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A wonderful atmosphere was evident around school for World Kindness Day this Friday on 13th Nov. Thanks to our friends from ‘52 Lives’ for their input and we look forward to ‘Secret Buddy Week’ to support the national anti-bullying campaign. Good attendance since our whole school return. 96.1% across the whole school. Thanks for your great efforts. Our COVID-19 page is available on the ‘Parent' tab. This includes the measures that will be in place to ensure the safety of those on our school site. Please view these measures and follow the guidance outlined. REACH FOR THE STARS... POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS... ADVENTURE... Our school is 'good' in all Ofsted Framework areas. Our most recent report indicates: 'Thoughtful, high-quality care contributes well to the happy and harmonious school atmosphere.'

Thanks For The Support!

Thanks to all those who sent kind words and messages during this difficult and uncertain time. Some of the emails have been really appreciated.Our school has had to rapidly turn our normal 400 place educational provision with 50 staff  into a very small childcare facility. At the same time we have had the extremely difficult task of ensuring this provision is not over populated so that the chances of communicating the virus is not increased within our community. We are particularly appreciative of those who managed keep their children at home and make appropriate arrangements. We have also organised the provision of free school meals for those who qualify as well as publish a wide array of homework activities. This section of the website should keep pupils busy and we are looking at making a more interactive learning platform available soon. Credit is due to all staff who have made all of this possible whilst undertaking their normal duties during a really busy week where a great deal of uncertainty was apparent across the country as well as the guidance received by school leaders.  Currently we have 26 children of key workers in school. Our aim is to continue as long as possible so that those crucial to the COVID-19 response are able to do so and continue their valuable work in a time of national crisis.