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Spring 1

Here come the dragons....

This half term, we will be discovering all there is to know about the world of dragons! We will be writing our own newspaper reports and information texts. In maths, we are finding out about written methods of multiplication and fractions. And we will be finding out all about the Anglo-Saxons. Keep checking back to find out all the things we have been up to.

Our Homework this half term

Wow! Look at the amazing Anglo-Saxon projects we have in class. Creative ideas and lots of historical understanding. Well done 😀

11.2.18 Homework

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Just a reminder that your Anglo Saxon artefacts are due in by Thursday. We can't wait to see what you have produced! 

Working on our spelling rules and key year 4 spelling words!

8.2.19 - We are now expert fencers. En guarde!


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We have worked on calculating area today and know it is important to always record our answers with units squared. We loved writing a myth or a legend with our partners where we passed each chapter on for the next team to continue. We wrote some exciting myths and legends...

Anglo-Saxon justice and punishment! Check out our freeze frames and see if you can match them up to the punishments : hue and cry, blood feud, trial by hot water, trial by cold water, trial by hot iron and trial by blessed bread.

5.2.19 SAFER INTERNET DAY We learnt about the importance of asking permission today. We found out about the laws which are used to keep personal information safe and why it is important to always ask others when sharing their photos and personal information. Well done Year 4!

4.2.19 ADVENTURE & POSSIBILITIES We had a brilliant time with our Polar Explorer lady. We investigated which materials are best for Polar conditions and why penguins huddle together. We know that animals keep safe from harsh conditions through adaptation, migration and hibernation.

28.1.19 - Science - We had lots of fun making string telephones and investigated how sound travels through different mediums

28.1.18 Today we investigated division and how we completed exchanges to find the answers. Ask the children if they can tell you what a dividend and a divisor are!

Great effort Year 4!

Look at our amazing art work! The dragon’s eyes show detail and colour blending. We thought carefully about layering our pencil lines and blending and texturing our colours. Wow!

We loved researching mythical creatures today! We are investigating beasts and dragons, before designing our own to use as Beowulf’s final battle. Watch this space for our news reports next week...

Year 4 short multiplication

In Maths this week, we are focusing on how to use short multiplication. This video shows you an example of how we use short multiplication. Remember you need to know your times table facts off by heart to make you more accurate. Well done everyone!

18.1.19 Year 4 are becoming experts on all things Anglo-Saxon! Ask them about what they have been learning about who they were and why they invaded!

16.1.19 STAYING SAFE Today we were visited by the NSPCC who told us all about the importance of speaking out if we have any worries. Remember trusted adults are always there for you. Well done Year 4!


Road Safety 

Today in our assembly and Life Skills sessions we were thinking about risks and how we keep ourselves safe. We were visited by PC Christian and Petra and then used what we had learnt to think about how to stay safe on our roads and reduce risks. Well done everyone!

14.1.19 How You Hear

Today we investigated how you hear and used this information to label our own diagrams of the ear using skitch. See if the children can tell you about what they have discovered.

8.1.19 Wow! This amazing learner has been using her stitching skills to make these fantastic products at home. We are really impressed!

8.1.19 Les animaux

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We have been learning French vocabulary for pets - check out our amazing pronunciation!

Les animaux

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Hockey on Tuesdays

Just to let you know that we now have outdoor PE on a Tuesday instead of swimming. Please make sure your child has their outdoor PE kit in school every Tuesday.  Thank you 😊 

8.1.19 BOOKS BUILD BRAINS We had a brilliant time investigating and reading newspapers this morning to discover their purpose, audience and features. Well done Year 4!

7.1.19 How is sound made?

Ask us what we found out in this experiment.....

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