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Summer 2

Here we are practising our dance for the MADD parade. We hope you enjoyed it!

We had a lovely picnic lunch on the field.

Class 3 have been having lots of Minion fun this week! Look out for photos of the MADD parade next week.

Can you spot your Minion?

We loved icing our Minion biscuits. They were very tasty (except the liquorice)!!!

We painted carefully, taking care not to mix the colours.

More Minions! This time made with paper, glue and pipecleaners.

Marvellous Minions!

We worked carefully to make a Minion wristband.

We loved making playdough Minions!

Hello from the Minions!

We made models of Gru's spaceship using lego and blocks.

We designed a space ship for Gru to visit the moon.

We have been following a step by step guide to learn how to draw Minions!

We went to visit Class 6 to see their 'Poles Apart' models. We were very impressed!

Place Value

We have been learning about numbers to 100. Today we used practical equipment to set out numbers as tens and ones.

Reducing Food Waste

Jess came to talk to us today about food waste. First we found out about where different fruit and vegetables grow. Then we played a game closing our eyes and tasting some different fruits and vegetables. We described them using words such as crispy, juicy, soft, sweet and sour. We liked some, they were yummy, but not others.

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens

We had such a lovely visit to Kirkley Hall today, perfect weather, lots of animals and such well behaved children!

We went for a walk in the woods and spotted some bat boxes.

We had so much fun building bug hotels. We used sticks, logs, stones, pine cones and leaves. We were so excited when we spotted some minibeasts that had moved in straight away!

Here are our finished bug hotels!

Making woodland music!

Lots of animals, ask your child to tell you about them!

Which was your favourite animal?

We stroked the horned bush snake!

We visited the aquatics centre. We all loved Nemo but there were lots of other fish too!

Who knew a peacock could be white?

Lunchtime, everyone's favourite part of the day! Some of us had been ready for lunch since 10 o'clock!

Pretending to be lemurs!

We stroked the bearded dragon. We knew that he was cold blooded from our work at school but we were surprised to find out that he had three eyes!

We loved playing in the park before our bus journey back to school!

Coastguard Visit

We were super excited today when the coastguards came to visit Year 1. We learnt about staying safe at the beach. It was great fun trying on some of the coastguards' hats and coats. We pretended to rescue someone from the water and practised 'Float for your Life' so we would know what to do in case we got into difficulties in the sea.

Fractions Fun!

This week we have been learning about halves and quarters. Today we folded paper shapes into quarters, coloured quarters of shapes, buttered some bread and cut it into quarters and best of all got to eat it!

Here are some of our paintings to represent the story of Grace Darling.

Sports Week Fun!

Here are the red team ready for the fun run and some of the children doing their warm up exercises before they ran. Well done to everyone, you were amazing!

We designed and made our own winner's medals.

We were super cyclists for the afternoon!

smiley Keeping our hearts healthy and happy! smiley

We had lots of fun doing different activities including skipping, hula hooping, press ups and running.

We love healthy snacks!

Mmmmm, delicious and all gone!

Our healthy snacks were so tasty!

We designed our own packaging.

We mixed it in the food processor and then shaped it into bars.

We chose some yummy ingredients.

Today Georgie helped us make some super healthy, super tasty snacks; just right to keep our energy levels up in Sports Week!

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely half term.  It's hard to believe this is our last half term in Year 1. It's going to be lots of fun; we still have so many exciting things to do!