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29.11.19 Sports for Champions - Thanks for the visit! The children had a fantastic afternoon with TEAM GB athlete Diani Walker!

On Friday, a group of Year 5 children participated in the OWL Trust Cycling completion. All pupils involved performed to the highest standard in the skill and race based aspects of the competition.
Sports Week 2019

W/B- 3.06.19


A number of classes from Year 2 right up to Year 6 participated in Gaelic football skill sessions. They worked on using the high catch, fist pass, kick pass, pick up, solo and UKS2 engaged in attacking and defending drills.




In the theme of Sports Week, Reception children demonstrated good techniques during a range of throwing, running, sprinting and jumping activities.



Year 3 attended a badminton introductory session that was delivered by a professional coach. All pupils enjoyed using a range of equipment to develop their control and agility.



A British Cyclist Coach delivered an excellent lesson to Year 1 children. The pupils were given the opportunity to improve their confidence and co-ordination on specially adapted bikes.



Year 5 showed a great competitive spirit during a football competition.

Year 5 have been very fortunate to receive coaching from a British Cyclist. They have been practising a wide range of skills and racing techniques. 
During a series of netball lessons, Year 3 have been focused on passing, dodging and pivoting.  
This week, Year 1 focused on their jumping technique ensuring they were swinging their arms, bending their knees and facing forward. 



Some excellent skill development in Year 2 with dynamic movement around the court during warm-up games then building up passing and receiving drills to partners or within a game.



Year 1 worked on moving in to a good position for aiming.



During their lesson, Year 5 worked on remembering, practising and combing longer and more complex dance phrases.



Year 2 focused on developing their fundamental skills throwing, catching and gathering a ball with control.



Year 5 continued to develop their marital arts dance.





Year 5 worked on using the dodge, double dodge and drive to avoid their opponents.



Year 3 made a good effort towards using different qualities and dynamics in their movements during a Stone Age dance session.



Year 6 used a range of controlled movements and patterns when performing their own version of the Haka dance.  



Year 1 were made an excellent effort towards developing their abilities to move fluently, change direction and balance using a range of equipment.

Two handed rolling pass to a team mate.

Gymnastic travel across the beam and dismount to two feet.

Fundamental skills were demonstrated in Year 2 this week with cradle catching technique with two hands.