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REACH FOR THE STARS THROUGH LEARNING...POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS... ADVENTURE... Attendance at 94.2% this week. Help us to get this higher as the term progresses. Our focus for this term in all our topics is POSSIBILITIES... Our school is 'good' in all Ofsted Framework areas. Our most recent report indicates: 'Thoughtful, high-quality care contributes well to the happy and harmonious school atmosphere.'


Welcome back to our reading page 2019/20!


Find out what is happening around school by looking at our reading page.

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September 30th 2019

Elmer is  a wonderful series of books by David McKee about an elephant who is unique becasue of his patchwork colours and goes on adventures with his animal friends.


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All around the North East giant Elmers can be found and codes unlocked on a special APP to earn prizes, all in aid of St Oswalds Hospice . All of the Elmers have been decorated by local artists and are stunning pieces of artwork in their own right. They can be seen until the beginning of November so get hunting! Follow the link below for more information. 

September 2019

One of our favourite reading things to do in school is to have class readers. These are novels which year groups read as a class and which link with their current topic work. Children share a copy one between two but sometimes children like to bring their own copy into school.


We are always looking for new and exciting books which we think would appeal to the girls and the boys; which will give extra knowledge about their current topics and which will inspire children to read more. 


Year 1 read shorter books around a theme and often choose an author to focus on.


Have a look at the books being read this term - can you work out what their topics must be?


Year 1 - Traditional Tales

Year 2 - The Great Fire of London by Gillian Clements

Year 3 - Stig of the Dump by Clive King

Year 4 - Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo

Year 5 and 6 - Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll

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