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Mrs Trowell / Mrs Dawes Year 1

Welcome to Class 3!

We will be filling our class page with photos and information about the work we carry out in Class 3.

Scroll down to find out about what we have got up to this year.  Mrs Dawes and Mrs Trowell :)

Friday 14th July

The children investigated making a pulley system with a range of equipment.


Our finished masterpieces. The children used a range of skills to create their wonderful lighthouse pictures.

MADD week 2017


We have got lots of fun and creative activities planned for the children this week.

We plan to introduce the children to the...


Monday 3rd July

We have been looking at ANDY WARHOL art this space for the children's wonderful creations.

Groovy tie-dying! The children are going to look amazing when they are wearing their t-shirts.

Thursday 6th July


Friday 23rd June

Linked to Science and PSHE - Today the children have been learning all about how to stay safe around medicines.

We looked at questions about what we would do if we came across medicines in different situations and made choices about our actions.

E.g. What would you do if you found some tablets on the kitchen table?

a) eat them

b) tell a trusted adult

c) put them in your pocket


The children discussed the questions and we talked about how they needed to stay safe around medicines.  ALWAYS ASK A TRUSTED ADULT was the message that came out of the learning.


EXCITING ARRIVAL OF NEW BOOKS! These girls were thrilled to choose more challenging books from our new selection.

Wednesday 14th June

St Mary's Lighthouse Trip. We have had a fantastic day and were very proud of our wonderful children.


Tuesday 13th June

We have been learning all about the human body.

Big yard fun. We played dodgeball, relay races and bull dogs.

Monday 12th June
Today the children had fun having sack and skipping races.  They also developed their javelin throwing skills.
Thursday 25th May

E safety

The children all attended an assembly about how to keep safe when using computers and the internet.  Please ask them what they learnt and look at our E-Safety information on the school website.
Thursday 18th May

Class 3 amazed Mr Outterside with their knowledge of animals you might find in a rock pool. Mr Outterside wowed Class 3 with shark and whale facts!

Friday 12th May - Our Performance Poetry

Class 3 visited Class 10 today to perform an amazing poem.  They were fantastic! Check out their amazing performances in the videos below.

Group 1

Still image for this video

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video

Group 4

Still image for this video
Saturday 6th May and Sunday 7th May

Mrs Dawes had some visitors this weekend...

What a noisy bunch!

Still image for this video

Friday 5th May - scroll down to look at ALL the updates from this week.

Today we had a visit from Ed, Chris, Alan and Sid from the Blyth Coastguard.  We were grateful that the team could come in and share their knowledge and advice.  They shared important information about how to keep safe on the coast and near to the sea.  The children were amazing and asked lots of relevant questions and shared their own experiences. They had an opportunity to look at and even try on some of the equipment the Coastguard use in their day to day emergency duties.
What and EGGCITING  week in Year 1 this week!  The children were thrilled to get a delivery of 8 eggs on Tuesday and have watched with anticipation over the week as they have hatched.  They are looking forward to spending next week with them and will have the opportunity to share their eggspert knowledge with other classes around the school.

Hatching Chick

Still image for this video
It's tiring to hatch out of an egg and can take quite a long time. This chick took over 24 hours from pecking its first hole with its egg tooth (sharp bit on the end of its beak) to zipping all the way around the shell and finally breaking out. It had the top of its shell on its head, like a little hat, for a short time after it hatched! Very cute.

We are becoming EGGSPERTS about hatching eggs!

Monday 24th April - Writing Competition

The stories (had to include a dragon, an ice cream van and a castle) written for homework were BRILLIANT and it was very difficult to choose a winner.  Well done everyone who sent in their stories. 


The WINNER is Holly


Here is the winning entry:


Once upon a time there was a queen who lived in a castle. A troll came in an ice-cream van. The troll gave the Queen an ice-cream with sauce on it. BUT the sauce was dragon boogies. The Queen ate all of the ice-cream. Just then she started to turn into a dragon with white scales and green spots. The troll thought that by turning the Queen into a dragon he could take over the kingdom. The Queen blew fire from her mouth and set fire to his ice-cream van. The people of the kingdom cheered and from them on she was known as The Dragon Queen.

Thursday 6th April
Science Experiment

We found out how our seeds had grown after we had given them different things.


3rd April - 6th April

The children have had so much fun finding possibilities this week.  They have excelled at being problem solvers and have enjoyed the tasks that they carried out.  Well Done Team Class 3.

We had great fun playing board games.

PE KIT MIX-UP! The children had to find all of the combinations.

The children created plates choosing a given number of objects to stick on. We looked at the different combinations. We then used the plates to find different ways to partition numbers.

Friday 24th March


Comic Relief Joke Off Video!

Still image for this video
A funny Joke Holly. Well done for being chosen to tell our class joke.

We started our day off by looking at a book which showed us some differences between our country and a less fortunate country.

Friday 24th March

We have been very busy planting our own seeds.  We have even set up a scientific experiment to see what plants need to grow. 

We planted 4 seed and we are going to look after each pot in a different way.


Pot 1. Sunlight and water

Pot 2. Sunlight and no water

Pot 3. No sunlight and no water

Pot 4. No sunlight and water


We have made predictions about how each plant will grow.

Green Fingers!

Thursday 23rd March

We looked at some seeds and some bulbs and thought about what plants need to grow.

Thursday 16th March
This half term we are learning all about plants in Science.  This week we have been looking at the parts of plants and what they do.
Tuesday 14th March
Vicky, from GROW LOCAL, in Ovington came in to visit us. She told us all about the crops that they grow at the food co-operation where she works.  She brought in a range of vegetables for us to learn about and talk about.
Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March

This week, the children have been learning all about performance poetry.  They learnt the poem 'Please Mrs Butler', rehearsed it and performed it for Year 3. Here is a little snippet of their performance...


Mrs Butler.MOV

Still image for this video
Friday 3rd March

Class 3 had some very exciting visitors this afternoon.  Stef from Animal Antics brought in lots of animals for us to meet.  She brought in:

Pom Pom the chicken;

Tic and Tac the rabbits;

Two Bearded Dragons;

A  Giant  African Land Snail;

An African Pygmy Hedgehog;

A Giant Thorny Stick Insect;

A Tortoise;

Bracken the Barn Owl.

We took it in turns to meet all of the animals.

Click on the snake or the owl to see the pictures.
Thursday 2nd March

WOW! What an awesome day. 

We have been very busy doing lots of 'BOOKY' things. 

Check out our wonderful World Book Day photos...

We played 'Guess the character'

We read 'STUCK' and drew some of our own ideas of items that could get stuck in the tree.

We designed our own book tokens for a competition.

Class 3 spent some time with Year 6 and thoroughly enjoyed being read to. Year 6 were incredibly welcoming and caring.

The children read more books, made book worms, found Wally and created a tiger that they found in the garden! What a busy day!

Friday 17th February

Class 3 had the highest attendance over the whole half term!  Amazing work, class 3.  Keep getting to school, everyday and ON TIME!

To reward them for their awesome attendance, they won the Westerhope Cinema Experience.  We watched a film and had 3 different flavours of popcorn!

Friday 17th February

Year 1 were very lucky to have a visit from some amazing Year 3 writers. 

The children listened carefully, and thoroughly enjoyed the traditional tales written by the Year 3 children. 

What amazing authors we have at Westerhope Primary.  Thank you Year 3.

Thursday 16th February
The children worked in groups to share what they have learnt this half term about animals. What a class of budding scientists!
10th February 2017
The children have had a busy week learning all about different animals in Guided Reading.  They have discovered some amazing facts!
3rd February 2017
Class 3 had fun this morning with Sporting Stars.  Donna and Nicola carried out a multi-skills session with us and we really enjoyed it. 


Still image for this video

Multi-skill races.MOV

Still image for this video
Spring Term 2017

Grace Darling

The children have been very busy learning all about Grace Darling.  They have learnt about her life and how she carried out a brave rescue after seeing a ship wreck on rocks near Longstone Lighthouse, where she lived. 

The children's attention was captured when they watched the BBC life story of Grace Darling.  Watching the video helped them when they wrote a recount of Grace's daring rescue.


The children in Class 3 have had a fantastic time this week. We have been learning about seasonal changes and listened to a story about Autumn.

Hello Autumn!

Marvellous Maths!

This half term the children have had a brilliant time working on lots of different learning in maths. We have learned about addition, fractions (doubling and halving) and repeating patterns amongst other things. The children love using the different resources we have in class and we are so proud of them! Well done Class 3!
24th November

Supreme sunrises and sunsets

As part of Science, the children learnt all about the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.  They learnt about Earth orbiting the sun and how  Earth rotates on its axis.  Well done super scientist.

14th November - 18th November


The children have been very busy this week, carrying out 'Random Acts of Kindness'.  We are so proud of our kind, thoughtful and helpful children in Class 3.

Lovely and kind friends.

4th November
Click on the icons above to find out all about what we did...

17th October

We have been learning all about structures and how to make them stronger and more stable.  The children had great fun building strong and sturdy paper towers and really enjoyed knocking them down.  They also used their own ideas to build some pretty cool dens in our outdoor space.  Check out the photos on Class 4's page.

13th October

We have been learning all about information texts.  The children have been busy finding information from texts and used this knowledge to write about something they were interested in. 

6th October

Class 3 have been very busy designing a coat for the Jolly Postman.  They investigated different fabrics and chose the best ones to keep the Jolly Postman warm and dry. Well done investigators!

Super scientists