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Mr McDonald Year 5



Year 5 have been hard at work on their new French topic - a la plage. They read and translated the story of T'choupi a la plage, about a popular penguin in France who spent the day with his family at the beach. They then recapped their knowledge of French colours and used them identify different items you might find at the beach. If they are unsure of a word they are able to use a bi-lingual dictionary to help them.

Sports Week/ PSHE


As well as participating in many sporting activities, Year 5 have also been learning how to eat a well-balanced diet to help them live a healthy lifestyle. We used Joe Wicks' recipes (the Bodycoach) as an example of what we should be eating and identified the main food groups in each recipe as well as suggesting ways to improve them or adapt them to our own tastes.

Sports Week


Year 5 had a great time during Sports Week playing lots of their favourite sports. In these pictures you can see them practising their cricket skills in preparation for the Kwik Cricket festival and their running, jumping and catching skills in preparation for Westerhope Olympics. They also played football and line ball during the week.

Comic Relief Joke Off 2017.

Still image for this video



We've all enjoyed watching Aladdin today.


It's nearly Christmas!!

Space projects


Another fabulous turnout for your homework projects. You have all worked so hard on them and I am very proud of you all!

Year 5 Christmas carol concert


Well done Year 5! What a great job you did at St John's Church.

Carol Service


A final rehearsal of the Carol service for tomorrow. You have all been great, I can't wait to see it tomorrow!

9.12.16 Maths


The children were hard at work solving area and perimeter questions today.

8.12.16 Let's Write


Class 12 are watching the John Lewis, Man on the Moon advert for inspiration for this week's Let's Write.

8.12.16 Maths


The children are developing their conceptual understanding of calculating the area of composite shapes.

Enterprise Week


Year 5 are excited to see you all tomorrow at the Christmas Fair! Here's a sample of what is on offer. Make your way straight to Class 11, where you will find us in a very festive mood.

Victorian Projects

Class 12 have had a great day presenting all of their Victorian projects. There were some wonderful presentations, sharing all of the knowledge that they have gained. Well done to everybody!


Class 12 have been hard at work planning and writing their own list poems, using onomatopoeia. After studying the Sound Collector by Roger McGough, they then got to work thinking about what a School Sound Collector would steal. Once they had written their own poem they performed them, using Michael Rosen as inspiration, to vary their pitch, pace and volume and add expression to their recital.


Class 12 have been measuring and drawing angles in Maths this week, as well as calculating missing angles.


One of our super learners practising how to open a sentence using adjectives to show a character was feeling.

History learning

The children have been working hard to research the Victorians and share their knowledge. Here, the children are researching the quality of life for people living in Victorian towns and the countryside.