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Spring 2

Maths Week


We have been embracing Maths in the Real World! The children have been finding the maths in real life situations. We talked about different jobs that involve maths such as nurses- weighing babies and measuring the medicine, shopkeepers- giving change.


The egg creations have been brilliant! we had Tiger Woods who uses maths when he is scoring as well as calculating how much distance to the hole.


Thank you for your support with this week! The children have a great understanding of maths in the outside world smiley

Camp fire


We had so much fun getting to go outside and have a camp fire. We burned our replica houses to recreate event of the Great Fire of London.

Parents visit


Thank you so much for coming to our parents event!! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Your support is amazing and the children absolutely loved having you come in to visit. smiley



Bling your Bike


Wow!! You have really impressed us all today. Thank you so much for your hard work- the bikes and scooters look amazing!



Making Scones...


As you are coming to join us tomorrow afternoon, we decided to make scones to share with you similar to Thomas Farynor's bakery. We hope you enjoy these smiley

Making Great Fire of London houses


We asked the children to work in groups to make their own houses. This is so we can use them during our campfire to recreate the event!

Times Tables Rockstars


The children have been given a username and password to log into this website! It is to help with their quick recall of times tables. Most of the children have had a chance to play in school and they LOVED it!! I have already noticed some of them getting quicker and quicker..



Great Fire of London Reports


The children have been busy finishing their reports to share with you on Tuesday!

ICT - algorithms


We have been learning all about algorithms and what it means. We have created little songs to help us remember...


Still image for this video

World Book Day


We have loved our World Book Day today and the children have really impressed us with their costumes. We have shared lot of stories and embraced a new book- The Bear and the Piano. We loved the illustrations and the moral of the story. We had a go at predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarising.

Here are some photos of what we got up to...



Linking other books...

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What we liked about this book...

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We have watched a clip called Dangle but only half of it... The children had to predict and infer what they thought was happening. In the video the man is left with a dilemma whether he should pull a rope he found or not pull the rope.

Today we used drama to create a conscience alley of what we thought...



c a.mp4

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Maths- Shapes


We have been learning about 2d shapes and all about their properties. We asked the children investigate a shape puzzle...



In my bag I have 12 sides... What shapes could I have??

We found lots of different ways to answer this question.



Great Fire of London Diaries

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We wrote a diary about the events of the Great Fire of London. Then we used the green screen to bring our diaries to life!

My Movie2.mp4

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My Movie3.mp4

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My Movie5.mp4

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My Movie4.mp4

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My Movie6.mp4

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