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Summer 1

In Maths we have been learning about position and direction.
Here are some of the activities we did this week!

We investigated quarter, half, three quarters and full turns using shapes.

We had lots of fun directing our friends to move around the chalk track remembering to use the words left and right correctly!

We decided where to put the toys on the shelves and then asked our friends questions about the position of the toys using the words left, right, above, below and in between.

In Geography we have been making plans of our classroom.

We looked at photos taken from a bird's-eye view and matched them to objects in our classroom. Then we looked at a kitchen plan to see how a bird's-eye view might be used in the real world.

As a class we used paper shapes to make a bird's-eye view plan of our classroom and then we drew our own plans. Mrs Phillip and Mrs Trowell were very impressed!

We had an exciting visit from 'Animals about town'. We could stroke and hold some of the animals and brush others. It was great fun!

What a wonderful day celebrating 'The Royal Wedding'.



We have made Spring collages. We thought about the shapes and colours that we needed and used the scissors carefully to cut out small pieces of felt. We were all very proud of our work.

Here are some of the things we have recently been doing in PE with Mrs Phillip.

We practised balancing on one leg with a partner to help us and then by ourselves. We also practised our balancing as we walked along the line in the hall.

We rolled the ball underarm to hit the bench and tried to catch it when it rolled back.

We dropped the ball and then our partner tried to catch it after it bounced. We practised rolling the ball again, this time to a partner. To make this harder we moved further apart and then we tried with one hand behind our back.

The Ducklings Make a SPLASH!

When class 4 went back to their classroom the ducklings hopped out of the tray to follow us. Mrs Phillip said they must think we're their mummies and daddies and they wanted to come with us!

In Science we have been looking closely at leaves. We collected leaves from the school garden and back in class looked carefully at their shapes and colours and tried to identify them.

We were book detectives and used magnifying glasses to look carefully at pictures from the story 'Into the Forest'. We spotted lots of fairytale characters and talked about which stories they were from.

We looked at pictures from the story 'Jim and the Beanstalk' and talked about what we could see. We made predictions about what we thought might happen in the story.

We sequenced pictures from the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and then retold the story orally with our friends.

Here are some of our amazing Jack and the Beanstalk stories.

We now have 4 ducklings! Our last duckling, the yellow one, hatched on Friday. They are very cute and sound a lot like chicks although they are definitely ducks, we can see their webbed feet!

The children have been learning all about how to look after our environment.  We took part in the 'Westerhope Plastic Pick Up' and collected quite a lot of rubbish from around parts of our school ground.

We are very excited! The eggs that were delivered yesterday have already started to hatch and we have two new members of the Year One team!


Keep checking our website for updates!

An Eggciting Time in Year One!!

The children had lots of fun creating their own WANTED  posters for the Giant. Look out for him in Westerhope - there might be a reward!


We have been practising our cutting, folding and rolling skills as we made pictures of spring flowers. We showed excellent concentration and perseverance!

Marvelous mental maths. Year 1 have been practising their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Keep practising at home.

We were very excited today because we got to visit the Win Its shop again!

Remember, we need to be in school and on time every day for a week to earn 5 Win Its.

These children decided to spend their Win Its.

These children decided to save their Win Its.

Spring has sprung!

We went for a walk in our school grounds to look for signs of Spring. We took clipboards with us so we could record what we saw and then wrote up our lists neatly when we were back in class.

It was lovely to see everyone again on Monday.

We hope you all had a great Easter holiday.

We are looking forward to a fantastic term in Year 1!