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Spring 2

Reception 🐝 BEEing🐝 brilliant scientists, designers, engineers and mathematicians! ✨⭐️💫

What a buuuzzzyyy time our wonderful learners are having so far this week to celebrate STEM week! 🐝

Those little reception fairies have been busy spring cleaning...all ready for our lovely learners!

Wow! What an experience we had with Mr Bee Keeper, who visited our classroom this morning! We learned so much! Can I tell you about how bees make honey? Why bees are furry? What job do baby bees do? And why do bees do the waggle bee dance?

We enjoyed listening to Mr Bee Keeper tell us all about the amazing world of bees!

We are very excited to launch STEM week in Reception!

Our sparkly Stars of the Week! ⭐️💫✨

Thank you to our train expert who shared his amazing passion for trains with his friends! We were all so impressed with his incredible knowledge of trains!

A sprinkle of our busy Tuesday afternoon...

One busy science learner this afternoon ... designing and making a boat, testing it out in the water tray to see if it floats then sharing his findings with the class! Wow!

We were super star listeners in assembly today to find out about the Big Battery Hunt and how we can take part!

⭐️ Stars of the Week ⭐️

This week we have been exploring 3D shapes - look at our 3D shape hotel we have created!

Look at these two wonderful creative examples of The Great Wall of China - super stars!

Can you guess which country we have visitied this week in our topic of Around The World In 30 Days?


Well done to our amazing stars this week!

Helping a little pal in need...

Star of the week and our Word Wall star


Our Year 4 reading buddies!

Fabulous effort with costumes today!

World Book Day Competition

Look at our lovely learners exploring our new learning enhancements...the theatre has been a popular area!

Taking advantage of the bright sunshine - shadow drawings.

Fruit cocktail anyone?

Look at our happy Stars of The Week! Well done!

Look at this home-made snakes and ladders game - wow! We can't wait to enjoy playing this with friends!

Look at our super free style writers enjoying some relaxing writing time on their tummies!

A sprinkle of our Reception happiness in learning. We have the best times!

What a fabulous way to start our learning week - fruit tasting of all the different fruits from our class text Handa’s Surprise!

Playing and learning outdoors in the bright sunshine adds a lovely happy feel.