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Spring 2

Here are our wonderful stars for this week. We are so proud!

✨⭐️ Our Wonderful Stars of the Week!⭐️✨

We are raising money for sports relief in school today.

Here we are in our sporty clothes and learning about Sports Relief in Class assembly.


Sporty rainy day races!!!

Today in assembly Mr Taylor came to tell us a special story about Jesus and his disciples.  We learned about why we celebrate Easter. 

🌳 We listened very well and enjoyed looking at the garden storyboard. 🌳

What a fabulous way to start our learning week thanks to the wonderful story of

Handa's Surprise

Our eager learners have been fruit tasting, writing about the delicious (or not so delicious!) tastes, exploring their understanding of the story through role play using Handa inspired props, experiencing fruity scents whilst playing with the 'fruity' play dough...and lots more!

Wow - what a busy Monday!


Handa’s Surprise inspired role play.
Exotic fruit tasting.
Life in Kenya.
What did we notice?
How is our life different to a life in Kenya?
Strawberry and orange scented play dough!
Handa’s Surprise puppet making.
African inspired necklace making in the art area.
An African inspired necklace modelled beautifully!
Good balancing like the character Handa!

Our lovely learners had a taste of tropical fruit before writing about their favourite one and how it tasted!

World Book Day in Reception!

Welcome to our new topic entitled:
All Around the World’! 

Our first explore is to the wonderful country of Africa.


Our Reception fairies have been hard at work adding new African inspired learning stations...

Such special moments observing the children through their self-chosen independent learning time...imaginations hard at work.

Here are our Stem Stars of the week.

This week we chose a winning team of inventors!
Well done, great team work! ⭐️💫🏅

Welcome to STEM week in Reception!

This week we are learning all about the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through a hands-on, learning approach for our lovely Reception children.


We are using the popular text of Mrs Armitage on Wheels to explore how we can design, model and enhance Mrs Armitage's bike when she finds herself in trouble on her bicycle journey! 




Explore the bikes in history together...can you remember what you noticed about each bike?

Our Talk for Writing learners busy at work.
A little taste of the history of bikes.
Our engineer message table
Engineer messages...
Magnetic 3D construction learners busy building.
Mrs Armitage on Wheels story sequencing.
“Our ice lion.” ... but will it melt over night?
Shape exploration.
A rocket blaster
A rocket
A hammer
STEM team work
STEM team work
STEM team work
STEM team work
In the dragons den
In the dragons den
The winning inventions
The winning inventions
In the dragons den
In the dragons den
STEM team work
STEM team work
STEM team work
A turbo electric go fast box
The battery pack
A robot that takes you where you want to go
STEM team work
STEM team work
STEM team work
STEM team work

A snow day means lots of fun learning outdoors!