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World Kindness Day - Friday 13th Nov.

Mrs Hay is organising World Kindness Day in school this Friday. So what will your WKD look like?


Children and staff are invited to be in non-uniform, wearing the purple and green of the '52 Lives' charity colours. Westerhope has given amazing support to this charity so far this term and it so happens that WKD 2020 coincides with Children in Need Day this year -  so it is fitting that we also highlight things going on during this important day.


Between 9:05am -9:35am, Y2-Y6 will join Greig and Jaime at '52 Lives' via a webinar. At 10:00am there will be a Q&A session with Greig and Jaime and Year 5


Mrs Hay is encouraging the children and staff to feel free to embrace the day and be off timetable. This is a great way to help to support our emotional well-being during the current pandemic. We want to enjoy a day of slower pace, fun and a kindness themed purposeful day. It is very important that we use this day to remind the children and ourselves of the importance of kindness – especially how to be kind to ourselves. A  ‘must-do’ on the day from Mrs Hay, is to stand outside your classroom in the fresh air for a few minutes  to take in the sights, sounds, smells and…breathe!


A Kindness Star of the Week will be awarded using the ‘Outstanding Kindness’ certificate, which we will be awarded on Friday. Additional activities will be highlighted on the website and the whole day will allow us to begin Secret Buddy Week the following Monday.


Thank you so much for celebrating World Kindness Day 2020, and once again thanks for helping support the wonderful '52 Lives' charity.  Remember that children are still able to take part in the 52 kindness challenge set up for half term. For more information folow this link to the '52 Lives Kind School' section of our website.


52 Lives Kind School