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Mrs Stokoe Nursery 2


Today we have been on a visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth.

The children in Nursery 2 class were so well behaved, they really did Westerhope proud!

We have learned so much and can't wait for our 'Ocean Day' in Nursery class tomorrow.


In Nursery we have been learning about 'Keeping Healthy'

Please take a look at our photographs to get a flavour of what we have been up too!


Our Visit to the Fire station!

Today we have been on a local visit to the fire station at West Denton.

We walked all the way there to do some exercise, the sun even came out!  When we arrived some friendly fire fighters came to greet us.  They took us inside the station.  We looked at the engines, the equipment and their uniforms.  We then explored the community unit and took a turn to sit in the fire engine!  Afterwards, we went outside to see how the real hose worked and some of us had a try to pull the lever and squirt the water!

SUDDENLY the fire alarm sounded and we found out there was a real fire!  The fire fighters had to quickly pack away the hoses, jump in the engine and off they went!!!

What an exciting visit, we even got caught in a downpour on the way home. 

Take a look at our photos!  We have a busy afternoon planned where we will be making our own fire engines, painting, role playing fire fighters and writing thank you letters to the amazing people we met today.

The station
Looking at the engine
Looking at the engine
Fire fighter Stokoe!
Fire fighter Stokoe!
Such well behaved children...
Such well behaved children...
Such well behaved children...
In the fire engine
In the fire engine
In the fire engine
In the fire engine
In the fire engine
In the fire engine
In the fire engine
Rushing to the emergency!
In they go!
Bye good luck!
Bye good luck!

We have had a really exciting and very busy couple of weeks in Nursery 2 class.

Our beans have grown so tall!  We are now very good at explaining what has happened and know how to look after our plants too.  We can't wait until they are tall enough to climb!!!!!


We have loved learning the Jack and the Beanstalk story and can now remember it and sing it or tell it to our friends.

We have worked together to transform our role play area into a castle and we are enjoying pretending to be Kings, Queens and Knights.  We are also using small world toys to act out castle stories.


Our caterpillars are still asleep in their cocoons!!!!  Do you think they might change into butterflies by next week?  We hope so...


Oh and, on a little visit to Reception class we came across a secret fairy door!  Some of our friends in Nursery have written little letters to the fairy and we are excited to see if she sends a reply!


See you all next week

Mrs Stokoe


Mixing paint and building castle walls
Mixing paint and building castle walls
Mixing paint and building castle walls
Our Castle!
Some of our Beanstalks
Fabulous writing!
Fabulous writing!
Fabulous writing!
Our cocoons
Fun on a rainy day
Rainy day dam building
The fairy door we discovered

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break.

It is fantastic having the children back and SOOOOOO ready to learn.

Take a look at the learning which has been taking place in Nursery over the last 2 weeks...

Our new topic is Growing and Changing.

Please see the topic planner for an idea of some of the things we will cover in this topic.

Growing and Changing topic planner

Growing and Changing

Climbing our beanstalk!
Team beanstalk building
Building beanstalks
Emily's beanstalk
Beanstalk building
Planting seeds
Beanstalk drawing
Bean planting

Looking After Our Caterpillars

Caterpillar writing
Caterpillar writing
Caterpillar writing
Caterpillar writing
Looking closely
Caterpillar writing
Caterpillar writing

Visiting the chicks in Year 1

Well.... What a busy time we have been having!


Thank you so much to all of the parents for attending the which have been held this week.

Your children really are working so hard and I am so proud of them all.

If you were unable to make your meeting, please see me next week so that we can arrange a suitable time.

Mrs Stokoe :)


This week we have had a special visitor at Nursery!

We discovered some very large, bouncy footprints, some half eaten carrots and a very important envelope!

Inside was a message....from...... THE EASTER BUNNY!

We have been very busy helping him with his mission of making some new Easter eggs and have also written lots of letters and Easter cards which Mrs Stokoe is going to post back this weekend.

I hope we get a reply next week!

Easter Bunny Magic Learning

A letter delivered by the Easter Bunny!
Easter problem solving
How many eggs can we find using 3 colours?
How many eggs can we make using 3 colours?
I found 4!
I found 6!
I found 7!
I found 8!  I was the winner!!
Easter invitation to count
Easter invitation to count
Our new counting rhyme

We have now begun our new Springtime topic.

Take a look at our topic planner below to see some of the things we are planning to learn about .

We have made a great start and have already been learning some initial sounds 's' and 'a', thank you for the great response to our sound box homework!

We have been writing special messages for our mums, printing with vegetables, exploring plants and flowers and pretending to be shoppers and gardeners.  What a busy learning time we are having.

Have a look at some of our brilliant learning in the photos below ...

Spring topic Map

Some of our new Spring learning

Digging for treasure beggining with 's'
Invitation to write
Printing task
Mothers day printing
Mothers day printing
Mothers day printing
Ducky number tasks
Super shoppers using money
Herby playdough
Herby playdough
Herby playdough
Herby playdough
Busy gardeners
Busy gardeners
Ordering flowers by height

World Book day in Nursery 2

A class full of storybook characters! Amazing!
Storytime with the Tiger who came to Tea
Story time with Little Red Riding Hood
Invitation to play
Making maps to get to Granny's House
Making maps to get to Granny's House
Storytime with our lovely parents
Storytime with our lovely parents
Storytime with our lovely parents


This week the children have really taken on our new topic.  Some amazing learning has taken place.

Please take a look at the photos below to see some of the activities we have experienced in Nursery this week.



Valentines numbers
Finding out about our real hearts
Valentines writing
Valentines writing
Valentines writing
Valentines baking - making the dough
Valentines baking - making the dough
Valentines baking - making the dough
Sticky hands!
Cutting out the biscuits
Decorating our biscuits
Decorating our biscuits
Decorating our biscuits

Next week we are starting our new mini topic. Please find the topic grid below...

We have had another few busy weeks in Nursery!


We have been learning about shapes, looking for them on our shape hunts,

making shape pictures and learning shape songs!


We have been testing how to melt ice to help our frozen penguins escape!

We found out that warm water and salt helped the ice to melt.


We have been practising our counting and adding using penguins, fish and dice.

We had to roll the dice to see how many fish the penguin could have for breakfast,

we then counted out the fish and then counted them again whilst feeding the penguin.

Some of us even fed him lunch and then worked out how many fish altogether!!!

We are little number stars!!!


We have also been counting how many beats in different words. Including our names.

Have a try at home!

What a wonderful exciting week we have had in Nursery 2!

We had a special parcel delivered.

We tried to guess what could be inside.

When we opened it, it was a little lost penguin called Pippin!

He wants us to look after him as he is lost :(

We had lots of ideas of things we can do to help and look after him.

Pippin Penguin comes to visit

A parcel arrived in Nursery!
What could be inside?
Hello Pippin!
Hello Pippin!
What can we do do help?
Penguin home building
Penguin home building
Penguin home building
Penguin painting to make Pippin less lonely
Exploring ice
Exploring ice
Exploring ice
How can you get a penguin out of an ice block?
Exploring ice
Penguin dancing
Penguin dancing



Happy New Year 2017

Once again thank you for all of your very kind cards and gifts.

Your generosity was overwhelming!

We hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas and wish you well for 2017


The children have returned to Nursery calmly and excitedly.  They are so ready to learn!


We have begun our new topic 'Wintery Penguins', (see topic grid below).

Nursery 2 class were so lucky with the weather last week!  The children had their first memorable experiences of snow!!!  We explored it on our Winter trails, made snowmen, collected snow, ran in it, threw it and had amazing fun!  We even got really cold!

We then brought snow back into the classroom where we explored it further in our water tray.  It was "soft and cold", you could "squeeze it to make ice", we built mini snowmen, painted it and it melted!!!  Such a lot of wonderful, hands on learning.

Wintery Penguins topic planner

Exploring snow!

Last day of term tomorrow, info in the document below. Happy Christmas!

Christmas party time!


The children had such a fun Christmas party! Lots of dancing, eating, party games, plus a special visit from Santa!


What a fantastic time we all had! 


Happy Christmas everyone!

Teddy Bear Fundraising Day!


A huge thank you to Nursery 2 for a fantastic Teddy Fundraising Day! So much teddy excitement throughout the day and a wonderful afternoon of teddy hunts, picnics and lots of cake eating! What a lovely, positive day.


The fundraising day was in aid of Mrs Hay's (Nursery 1) four year old niece, Nicole, who has recently been diagnosed with Batten Disease, which is an extremely rare, fatal neurodegenerative condition for which there is currently no cure, and limits Nicole's precious life. All funds raised contribute to the Nicole Rich Foundation/BDFA, which supports making everyday full of happiness for Nicole and to help in continuing making special family memories. It has been so touching to know that our lovely nursery children, parents/grandparents have been a part of this fundraising journey - a day to be treasured. Your generosity, kindness and caring thoughts have been truly touching so thank you.


We raised a fantastic £84 - Wow! Thank you.



Nursery Christmas News

Post Office Visit

The children in Nursery have been very busy this week.

We have been learning about writing letters and we wrote a very special letter to SANTA CLAUS!

We then took a walk into the village to buy a stamp at the Post Office and we posted our letters to Reindeer Land.  we made a wish and promised to be really good.  We really hope Santa will write back to us and bring us some lovely presents.

We are now making a special Christmas writing area/ Post Office in our classroom to help us practise our mark making.


Walking safely to the Post Office
Look at our pink jackets!
Buying a stamp at the counter
Buying a stamp at the counter
Buying a stamp at the counter
All ready to post
All ready to post

Today we have been on a Bear Hunt! 24.11.16

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' has definitely been one of Nursery's favourite stories so far.

We have been putting sounds to different parts of the story in our phonics sessions.  We have used our amazing mark making to draw maps.  We have used our listening station by ourselves to listen to the story and today we went on a real bear hunt!


Children in Need in Nursery...

The children have continued their learning through our topic of Bears.

Today we had our Pudsey Bear day.  The children practised their writing to

help set up our cake stall.  They counted Pudsey's spots, made bear puppets,

explored sensory porridge boxes containing story props and many more beary


We are looking forward to our 'Bear Hunts' next week!

Random Acts of kindness

Our friends in Nursery are always kind to each other.

But, some extra special things that happened this week!

Freya and Lilly -Rae brought in some of their own bear books and shared them with their friends.  Well done!

Ashton, Molly and Isabelle wrote letters to their friend Amelia who was poorly with chicken pox. FANTASTIC!

This week I have been meeting parents to talk about how well the children are doing so far in Nursery.

I am so proud of how well the children have settled and of the progress the children have made already!

You should be very proud too.


This week, we have begun our new topic 'Bears'.

The children have already listened to many bear themed stories and have been using bears rhymes and toys to learn about counting.

We have also been learning the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'.  Some of our Nursery friends have enjoyed dressing up as bears to role play the story and we have also been making and tasting different flavoured porridge to see which we like the best.



A week of pumpkins and spells!


Children in my Nursery class this week have been learning about writing and making their own spells.

We read the story of Meg and Mog and then had a go at writing about our own magic potions.


We have also been investigating turnips and pumpkins. 

Using lots of language about how they smell, taste and feel.

Luke was interested in whether we could eat the seeds we found inside, so we washed and roasted some.

Lots of children had a taste and some children really enjoyed them.

Today's Learning 19.10.16

The Enormous Turnip - Talk the text

14.10.16 Today's Autumn jobs

Lot's of children in Nursery today decided to make a map to show others where to find Autumn treasures.

It was so lovely to see so many busy writers!



We have been reading the story 'The Enormous Turnip'

Some of our friends were not sure what a turnip was.

Mrs Stokoe went to the shop and bought some small ones,

they were not ENORMOUS!

We tasted the turnip raw and cooked and talked about

whether or not we liked it.

We are learning this number rhyme at Nursery.

Practise it at home.

Can you use your fingers as the leaves?

13.10.16 Autumn Walks


Today in Nursery the children have been exploring the school grounds on our Autumn Walks.


We found lots of amazing Autumn treasures!  Yellow, red and brown leaves.  Leaves that were big, leaves that were small,

leaves that were pointy and leaves with holes!  (I wonder who has been munching them?)


We also found bark, logs, berries and acorns.


The children brought all of their treasures back to Nursery and have enjoyed exploring them and looking at them closely!


We have some wonderful ideas of jobs we are going to use them for tomorrow, and Joey would like us to make some maps

to show others the way to go for an Autumn walk!


Enjoy the photos!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Love Mrs Stokoe

Our Autumn Walk