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Spring 1

Here is our fabric display as part of our Everyday Materials topic.

We loved learning how to draw Emperor penguins!

Safer Internet Day

We made some bunting to show what we like to do online. We talked about what information was safe to share on line and what information we needed to keep safe.

This week's material display.

We loved learning our Lion King dance with Miss Allured.

Glad to be me day!

We thought about the things that make us happy, we took part in a boxing session and Dora, the therapy dog came to visit us. We also had a special doggy visitor from The Cat and Dog Shelter.

Jo came to talk to us about keeping safe near roads.

Winter Dance

We worked on our own and then in groups to make a sequence of moves to represent and icicle freezing and melting.

We have been very busy this week making maps of our walk around the local area with lego. Mrs Phillip and Miss Holisz were so impressed with the results!

Today we had our Bible Explorers assembly. Mr Taylor told us the story of Jonah and the Whale.

Practising our throwing, catching and aiming skills in PE.

Thanks to all the children who brought in wooden objects for our materials display.

Back in school we drew our route on a map.

Our walk around the local area following the route on our map.

Looking at maps of Westerhope.

We made predictions about which materials were waterproof and then carried out an experiment to see if we were correct. It was a lot of fun!

Here we are finishing off our winter tree pictures.

Here are some of our finished pictures! We think they look great!

Today we were book detectives! We talked about what we could see in the pictures, what we thought might happen and what the title of the book could be! We had some great ideas.

Everyday Materials

We sorted objects by the material they were made out of.

We played a game feeling objects made of different materials and using appropriate words to describe them.

We went on a 'materials' hunt around school.

We carried out an investigation to see which materials were transparent, translucent and opaque. See if your child can remember what these words mean.

We went on a walk to look at how the school garden has changed now it is Winter.

Danni, one of the school nurses, came to visit us today. She talked to us about keeping our teeth healthy. See what your child can remember.

We used shades of blue and purple to paint a Winter sky.

We made pictures with silhouettes of winter trees which we carefully made by tearing pieces of black paper.

We used Dienes to set out the numbers from 11 to 20 as tens and ones.

In Maths we are leaning about place value. We worked with a partner to make numbers from 11 to 20 using tens frames and counters.

Welcome back to all the Year 1 children. We are looking forward to a busy term!
Happy New Year from all the Year 1 staff!