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Car Park Closure - Important Notice



Dear Parents and Carers,


Please note that due to safety concerns the school gates will now be closed from 8:30am to 9:30am every morning and 2:30pm to 3:30pm every afternoon from tomorrow (Thursday 28th November 2019).


We are sorry to have to take this measure but over the past month or so many drivers are blatantly ignoring our parking procedures.  We are witnessing on a daily basis drivers parking across the actual car park road, parking in the ‘drop off’ zone, double parking and parking in disabled bays.  We observe many cars arriving after the first bell with the expectation of a car parking space at the door, this is unrealistic.  Drivers are asked repeatedly by staff to follow our car parking procedures and some are rude or ignore staff and refuse to comply. Similarly, drivers have been observed speeding because they are agitated.


We are concerned that a child will be injured, and after numerous complaints, we are left with no alternative but to close the gates.  This is unfortunate but the safety of people on site is our priority.


Please note that the Local Authority and the Police have been informed and that as from tomorrow we expect parents/carers to make appropriate arrangements.  I would also ask that you please consider the local residents and other road users if you are parking near the school.


Once again we are sorry that we have been forced to take this action.


Yours sincerely



Mark Outterside                  Susan Hall

Headteacher                         Chair of Governors