brought it in to show everyone! How exciting! Well done.


Monday 10th October


We started our new unit in English- Instructions. Miss Frend tried to give me instructions to wash my hands but missed out one and I ended up drying my hands without rinsing them with water- a soapy mess!! We had to be careful that we said them in the right order and that they were short sentences.

Today the children gave each other complex instructions while sitting back to back to make a structure. The other person couldn't see what they had to make so we had to think how we could be successful. We learnt that we could use time words such as first or finally and using short sentences made it easier for our partner.



Handwriting Hero Award

​We are trying hard in Class 5 to improve our handwriting and form all our letters correctly and write on the line. This learner has exceeded my expectations and made so much progress since the beginning of Year 2! Well done and keep up the hard work.

Friday 7th October


This afternoon, we got to look at different pop up books before we make our own next week. This child brought in his from home and we all couldn't believe how huge it was- it needed two people to hold it!!


The children worked in groups and discussed what they liked and didn't like about each pop up book.




Every Friday we get to do music with Miss Lindsay-Dunn and this week we were writing our own Superhero song! Then we got to play with the musical instruments and try and listen to the beat, and repeat it. It is tricky so we have to listen really carefully.




Friday 7th October


What a SUPER day we have had!! The children have been retelling the story of Mulan today. They have been learning how to use expanded noun phrases in their writing to add more description...ask them what they are! Look at this learner's story and expanded noun phrase!


Friday 30th September

We had a lot of fun making human sentences! Miss Stewart gave us a word and we had to find out what it was. Then we had to find others and make a sentence that made sense! It was very loud and exciting and we finally got to see the end product!



​We all love to read in Class 5 and especially getting to sit in the reading corner in class!
​Can you guess who?!





We are loving our new topic- SUPERHEROS! We have writing our own superhero information text in English and are learning to use conjunctions to extend our sentences.
​In topic, we liked looking at different pop art and expressed our opinions about which ones we liked and didn't like- we all had different favourite ones!


In ICT we all had a go at creating our own on the computer, experimenting with different colours to make it stand out...