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Spring 2

WOW Year 3 and 4 raised an amazing £160.50 in our biscuit sale! Well done. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

27.3.18 Wow! We have had an amazing time celebrating Maths Week with Year 4. The children have been working in teams to see who can win the most tokens. We have loved finding out all about Maths in the real world. Fantatsic work everyone!

Monday 26th March is the start of Maths Week! We have lots of fun 'maths in the real world' activities planned for the children! It would be brilliant if the children could spend at least 5 minutes a day on Times table Rockstars this week. Thank you.

Also we will NOT be sending any spellings out this week, but would appreciate it if the children could return their healthy living leaflets in before Wednesday.smiley


Friday 23rd March

Year 3 have had a super sports relief day. We have had a fantastic PE lesson playing line ball, run miles in the Golden Mile and had the best danceathon with an international DJ dance master. Some children thought it might have been Mr Thoburn dressed up, but we assure you it wasn't. We also had the staff step challenge, apparently Mr McDonald beat Mrs Dalkin, but we are waiting for the independent verifier to check Mr McDonald's step counter. surprise

Well done Year 3 - a super sporting day.


Don't forget tomorrow is Sport relief day at Westerhope. The children can come to school in their sports clothes ready for our danceathon and golden mile challenge! We can't wait.   πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ•ΊπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌ‍♀️
It was fabulous to see so many parents over the last few days to talk about the wonderful children. If you didn't manage to see us, please either telephone school or grab us at the door to make another appointment. We would love to see you and tell you all about your child's learning. πŸ˜Š

We can't wait for maths week! From Monday 26th - Wednesday 28th March we will be learning all about Maths in the real world.


Please can you make sure your child has a coat on Monday as we will be doing some maths outside. 


Also Year 3 will be playing some maths games on Wednesday afternoon. If you have any games involving maths at home, your child is welcome to bring them in on Wednesday. I shall be bringing monopoly - warning... Mr McDonald and Mrs Dalkin can get very competitive! πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡

Today we celebrated World Down's syndrome day at Westerhope! Year 3 had the most fabulous selection of odd socks. We were thinking about how everyone is different. Well done Year3! 


Bling your bike for Easter! 


Year 3's bikes were fantastic! We loved the assembly parade. 

Here are the spellings for this week, the children will be tested on Friday 23rd March.












Friday 16th March

We had a brilliant time this afternoon making videos to advertise a country to visit. We have learnt so much about different countries around the world in our Geography lessons, we thought it would be an excellent idea to show off our knowledge by making a video. We had to research a country, rehearse a script, find suitable images and download them and then use iMovie to put it all together! Year 3 are technological wizards! Some children even added a soundtrack to their movies. Unfortunately, there are no photographs of the children doing this, as they wouldn't let Mrs Dalkin or Mr McDonald near the ipads! We will upload some of the finished movies soon. Well done Year 3!

Times table Rockstars hits Westerhope! 

All of Year 3 now have times table rockstars logins in the front of their reading record. It is an amazing online resource that will really help the children become more fluent with their tables. It can be played on a PC, tablet and smartphones. Just google times tables rock stars and you are good to go! 

Thursday 15th March

We have been busying writing our own myths this week. We had some amazing heroes in our writing and some wicked villains! Today we decided to share our work with each other. We were looking for evidence of super writing as well as giving advice on what we could do better. 

Year 3 have been looking at using measurement in the real world. We had a very important problem to solve. We had to work out how much it would cost to paint our golden mile track in gold paint! The first thing we had to do was measure the track, we decided trundle wheels and metre sticks would be the best equipment to use. 

Spellings for week beginning Monday 12th March, to be tested on Friday 16th March:












Double WinIts next week! Be here on time every day from Monday 12th March until Friday 16th March and receive 10 WinIts! 

Westerhope's world book day! 

What a fabulous start to our day! Lots of the children dressed up as their favourite book character and looked fantastic. 

We had a super international storyteller come to our assembly to tell us part of the story of Wind in the Willows. There were also some Bafta award winning actors to help tell the tale. 

Year 3 are having a super day. We have decided to read the book 'The 13 storey treehouse' by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. We didn't know anything about the book, so our first task was to find out all about it. So we went into the computing suite to do our research. 
Sharing stories all snuggled up! 😊

Friday 2nd March

ANOTHER SNOW DAY!  We hope you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves, here are some more ideas for if you get bored...


1) Make a snow angel.

2) Make a snow monster, maybe the same creature you designed for your myth.

3) Make a miniature igloo, you can make bricks by packing snow into a tupperware box.


And if you are still bored, then practice your times tables! smiley

Thursday 1st March

Another SNOW DAY! We hope you are having a brilliant time. We'd love to see photographs or pictures of the snowmen you might have built, or a photo of you sledging. However, if you do get bored, here are a few ideas you could do to keep busy:


  • go on mathletics and see if you have any outstanding work, or play mathletics live
  • read your reading book and write a mini review in your reading record
  • draw a picture of a snowy scene
  • learn your spellings, you will be tested on the first day back
  • practice your 3,4 and 8 times tables


But above all, enjoy the snow. Keep safe and we will see you soon. Don't forget to bring a change of footwear and an extra pair of socks or tights, there is nothing worse than cold, wet feet! smiley

Here are the spellings to learn for this week, the children will be tested on Friday 2nd March.













We are really looking forward to our World Book Day on Wednesday 28th February. We have got a lovely new book that we will study for the day. Here is a clue: the title has the number 13 in it. smiley

Don't forget to bring a snuggly blanket and/or a cuddly toy and a favourite book to read. We are also going to be reading to Nursery. It should be a super day.

We had our first WinIts shop this week. The children had a hard decision to make... save or spend! Here are photos of the children with their toys and the children who decided to save. Well done Year 3, keep it up. Hopefully we can have even more WinIts next time. Remember you need to be on time and in school for a full week to earn 5 WinIts. 😊

Spellings for this week are:













The children will be tested on Friday 23rd February. 😊
Super artwork today! We are studying the work of a South American artist called Joaquin Torres Garcia, ask your child about his art and maybe how to pronounce his name! 
We have tried to work in the same style as the artist. We had a super afternoon. 

Welcome back!

We hope you have all had a super half term week. The children have arrived back at school raring to go.

Our topic is still 'All around the World'. We have started a unit in English all about Myths. Ask the children if they can tell you the story of 'Theseus and the Minotaur' we read it today in our English lessons. In Maths, we are learning about money, it would be great to give the children as many opportunities to count real money and work out the change. In Science, we are looking at forces and magnets, if you have any games at home that use magnets, we would love to have a look at them and investigate how they work.

We sent the new homework project via parentmail today, no 3D models this time...surprise

Don't forget to come to our meeting about Year 3s CAMP OUT this Thursday (22/2/18) at either 3:30pm or 5:00pm in class 8.  See you there!