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Mrs Coker Year 6

Year 6 children had fun designing and creating their own 90s Tshirts using fabric paint

3.07.17 - This week is MADD week! Our theme is 'Through the Decades'. Year 6 are looking at the 90s!

23.06.17 Year 6 had an amazing time progamming and debugging alogrithms on a number of computing devices, including Sphero, drones, Ozobot, Crumblebot and Makey Makey

22.06.17 Year 6 have been learning about 'Ma famille' in French this week. They created a mind map about their family, writing captions in French. They have also translated a paragraph written in French and used the information to fill in a family tree.

21.6.17 Year 6 children have a fun-filled educational Science and Technology day with Technology Tom. They designed and created their own electrical games and inventions! Technology Tom was so impressed with their perseverance skills and imagination. Well done!

16.06.17 In Sports Week children explored the meaning of Sporting Heroes and discussed the personal qualities they displayed. Year 6 then thought about times when they have displayed these personal qualities.

15.06.17 The school nurse visited to talk to Year 6 about body changes and puberty.

13.06.17 Year 5 and 6 children having fun during their Sports Day event

12.06.17 - Year 6 children having fun playing 'Team Games'

12.06.17 - It is Sports Week this week! Check out the website regualrly to see all of the fun sporting and healthy-related learning happening!

Are you a Mathemagician? What number do you always get? Why?

5.04.17 Solving 'Visual and Diagram' puzzles. We found these REALLY challenging!

5.04.17 Year 6 children worked hard solving this 'Make 100' Puzzle! Once we worked out the rule though, we found loads of options!

4.04.17 - We had great fun solving logic problems this afternoon!

4.4.17 Year 5 and 6 children worked together in teams to solve a 'Maths Orienteering' course. It was great fun and the questions were challenging so it got the children's brains really working!

3.4.17 Year 6s worked well in teams solving 'finding all possibilities' problems. They worked systematically in their approach to solving the problems. Great work!

3.4.17 Year 6s had great fun helping the Year 1s on a Maths Easter Treasure Hunt

3.4.17 Parent Puzzle Time in Year 6

Comic Relief Joke Off 2017!

Still image for this video

Only One You by Linda Kranz - we read this story and found it inspirational! We created our own special and unique fish to represent us.

Year 6 enjoyed reading and sharing a story with the Year 1 children.

2.03.17 Happy World Book Day! can you guess who we have dressed as?

17.2.17 What a fantastic job Year 6 have done creating their Egyptian themed board games! Mr Bell and I were so impressed with the children's knowledge and creativity. A great job! Well done!

10.02.17 What a fun afternoon we have had! Children learning about the mummification process. They then worked in groups to create a rap/ poem/ song/ poster/ drama to teach others about the mummification process. Very educational and humorous!

Children have access to a website called IXL. They have all been given passwords. It is a great way for children to practise their Maths or Grammar skills, in preparation for the upcoming SATs in May.



20.1.17 - Years 4, 5 and 6 had fun at the 'On your Marks Cooking Event' this afternoon. Is the next Jamie Oliver sat among the audience?

Our topic this half term is Ancient Egypt. Children have been set some topic homework. They have 6 weeks to complete it!

9.12.16 Catherine McKinell, our local MP, came to visit Year 6 today for a question and answer session. This was a great follow up to our visit around the Houses of Parliament.

9.12.16 Year 6 have been using concrete materials to explore equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. The worked out rules to convert a percentage to a decimal and vice versa and how to convert a fraction to a decimal. Fabulous deep thinking!

1.12.16 - Well done to the winners of our first Spelling Bee of the year! Fantastic work 'Team Bee Believers'

A selection of photos from our fantastic trip to London

1.11.16 Today we started our topic on fractions. We consolidated our understanding of equivalent fractions using Numicon to represent our thoughts. We then used our understanding of finding the Greatest Common Factor to simplify fractions.



Children have been working super hard on their topic homework over the last half term. We have really enjoyed seeing children's models and presentations about famous landmarks in London. Have a look for yourself! You will be impressed!


14.10.16 We created fantastic beasts (inspired by J.K Rowling's book 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them') using charcoal and then we wrote character descriptions in our Let's Write lesson, using adventurous vocabulary.

Harry Potter character art!

Welcome to Class 14!

We love reading in Class 14! We are massive Harry Potter fans and we are enjoying reading

'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' as our class reader this term.

Watch out for our own 'Harry Potter' themed narratives on this page very soon.