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Mr Devlin PE

Hello, my name is Mr Devlin. Currently, I am teaching P.E to most year groups throughout the school. I believe P.E is an extremely important subject as it can help children to develop resilience, confidence and self-awareness. Two children from each lesson are rewarded with a sticker to show they have exemplified one of my sports core values such as respect, equality, inspiration, friendship, courage, determination and excellence.


Please keep a lookout on this webpage for the fun P.E lessons that the children will be participating in throughout this academic term.

7th June 2017


Year 3 had the fortunate opportunity to participate in a session of circuit training with an outside organisation, which will ultimately help to improve their overall fitness levels. 

7th June 2017


Year 4 showed excellent progress during their PE lesson. They worked on developing their bowling, fielding and batting skills. 

6th June 2017


Year 6 worked really well to improve their speed, agility and ability to negotiate obstacles. These exercises will help their performance during their sports week events, which is being held next week. 


23rd May 2017


        Year 5 have made great great progress in their fielding and batting skills this term. They have participated in a range of games that have helped to improve their overall strategy and approach towards the game. 

 23rd May 2017    

       At the beginning of this term, year 4 were involved in activities that were aimed to help improve their overall fitness levels . This unit focused on developing the pupils' strength, agility and speed. 

      Currently, year 4 are developing their Kwik Cricket skills. They have been practising their fielding and batting techniques with some fun and exciting games. 





23rd May 2017


Year 3 have been introduced to Quicksticks during this term. They have shown great progress in terms of their ability to control, dribble and pass the ball. 

23rd May 2017


     This term, year 2 have been practising their dance moves on a Monday afternoon. The topic is based around the movements of a cat. So far, they have demonstrated great agility, flexibility and rhythm. 

      On a Thursday afternoon, year 2 have been developing their athletic skills. This has involved throwing, negotiating obstacles and running activities. 

27th March 2017


Year 1 demonstrated great control, co-ordination and team work when dribbling a ball using tennis bats. Furthmore, they developed their abilities in passing the ball accurately to their partner.  



14th March 2017


Year 5 worked well together to compose sequences in gymnastics. They demonstrated great strength, agility and good communication skills during each of their activities. 


13th March 2017


This week, year one demonstrated  fantastic skills during their P.E lesson. They practised their hand-eye co-ordination by throwing and catching bean bags. Furthermore, they developed their ability to estimate distance and used spatial awareness to aim to place an object inside a hoop.

1st March 2017


Year 3 have been focusing on developing their passing and tackling skills during P.E. Their tactical awareness was very impressive!

28th March 2017


Year 6 performed a dance based on the theme 'City Life'. They enjoyed the task and worked well as a group to make sure the dance was performed in sequence. 

28th March 2016


Year 5 worked really well to perform a dance based on the sporting world.  They showed great creativity and teamwork throughout the lesson. 


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27th February 2016


Year one have been working on their balancing, hand-eye co-ordination and passing skills. 

8th February 2017


Year 3 showed fantastic confidence when working on controlling and keeping possession of the ball during their P.E session. 

8th February 2017


Year 4 practiced some basketball skills during their P.E session this week. They worked on dribbling, passing and defending skills. 

7th February 2017


Year 6 demonstrated great creativity while making their own motif, which was related to a section of a rugby match. 

7th February 2017


Year 5 continued to demonstrate great enthusiasm and creativity towards their dance unit. This week, they worked in pairs to create graffiti by using their bodies, while synchronising their moves to the music. 

6th February 2017


This week, year 1 have been working on developing their ability to control, pass and catch a ball. 

1st February 2017


Year 4 demonstrated great accuracy when passing their hockey balls through different cones. Also, they showed great progress during the games they played. 

2nd February 2017


Year 2 showed impressive skills during their football lesson. They demonstrated an improved  ability to control the ball and work with team mates. 

1st February 2017


Year 3 have been practicing their passing skills. They showed great determination and focus.

30th January 2017


This week, year 1 have been focusing on ball handling skills, co-ordination and teamwork. 

26th January 2017


This week, reception have been using bean bags and tennis balls to develop their balance, co-ordination and concentration skills. 

25th January 2017


Year 3 have started a new unit to develop their footballing skills. This week, they have focused on improving their dribbling abilities. 

25th January 2017


Year 4 have been applying their hockey skills within a game situation. 

24th January 2017


Year 6 worked as part of a team to create their own version of the Haka.

24th January 2017


Year 5 created a dance choreography to represent life in a busy city. 

City Life

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19th January 2017


Year 2 displayed superb movement and control during their assessment session this week. 

19th January 2016


This week, reception have continued to develop their co-ordination, communication and team-work skills during P.E. All children showed a great enthusiasm and attitude towards their tasks. 

18th January 2018


Year 4 have been participating in hockey games in preparation for next week's competition. They showed some fantastic control and tactical skills, which will be put to great use when playing other teams from different schools. 

17th January 2018


Year 5 have started a new dance topic, which is based on city life. In today's lesson, they demonstrated some brilliant co-ordination and improvisation skills. 

17th January 2017


Year 6 have started their new dance unit, which is based around the theme of sports. This week, each pupil made a fantastic effort towards performing  the Haka dance.  


Haka dance

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8th December 2016


Reception had great fun this week in developing their running technique and ball handling skills. 

6th December 2016


Year 6 made progress this week in P.E by improving their ability to pass on the move and they played a game to apply their skills in a competitive situation. 

6th December 2016


Year 5 made progress this week in P.E by improving their ability to pass on the move and they played a game to apply their skills in a competitive situation. 

5th December 2016


Year 2 continued to develop their hand-eye co-ordination, agility and communication skills by using a bat and ball. 

1st December 2016


Year 2 showed great enthusiasm towards developing their passing and dribbling skills when using a tennis bat. There may well be a future Andy Murray among this bunch!




30th November 2016


Year 4 continued to develop their hockey skills with Mrs Marshall. At the end of the lesson, they played a fantastic game which involved tackling and shooting. 



29th November 2016


Year 6 demonstrated great passing and tackling skills during their basketball lesson this week.



29th November 2016


Year 5 have been practising their basketball skills in preparation for a tournament, which will be held in the New Year. 


25th November 2016


This week, all classes got an opportunity to practise their rugby skills with a qualified rugby coach. All children really enjoyed the lessons, as they helped to promote teamwork, develop communication skills and understand match strategies. 



23rd November 2016


Year 3 

23rd November 2016

Year 4


22nd November 2016 

Year 5




21st November 2016 

Year 2 



17th November 2016 

Reception were very fortunate this week to have a Rugby Falcon player teach them some basic ball handling skills. There may will be some future Rugby players among this bunch. Watch this space!   

16th November 2016

Year 3 practiced using a chest, overhead and bounce pass this week. They then had a game to develop their tactical awareness skills which they really enjoyed. 

14th November 2016

This week, year 2 have been developing their skills in dribbling, controlling and passing with a football. They showed a great sporting attitude towards their tasks. 

10th November 2016


Year 2 have been developing their key skills in passing, controlling and communicating when working with a ball. They demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and achieved great progress throughout the lesson. 

9th November 2016

Year 4 have continued to improve their hockey skills this week by dribbling around cones, passing on the move and working as part of a team. 

8th November 2016


Year 5 have showed great progress during their hockey lesson. I am sure they will perform well in our upcoming tournament in the New Year.

2nd November 2016


Year 3 used an exciting warm up to progress their mobility skills and spatial awareness. They then worked on improving their ability to control and pass a ball accurately. 



2nd November 2016


On Wednesday, year 4 practiced their hockey skills with Mrs Marshall. They learned how to control the ball, dribble and use a reverse pass.  



1st November 2016


Year 5 were introduced to hockey this week, as part of their Invasion Games module. They developed their skills in dribbling with the ball, tackling and using the push pass. 







13th October 2016


This week, children from reception completed a range of games involving a parachute such as Poisoned Snakes, Popcorn and Parachute Tag. These activities helped the children to improve their balance, communication skills and hand-eye co-ordination.


The children also practiced their phonic skills by considering the different sounds within each of the activity names. 





6th October 2016 

Year 2 demonstrating their knowledge about the importance of warming up and stretching before physical activity.

Year 2 had a fantastic time learning to create a sequence of movements by jumping over a beanbag. There may well be an Olympic synchronised swimming pair amongst this bunch!

6th October 2016 


Reception have had great fun this week when using a parachute to develop key skills such as teamwork, communication and spatial awareness.