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Mrs McManus / Mrs Purdy Year 4

Welcome to Class 10!


Welcome to our Class 10 page.

Have a look to catch up with what we have been doing and learning about in class.


Class 10 are currently working hard on improving their problem solving skills in Maths.  We will be answering calculation questions in the context of weight, time and statistics. Why not practise this further using any of the links on our page.


Our Class Reader is the amazing Stitch Head by Guy Bass. We will using this text to discover more about key stories and persuasive writing.


Class Reminders:

Spellings - Monday and tested on Friday

Outdoor PE - Tuesday afternoon

Indoor PE - Wednesday morning with Mr Devlin

Mathletics homework- set every Monday

Reading records - checked weekly so please have them in school each day along with individual reading books


We read our reading books everyday so please make sure you always have them with you.  Thank you!

19.6.17 Year 4 invited parents in for an end of year celebration today. There was wonderful singing, memories and video clips. It was a wonderful end to the year. Well done everyone! 

A celebration

Still image for this video

16.7.17 We just wanted to say what a brilliant time we had away on our trip to Brromley range. The children surpassed every expectation we had and are a credit to all their parents. It was a pleasure spending time with them. You can see pictures of our visit on the Latest News pages of the website.

10.7.17 Learning Celebration - Please join us on Wednesday 19th July at 2:45 for a celebration of all our learning this year. We hope you can make it!

MADD DAY 5 PARADE DAY! You all looked absolutely brilliant! We spent the morning playing "Guess the title" to Abba songs and having our very own disco, disco, disco. We were very proud of you all today, well done!

MADD DAY 3 and 4 We looked at a range of ART by David Hockney to disucss. We fed back like an art critic before choosing some of our favourites to recreate! Good job everyone.

4.7.17 MADD Week - Day 2

Today we listened to lots of 70s music and used these as our inspiration to make record sleeves. Our favourite song was stayin' alive which you can watch below. Fantastic learning everyone!

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Official Video)

3.7.17 MADD Week - Day 1

Today we had a fantastic time acting out our own news reports about the 1970s, creating 70s inspired patterns and practising our amazing disco moves. Wonderful work everyone!

Village People - YMCA OFFICIAL Music Video 1978

The Wombles (1973) Season 1 Episode 1

Mud - Tiger Feet (Live TOTP 1974)

30.6.17 As part of our Rivers and Uk work, Class 10 prepared and presented brilliant weather reports!

27.6.17 A huge thank you 

We have been so impressed with the amazing river projects we have seen so far - they are amazing! Thank you so much for supporting your children at home. If you haven't completed them, the deadline is this Friday.


MADD Week - Travelling through the decades

This year, we are travelling back to the 1970s to experience the world of disco! Please could you wear a disco inspired costume on Friday 7th July for the MADD parade. We can't wait to boogie! 

23.6.17 In topic this week, after reading all about them and using glossaries to learn definitions, Class 10 applied their art skills to create watercolours of rivers and their features.

Class 10 shared their stories with a partner then read their favourite parts aloud to the rest of the class. Here's an example...

Still image for this video

23.6.17 Wow! Class 10 you worked so hard today to complete and edit your traditional tales. They are great!

19.6.17 Twelve Months

Today, we used drama, to discuss and develop our own ideas for their traditional tales.  The children explored characters and how they could be portrayed. Well done everyone!

14.6.17 Sports Week - Day 3

So we had another fun-filled, active day today. The children worked with Ms Marshall and Mr Devlin and enjoyed being active and competitive.  They also learned about eating 5 fruit and vegetables every day, being snack wise and making sure they exercise for at least 60 minutes.  Well done everyone! Find out more about being healthy using the link below.

13.6.17 - Class 9 and 10 attempting to break the original 100m and triple jump world records. We came close!

12.6.17 Sports Week Day 2 and the amazing Guy Bass

Today we had a brilliant day- firstly, Guy Bass (the incredible author of Stitch Head) had us in fits of giggles talking about his life as a baby and reading part of his book. and then we attempted to break world records in running and jumping and measured them ourselves. Fantastic work everyone! 


Please note: the publishers didn't have enough books available and therefore we will receive the sign copies when they have been printed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

12.6.17 Sports Day

Wow Class 10! You made us so proud today.  We loved seeing you persevere and try your hardest. A huge thank you to our parents for your support too, it means the world to us. 

12.6.17 ⚽️SPORTS WEEK 🎾

We are really looking forward to an exciting and fun packed week of Sport and being healthy! 

Here are a few important pieces of information for your diary:

Monday 12th June- Sports Day

Please remember to bring your PE kits and water bottles into school. The gates will be open from 1:30 for parents. 

• Tuesday 13th June - Guy Bass Visit

We will have the pleasure of hosting a talk by Guy Bass the author of Stitch Head

• Wednesday 14th June - PE with Ms Marshall

Rememer to wear tracksuit bottoms and trainers all week

• Friday 16th June - Westerhope Athletic Championships and Closing Ceremony. Which country will reign supreme? 




Traditional Tales - Class 10 wrote collaboratively today, describing their favourite month of the year. You used fantastic vocabulary with varied sentences, adverbials and similes. Let's see what our new short story "The Twelve Months" is all about ...

6.6.12 Book Look Week

Thank you very much to everyone who came in to see their children's books.  They loved showing off their learning to you.

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you all have a fun and relaxing half term!

What a fantastic end to our term - we prepared and made our sandwiches this morning before meeting year 2 with their orders for a wonderful picnic under the trees. Well done - a great design and technology project!

Class 10 - you worked so well as a team to follow your recipes and make your own "rustic" loaves of bread. A huge well done!

There's a boy in the Girls' bathroom- Class 10 are thoroughly enjoying this book in English and wrote their own lists of interesting topics just like Bradley Chalkers in the book... his however had 81 items!

12.6.17 Healthy Eating

Today, as part of their Juniour Masterchef topic, Year 4 have been finding out all about the Eatwell Plate.  If you would like to find out more, visit the Food A Fact of Life web page. It has lots of fascinating facts and interesting games to play! Enjoy!

Science Fair - well done Year 4 for hosting a fab science fair for Year 3 who came along with enthusiasm and questions. Thanks everone.

Stitch Head Design and Technology Project Update - Class 10 have nearly completed their products and have thoroughly enjoyed designing and making them. Lots of perseverance and progress with stitching all round! Well done everyone - we are ready to advertise the products now and here's a cheeky peek at how professional they look with the light box to enhance them...

2.5.17 Rights and Responsibilities

In our life skills sessions this half term, we have been discovering what rights the children have.  Find out more by watching the video below.


What are child rights?

What are child rights?? Brother and sister duo Jack and Ruby explore the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which guides all of UNICEF's work.

What is a human right?

An introduction to the concept of human rights, and the United Nations framework to promote and protect human rights.

2.5.17 Spellings

Because of the bank holiday, our spellings will be given out on Tuesday and tested on Monday 10th May. Thank you in advance for all your support!

25.4.17 A very busy day...

Today we had a very busy day investigating playscripts, solving problems about graphs and finding out names for French vegetables! You can practise these at home using the links below. Enjoy xxx

Les Légumes

Frencg vegetable vocabulary - les legumes, learn the French names for the most common vegetables, from a native speaker.

We hope you have all had an amazing holiday and we can't wait to see you for more exciting learning. See you in the morning!

Happy Easter everyone! We hope you have a lovely, relaxing holiday. See you in 2 weeks!

WINNERS! Well done to the Green Machines who had the most counters from our Maths Week challenges - they can look forward to an extra ICT session of fun and games when we get back.

4.4.17 Maths Week - Day 2

Today, we had some of our fantastic parents to help us solve 'find the rule' problems. We became detectives and used clues to solve logic problems and to break codes. Fantastic learning everyone! 

3.4.17 Important message about Spellings

As it is a four day week this week we have decided not to give the children spellings to learn.  The next words to learn will be after Easter. Thank you for your support.


3.4.17 Maths Week - Day 1

We have had a fantastic first day for Maths Week and are all developing our problem solving skills. We found out which team we will be working for - 'The Purple Problem Solving Ninjas', 'The Green Machine', 'Orange we Wonderful' or the 'Golden Number Ninjas'. We then completed team building activities and he magic egg problem.  Tomorrow we will become super sleuths! Check out our photos below, or more are saved in the Maths section - you can find this by clicking on the link below.

3.4.17 It's Maths Week!

And we can't wait for lots of problem solving fun! We would like to invite parents to come and join us on Tuesday and Thursday morning for lots of Maths fun from 9:00-9:30. We hope you can make it!

31.3.17 As part of our STITCH HEAD topic, we made bookmarks with running and cross stitch to practice our skills before making our monster puppets after Easter...

30.3.17 Parents' Evenings

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone  who attended our Parents' evenings. It was a pleasure getting to chat about your amazing children and the progress they are making. Thank you for all your support - it means the world to us! 

28.3.17 Parents Evening

We are really looking forward to seeing all of our lovely parents, tonight and Thursday evening to discuss your amazing children's progress. We can't wait! 

27.3.17 Science Fair Homework

Our science Fair homework is due in by Friday. Thank you so much to everyone's who has sent in their project already and we can't wait to see the rest by Friday. Thank you again for all of your support.

26.3.17 Happy Mother's Day

We wanted to wish a very 'Happy Mother's Day' to all our amazing Mums. We hope you had a relaxing day and loved your cards.

Class 10 enjoyed being creative and making some beautiful cards with their own drawings and quilled petals.

Comic Relief Joke Off 2017.

Still image for this video

COMIC RELIEF 2017 - Thank you to everyone who donated and helped us support Comic Relief.

22.3.17 Parts of Speech

Can you sing along to our 'parts of speech' rap? Good luck! 

Parts of Speech - Flocabulary

21.3.17 Class 10's amazing progress

Today, Class 10 have knocked our socks off with their fantastic progress! They have become really confident using the bar model method to solve fraction problems and have written very persuasive letters. We are so proud of everyone's progress and how they always try their best. Well done! 


We started some product analysis on puppets to help us with our Design Technology project where we are going to design and make a toy or puppet. Even STITCH HEAD popped in to join us...

Class 10 read a new poem today in Guided Reading where they listened for key phrases then walked in groups describing the atmosphere in each verse.

13.3.17 Stitch Head the Movie - Radio Advertisement

Today, the children used persuasive phrases to create their own script for a radio advertisement.  They worked really well together and created very enticing adverts.  Fantastic learning Class 10!

Stitch Head Radio Advert

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

9.3.17 Maths - Class 10 you are becoming really confident with using the bar model to help you solve word problems. You worked in an organised way today with your partners.

7.3.17 Our Magical Myth

Today we edited and improved our amazing myths before having the chance to share them with the class. We are really proud of your progress Class 10.

6.3.17 States of Matter

Today we became particles and saw how they moved in solids, liquids and gases.  Super science everyone!


6.3.17 Money problems

This week we will be finding out how to solve money problems.  If you would like extra practice, click on the links below.

WORLD BOOK DAY 2017 Don't we look great! We have delved deeply into the world of Where's Wally this morning and shared our favourite books. This afternoon we are going to design our own front cover and blurbs before finding out whose Wally work Year 3 have chosen as the winner! Exciting stuff!

28.2.17 Les animaux

Today we listened, wrote and even sang in French - you were amazing Year 4! Très Bien!


Still image for this video

27.2.17 Super Scientists

Today we began finding out lots about solids and liquids. We discovered that solids keep their shape whereas liquids change to the shape of their container. We used salt and found that some solids can be poured but when they are they create a mound instead of lying flat. Fantastic learning everyone! 

27.2.17 Introducing our new class reader.....

We are very excited to announce that our new class reader is Stitch Head by Guy Bass! To find out more about the fantastical characters watch the clip below or visit the web page.  We would love to hear what you have found out!

Stitch Head

26.2.17 Welcome Back!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all in the morning!  We hope you have had a wonderful holiday and are ready for some more fantastic learning.  Remember to keep practising your times tables, using Mathletics and begin thinking about your Science Fair projects. Welcome back everyone!

Thank you to all the amazing children in Class 10 for your fantastic attitude and hard work this half term. And thank you to all our parents for your all of your support. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we'll see you back on Monday 27th, ready for some more fun and games! Happy holidays xxx

17.2.17 Our Science Project

Our next science topic is all about States of Matter. We will be finding out about solids, liquids and gases and how they can change state. Then we will use this knowledge to understand the water cycle. To support this learning, we are challenging the children to complete a project at home about this topic. It can be in the form of a poster, model, information leaflet, PowerPoint or video. We would like their projects back in school by March 31st. There are some pictures below for inspiration. Good luck everyone! 

What a successful Dragonese day all round! Thank you for a great end to our topic. It was lovely to see the children in costume today and even more amazing to see them telling you all about the work they have been doing about dragons and vikings. Our classroom has never been so full. Thank you for coming to share in our fun!

Dragonese Day finished with a brilliant time in the hall where our Vikings and Dragons performed some songs and shared some facts with their parents. You were great!

Here are the winning flag designs! Well done to the winning Vikings and Dragons!

Dragonese Day - Our first job was to use our knowledge of symmetry to design a flag for Hiccup and Toothless to use in the Initiation ceremony. We worked in pairs to investigate polgons and quadrilaterals and whether they have lines of symmetry. Then we used shapes, pegs or elastic bands to make patterns with various lines of symmetry before designing our own...

16.2.17 Look at how much work one of our Viking experts has been doing at home! Amazing - keep up the great work!

14.2.17 Amazing progress with our Legends!

We are so proud of the amazing progress the children have made with their writing this year. Today we were 'wow-ed' by their own legends! They included incredible character description, rich vocabulary and sensational similes. We are so incredibly proud of the children's fantastic attitude to learning! 

Our letters and poems have been posted off to Roger McGough. Fingers crossed we get a reply!

And don't forget on Thursday, Dragonese day is coming......

13.2.17 Symmetry

In Maths, this week we are going to be focusing on finding lines of symmetry. If you would like any extra practice, please complete your mathletics homework and check out these websites.  Good luck everyone!

Year 4 enjoyed showing off their moves at the Valentine's Disco!

7.2.17 Risks and Resilience

In our Life Skills sessions, we have been discussing risks that the children encounter everyday and how we deal with them. We discussed how the internet is an incredibly useful tool but we need to make safe choices to use it responsibly. We made videos to help the children in Year 3 stay safe online. We also built up our resilience by each giving a compliment to ourselves. We were so proud of thoughtful and incisive responses.

Stay Safe Online

Still image for this video

7.6.17 Investigating Myths and Legends

We loved finding out about the features of myths and Legends today.  Here is the version of George and the Dragon for you so you can listen again at home. There is also a link to the fantastic website about Perseus and Medusa.  Good luck everyone!

George and the Dragon

6.2.17 Dividing Decimals

Today, we talked about how to divide decimals by 10 and 100.  We completed this physically, then using place value grids before completing them mentally.  Fantastic learning everyone!

Dividing by 10
Dividing by 10
Dividing by 100
Dividing by 100

6.2.17 Our Reading Challenge

Today each group was given an envelope.  In this they discovered a picture which they had to use to find clues about our next guided reading topic. Their thoughts and questions were insightful. We can't wait to find out more about Loki!

6.1.17 Our Dragonese day

We can't wait for our Dragonese Day on Thursday 16th February! We know the children are very excited to be dressed as Vikings and Dragons and we hope as many parents and carers as possible can join in the celebrations. Remember you can use the amazing 'How to train your dragon' website for games and ideas. You could even learn how to speak Dragonese by watching the video below. Good luck!

How to Speak Dragonese

Learn to speak Dragonese with Cressida Cowell!

6.2.17 Let's delve into the world of Myths and Legends!

Over the next two weeks we are going to be reading, investigating, writing and enjoying Myths and Legends. We are so excited! If you would like to read more myths or even create your own- click on the links below. We would LOVE to hear about any additional learning you do at home. Good luck amazing learners! 

Our very own Sound Collectors...

Still image for this video

3.2.17 Working collaboratively, our learners enjoyed writing their own versions of The Sound Collector and are going to send them along with a letter, to Roger McGough next week. I wonder if we'll get a reply??

Viking fun! Our amazing learners are delving deeper into the Viking world and preparing some funny, shocking and gruesome facts to share with you all on our Dragonese day! They also used their knowledge to be Viking architects and design a Long Ship.

2.2.17 Check out our learners in Maths today - using arrays to represent factor pairs before moving on to some tricky missing number problems! Keep persevering Class 10, you've got it!!

1.2.17 We are having a big push on spelling in Year 4 and working hard to check and apply our key spelling rules. We enjoyed working in pairs today in SPAG to find rules, explain them and change word endings!

30.1.17 The Sound Collector

This week, in our English Lessons, we are going to be delving deeper into an amazing poem called 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We are going to develop our personal responses and use the structure to write our own poems.  Here is the poet showing us how to read this poem!

30.1.17 All about Sound

In our Science, we have been investigating Sound!

We have discovered that:

  • Sound is caused by vibrations
  • Vibrating objects make sound. The sound is passed to our ears and this is how we hear.
  • Sounds get louder when they vibrate harder
  • Pitch is how low or high a note is. The shorter the vibrating object, the higher the pitch.

Can you find out any fascinating facts about sound to tell the class using the website links below?

These super learners have their handwriting pens and are working hard to keep up their good work!

More from the Timestable A Thon ...

Still image for this video

Check out how quick we were with our times tables.

Still image for this video

TIMESTABLEATHON We had great fun this morning with our times tables challenges! Well done to the boys who won our speed challenge in the hall!

27.1.17 We had a spelling challenge this morning and had to try to use as many of the key spellings from our word list in a funny story!

27.1.17 Guided Reading today - we watched a clip of How to train your dragon and we listened to Cressida Cowell reading an extract from the book. Then we used persuasive language to tell a friend which version we prefer and why.

Our Dragonese Day is coming........

Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed reading “How to train your dragon” by Cressida Cowell in English and learning all about the Vikings in our topic lessons this term.


To celebrate our learning we are going to have a fun DRAGONESE day in Year 4 on Thursday 16th February.


The children are invited to come into school that day dressed up as Vikings or dragons (ideas overleaf) and we will have a day packed with fun dragon based activities.


We would like to invite parents to join in the fun by joining us at 2.45pm in the hall where we will perform some of our Viking songs and drama for you. The children will then take their parents back to their classroom where you will be given the chance to have a look at all of the brilliant work the children have done with this topic.


Main reception doors will be open for parents to come into the hall at 2.40pm and parents will then leave through the classroom doors with the children at 3.15 after having a look at all of our amazing learning.


We look forward to seeing you on the 16th and sharing our fun with you!

25.1.17 Our new Handwriting Heroes!

We are so proud of these learners, who have worked incredibly hard to earn their handwriting pens!  Fantastic progress everyone!

25.1.17 Smart Scoot time

Today Class 10 loved their Smart Scoot training!  Well done everyone

24.1.17 Our big adventure!

We are very excited to announce that this year, Year 4 have the opportunity to go away for an overnight trip! We are very excited about it. Please let us know if you would like any more information! 


Year 4 Broomley Grange Outdoor Adventure – Thursday 13th July to Friday 14th July


Cost £80 to £90


An opportunity to stay for one night at Broomley Grange Outdoor Centre in Stocksfield and undertake two days of climbing, abseiling, camp craft, map reading etc. Transport, meals, equipment and instruction will be provided.

23.1.17 Our Progress with Attendance

Today, we came third in the whole school attendance race! This all down to the commitment of our fantastic children and parents so we wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! We already have 6 beads in our special attendance jar so we are getting closer all the time to our special award. Let's see if we can win the giraffe next week!

23.1.17 Times Table Race

Today, to practise their times tables, the children took part in our times table board game. We also looked for patterns in the x9 table and ways we could check them.  Remember we need to learn these facts so we have them at our finger tips. Fantastic understanding Class 10!

23.1.17 Our Maths Homework 

Our Mathletics homework is set every Monday. This is the children's chance to practise their maths learning at home a is a really valuable tool. This week the homework is based on counting in 7s and learning the 7 times table. This knowledge will help them prepare for the times-table-a-thon on Friday. If they want to practise their times tables even further, you can use any of the games linked below. Thank you for all your support in advance. 

20.1.17 Class 10 thoroughly enjoyed using our new Maths resources this afternoon.

One of our new board games
Lots of mental maths needed!
Trying out another new board game.
Love the concentration needed for Connect 4
Team work needed!
Do you think they are enjoying themselves?

20.1.17 We enjoyed taking part in Ready Steady Cook this morning!

18.1.17 Our AMAZING diary entries!

Yesterday, we became Hiccup and wrote our own diary entries based on their escape from the dragon nursery. We were so impressed with the children's writing that they went to see Mrs Russell!  Find out more in the Reading section of our website - great work Class 10!

17.1.17 Our Enterprise Profit!

Thank you so much for all your support of our Enterprise project!  We used the profits to buy Maths resources for the children.  We can't wait to use them - thank you!

17.1.17 Explanation texts. We have been working together to plan, write and present explanation texts all about electricity. Fantastic understanding everyone!

16.1.17 Handwriting Heroes!

We have 4 new handwriting heroes in Class 10!  These learners have worked so hard to improve their presentation and their joins an we are very proud of their progress! Well done!

16.1.17 Our Sound Challenge question

Still image for this video
Our Science Ambassador is so knowledgeable about Science! Here she is explaining to us all why sounds are louder underwater - What a superstar learner!
Make sure you keep practising your times tables because the Year 4 times-table-a-thin is coming soon. Make sure you know all your tables up to 12 x 12! Who will be the ultimate champion? 

13.1.17 As part of our new RE unit of work about Religions in our Community, we learnt about some Hindu traditions. Class 10 loved pairing up as brothers and sisters to make a RAKHI bracelet. During the Hindu festival RAKSHA BANDAN sisters present these to their brothers as a sign of love and a vow of protection.

12.1.17 we performed our Anglo Saxon play scripts today which showed how much we have learnt about what daily life was like. Watch this space for our work about the Viking invaders ...

10.1.17 Our Attendance Jar

This half term we are doing every thing we can to improve attendance in Class 10. The children discussed their ideas anf they had lots of fantastic suggestions. We have decided to use a jar, anytime we have everyone in, or just one person off, we get a special stone. When we have 20, we will earn a class reward. We already have achieved our first special stone. We are so pleased with the enthusiasm the children have shown with helping us to achieve this target! 

10.1.17 Spellings

As our spellings went out today instead of Monday, we will have our spelling test on Monday 16th January instead of Friday. We are sorry for any confusion. Thank you for you support!

10.1.17 Find more about dragons

We have loved our new class reader, find out more about Cressida Cowell and her amazing books on this website. Can you find out any incredible facts to tell the class!

10.1.17 Co-ordinates

In our Maths lessons, we have been discovering all about position. Remember you need to write the x co-ordinate first (across) and then the y (up). Practise more by clicking on the link below. 

9.1.17 Our New Class Reader!

We are very excited about our new class reader 'How to train your dragon' by Cressida Cowell. Find out more by watching the video below.....

How To Train Your Dragon - Book Trailer 2014

9.1.17 Prefixes

We have discovered how adding prefixes changes the meaning of words. Check out this video to find out more:

Prefixes Rap - Flocabulary Grammar Rap

9.1.17 Happy New Year everyone! We can't wait to see you!

22.12.16 Class 9 and 10 have had a brilliant toy day today to finish the term. Have a merry Christmas and happy new year everyone and we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Jenga champions!
Look at the concentration!
Still going...
We loved screwball scramble
Picking our top teams!
Look at that wrestling face!

21.12.16 Year 4 looked great in their party clothes and had an amazing time at the Christmas party!!

20.12.16 Happy Holidays!

We want to wish everyone in Class 10 and their lovely families a very Merry Christmas! We hope you have a lovely, relaxing holiday and we can't wait to see you in January!

19.12.16 Our Progress

Wow! We have just finished reading Class 10's versions of the Snow Queen. We have been so impressed with every child's progress from the start of the term. You have been amazing and we couldn't be more proud of you and your fantastic attitude to learning. Well done everyone!!!

19.12.16 Aladdin

The children want to say a huge thank you to the amazing Parents Association for paying for the Panto Company to come and entertain us this morning.  We enjoyed every minute!

19.12.16 Panto Time

The PTFA have very kindly organised for the Panto Company to come in and show us their version of Aladdin! 


Will the evil Abanazer convince Aladdin to enter The Cave Of A Thousand Dreams and fetch the lamp? Will Princess Jasmine find the boy of her dreams? And will Widow Twankey finally wear something that doesn't look like an explosion in a paint factory?


Wishey Washey and the gang transport the audience to Old Pekin for an adventure that has endured for centuries!

16.12.16 THANK YOU for your donations towards the SAVE THE CHILDREN CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY. Check out our jumper selfies!

15.12.16 Carols by Candlelight

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the amazing children in Class 10 for their fantastic singing and poem reading! And to all our amazing parents for coming and showing such incredible support. It means the world to us. What a great concert!

15.12.16 A Little Christmas Treat!

Still image for this video

14.12.16 Carols by Candlelight

We have been practising lots and are really looking forward to seeing you at our Carol Concert on Thursday at 3:30. We can't wait to see you there.


13.12.16 Swimming

We wanted to let you know that swimming will be on next week. It will be our last session and will be one where the children get to play water polo, use the floats and enjoy being in the water! If your child has received their swimming badge and you would like to buy it, please can you send £2.75 into school by Friday. They have made so much progress with their swimming and we have loved seeing them grow! Well done Class 10, we are very proud of you!

12.12.16 Handwriting Heroes!

We have 3 new Handwriting Heroes, who have impressed us so much with their joined handwriting, they now have their own special, handwriting pen.  Well done super-learners!

12.12.16 Snow Queen Dialogues

Today, we worked in pairs to create dialogue between Kai and the Snow Queen.  The children were challenged to include correct speech punctuation and vocabulary from their reading.  They identified the impact different words for said and adverbs had on their writing and loved performing them to the class.

12.12.16 Important Information about Spellings

As we have a very busy timetable, filled with Christmas activities, we have decided that there will be no spelling homework until after Christmas.  The children have worked very hard to learn their Year 4 spellings and are being to apply their rules in their writing. If you would like to practise any words with your children (for fun!!), the documents below will show you the most frequent words!  Enjoy!

12.12.16 Christmas Times Tables

We have been working so hard with our times tables, remember we need to know all these facts off by heart to make our other calculations easier. Good luck!

8.12.16 This afternoon Class 10 started planning and writing their own playscript set in Anglo Saxon life - the historical detail they included was fantastic! Look at how keen our boys were to write their parts! I can't wait to see the rest of it next week...