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Mrs Cooper Nursery 1

Welcome to Nursery 1 Class!

Hello, my name is Mrs Cooper and I have the pleasure of teaching Nursery 1 while Mrs Hay has a very important job to do and a well deserved rest!


I have been overwhelmed by how welcoming everyone has been here! 

It is an absolute delight to come to school and a privilege to work with such lovely children, staff and parents.


Our Nursery page will be updated regularly to share lots of happy, learning time in the classroom. This is a great opportunity for you and your child to chat through the learning week and share the different experiences together.


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Cooper and the Nursery Team

Blue Reef Trip! We had such a lovely time on our nursery trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium. We took part in a rockpool session where we had the chance to touch or hold different creatures such as crabs, starfish and anemones - we were very brave! We then had a look around the aquarium and saw some strange and wonderful creatures - including some very smelly otters! We had a lovely picnic lunch upstairs before going to watch the seal show. Unfortunately the weather meant we didnt get onto the beach but that didn't dampen (!) our spirits and we had a lovely afternoon back at nursery chatting about our trip. Lovely day all round!

Our new topic for the summer term is 'The Seaside and Pirates' - arrrrr! See below for the topic plan:

Sports Day! We were so lucky with the weather and the children enjoyed the fun races with their teddy bears! They then had a yummy picnic with their grown-ups before collecting a special medal for all their hard work! Well done Nursery 1!

Exercising and keeping healthy! Mr Outson came to our class to show us some different activities to help us stay fit and healthy. We had so much fun with our friends - running, balancing and throwing and catching the beanbags. Thank you Mr Outson!

Our new mini topic is Staying Healthy. Have a look at the topic plan below:

Fire Station Trip! We had such a lovely time on our local walk to the fire station. We were very lucky with the weather too! Have a look at our fantastic pictures below:

Puddle Jumping! With all the rain we've had, we thought it was an ideal opportunity for some puddle jumping! We got kitted out in our suits and wellies and had great fun! We jumped in the puddles and tried mixing some paint with large brushes. We remembered to wash our hands when we came in to get rid of the germs and nasties!

As part of our topic on Staying Healthy, we have been using real vegetables to create our own version of Mr Potato Head - it was lots of fun! Have a look at the photos below...

Our new topic is Growing and Changing. Please have a look at the topic map for an idea of the things we will be doing.

Goodbye to our butterflies! Our butterflies had hatched out of their cocoons so when their wings were strong enough, we took them outside to release them. The children all made a wish and whispered it into their hands. They held onto their wish tightly, then when the butterflies flew away, they let their wish fly away too. Magical!

We have tadpoles!

Look at our fantastic writing this week!

Our caterpillars are changing! They have eaten the food, grown bigger and are now hanging from the lid, ready to spin their cocoons! Exciting!

Giant numbers!

We have been observing the changes to our beans this week. Some have grown a lot so we have transferred them into small pots. We are currently writing a class bean diary which is updated regularly. The children can access this whenever they wish to discuss with their friends.

We had a letter from the Giant in nursery this week! He asked us to help him. He wanted to know if there was anything in our classroom that was longer or shorter than his footprints - he left these for us to use (they weren't too smelly!). He also asked if there was anything the same size as his footprints. So we had to do lots of measuring and there was some great language and knowledge during these activities! Well done everyone!

We have some new visitors! We have had a special delivery of some caterpillars. We are going to observe them growing, making cocoons and then turning into butterflies - how exciting!

Welcome back to everyone after our lovely Easter break! 

smileyI hope you have all had a super time with your friends and familysmiley

Easter Activities! We have had a lovely week of Easter activities including decorating eggs and making Easter Nests!

We had a visit from the Easter Bunny! He asked us to help him solve a problem. He wanted to create different egg decorations, only using 3 colours. We used large sheets of paper to try to work out the different combinations. Lots of problem solving happening!

Shadow drawing - we took advantage of the lovely sun shining through the small window to create some shadow drawings of different animals!

Squiggle While You Wiggle - we have moved on to a different shape in our Squiggle sessions. The new focus of the session has been 'the hump' - a rainbow like shape. The children have been making the shapes using their scarves, then transferring those movements onto paper. Well done!

Obstacle Course. In our outdoor area, we worked together to build an obstacle course. We then took it in turns to complete all the different activities. We even added an egg and spoon race in too! Good work everyone!

Beebots! We explored the Beebots and how to make them move. We talked about the uses of the different buttons and some of us could make the Beebots move under a bridge! Well done.

We had fun looking for 'sound treasure' in the sand! We had to hunt around in the sand to look for pictures with our initial 'sound of the week'. Well done everyone!

Making roads. The children are really showing interests in our construction area and worked with Mrs Poolan to create a road using large sheets of paper. They added bridges and different features. It was a big hit and was used all morning!

Comic Relief Joke Off Video!

Still image for this video

After talking about rainbows, we explored multi-coloured water beads on our light table. The children liked moving the beads around and talked about how they felt.

World Book Day! We had such a lovely day full of fun and activities! Thank you to all the parents/carers who joined us to share stories at the end of the day. A lovely day all round!

Mrs Hay came to visit!

Body Shapes! After talking about the body when using the Doctor's Surgery role play, we decided to draw around our body shapes. We then thought about the different parts of the body, wrote labels and decided where to attach them! Super work everyone!

Rainbow Bread - We practised our fine motor control using pipettes to drop coloured milk onto bread. We talked about what happened to the colours and the different patterns they made. Well done!

Doctors Surgery - After exploring the investigation table with the real heart pictures and the doctors kit, it became evident the children wanted to extend this interest. We then changed the role play area into a doctors surgery and it has been very popular!

Super measuring skills! The boys had made a long set of blocks in the construction area...

** We will be starting a new mini topic...please have a look at the topic grid...**

Problem solving in the outdoor area! The children were enjoying their time on the bikes when one child said "I've run out of petrol!". This led to a discussion about what we could use for petrol. We found a watering can which they used for "filling up the bikes". Another child then found a bit of hose pipe and said "Look we can use this for the wheels!". Super skills!

We have been practising our gross motor movements by using the giant chalks in the outdoor area. We made lines and circles, and some of us even practised some letters and numbers! Well done!

This week we have started a new special activity called Squiggle While You Wiggle. It promotes gross motor movements and develops the muscles which are needed for writing. We start by moving to music, using large arm movements in circular shapes (our shape of the week!). We also had a little dance too! Then we quickly moved these movements onto paper, using a pencil/crayon/chalk in each hand. Some of us made large circles, some of us made smaller circles. Some blank paper and writing tools were then left out and the children accessed them independently, copying the shapes on the original sheets. For our first session I was so impressed with how well the children listened and joined in. Well done!

The boys have explored den making this week.  They asked if they could use the torches "because it is dark in there".  Well done!

We were shape detectives and found lots of triangles in the outdoor area!

wintery penguins planner

Christmas party time!

The children had such a fun Christmas party! Lots of dancing, eating, party games, plus a special visit from Santa!


What a fantastic end to an amazing first term at Westerhope Nursery.


Happy Christmas everyone!

The count down to Christmas!

In Nursery we have been full of Christmas busy ... from Christmas card writing, building sparkly play dough snowmen, preparing Christmas dinner in the home corner then enjoying a nice, relaxing book by the fireplace to sledge building! Wow! We certainly have a fun packed learning time in Nursery, that's for sure!

Our Christmas sing-a-long performance was a huge hit! The children were true super stars and made all of their grown ups very proud. One of those special, christmassy, magical times to be treasured. Thank you for coming and being a fantastic audience.

We had a special visit in Nursery today from our very own Harry Potter expert! (please let us know if your child has a particular interest/expertise and we will celebrate this in Nursery).

A very proud Mr Outterside congratulating our Nursery learners on their writing achievements! We are so proud of you.

Our Teddy Bear Fundraising Day!

Our teddy bear fundraising day was an amazing success! The children had a fantastic morning of teddy bear cake decorating, making teddy bear sandwiches and playing and learning in our teddy bear themed nursery. At 2pm we opened our Nursery doors to welcome all of the children's wonderful grown ups. I was simply overwhelmed with just how many of our grown ups came to join in with the teddy bear fun! The afternoon was jam packed with a teddy bear hunt, followed by a tasty picnic and lots of cake eating! It was such a lovely, happy atmosphere in Nursery and will definitely be a special day to remember.


The fundraising day was in aid of my beautiful four year old niece, Nicole, who has recently been diagnosed with Batten Disease, which is an extremely rare, fatal neurodegenerative condition for which there is currently no cure, and limits Nicole's precious life. My sister and her husband have found incredible strength from somewhere and are the inspirational driving force in making everyday full of happiness for Nicole and to continue making special family memories. It has been so touching to know that my lovely nursery children, parents/grandparents have been a part of this fundraising journey - a day to be treasured. Your generosity, kindness and caring thoughts have been truly touching so thank you.


Our total funds raised on our teddy bear day came to an unbelievable £225! Wow! Such an overwhelming amount. Words can't express our thanks and appreciation.


Mrs Hay and the Nursery Team


All funds raised will go to the Nicole Rich Foundation/BDFA. You can follow Nicole's Batten Journey blog by following this link

Team Nicole are ready! Let the Teddy Bear Fundraising Day begin ...

Our local educational trip to Westerhope village post office school trip

The children had a fantastic trip to our local post office!


On arrival at the post office, the children were all prepared with their stamp money and Santa Claus letter and paid for their stamp at the counter. They then excitedly posted their wish list in to the post box all ready for the onward journey to Reindeer Land!


The children represented Westerhope Primary school exceptionally well on our trip making me one very proud teacher!


A big thank you for all of our adult helpers on the trip. The support was fantastic and you made the trip happen so thank you.



It's Santa Claus letter writing time!