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Spring 2

Have a happy holiday Year 1, we've had a terrific term!

smiley  STEM Weesmiley

We've had such a 'buzzy' time this week!

We were very excited to learn how to make clay bees.

Here are some of our clay bees ready to go in the kiln.

We made our own non-fiction books about bees.

We drew diagrams of bees and labelled their body parts.

We made a swarm of bees by potato printing.

We cut out and decorated hexagons to make a beehive honeycomb.

We used our DT skills to design and make moving bee pictures.

We loved baking and icing bee cakes to sell to our friends.

We carefully painted pebbles to look like bees.

We all planted a wild flower seed to take home and look after in the holidays ready to plant in our school garden after Easter.

We looked for flowers which would attract bees to our school garden.

A special visitor came to talk to us about keeping bees.

Here are our paintings of the jungle. We painted very tall trees and remembered we needed dense leaves in the canopy and not many plants on the ground where the light doesn't reach.

Here are some of the results.

We investigated how many different shades of green we could make.

Celebrating with our Odd Socks!World Down's Syndrome Day 2019 #lotsofsocks

We had a great day and thank you to all the parents who donated money to Comic Relief.

Here we are with our crazy masks!

Wonderful World Book Day!

Class 4 looked amazing!

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came into class this morning to help us make monster bookmarks; they look great!

We have a lovely time bakiing heart shaped biscuits; one for us to enjoy and one to take home as a gift for someone we love.

Plum loves to sit on the sofa with her mummy and daddy; we made a picture of who we love to sit on the sofa with. Plum loves lots of different things; her bear, treats, the snow, so drew pictures and wrote about the things that we love.

We listened to the story 'Love is my Favourite Thing' by Emma Chicester Clark. It is a lovely story about a mischievous dog called Plum and all the things that she loves.

We love Maths!

We have been using Dienes, tens and ones, to make numbers within 50 and then ordering these from biggest to smallest.

Ask your child to count in tens to 100!

In Maths we have been learning about numbers to 50 and finding out how many tens and ones are in different numbers. We have also been using lots of different equipment to represent numbers to 50.

Welcome back everyone!

We hope you have all had a great holiday and are ready for a busy half-term! smiley