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Summer 2

To all the girls and boys in class 3 and class 4 have a fantastic summer holiday, love all the staff in Year 1!

We had a lovely picnic to celebrate the end of term!

These children all won a medal at the Westerhope Olympics!

smiley    MADD week  in Year 1!  smiley

Here are some of the things we got up to in MADD week.

Here is Class 4 ready for the MADD parade. We hope you enjoyed our dance!

We loved having a picnic lunch on the field!

We painted our clay lighthouses.

We made paper collages of tall ships.

We made pictures of the sea using fabric and felt.

We looked at different kinds of boats and then designed and made our own.

Our visit to Tynemouth!

We had a brilliant time at the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade today, there were so many unusual things to look at!

We helped to rescue Captain Stanley and his friends using a Breeches Buoy. Mrs Phillip waved the red flag to show that the toys were in danger and we hauled them to safety!

Harry showed us lots of intersting things in the museum, most of which came from shipwrecks! He showed us how a little pane of glass could be lifted out of the window so a telescope could be used.

We all enjoyed our lunch after a busy morning!

We had a lovely time in the afternoon playing on the beach with our friends!

As part of our work in Art we used clay to sculpt a lighthouse. We thought carefully about the shape we needed and used our fingers to smooth out the lighthouse and to make patterns for the rocks.

Homework Challenge (29.6.18)

The children have each chosen a rock pool animal to gather facts about.  We have added the pages that we have been looking at in class below.  The children will be using the information that they collect to write their own fact files in class.  Happy fact finding.


The Great North Exhibition


We had a great time today at The Great North Museum, looking at all the interesting objects in the galleries. We had to spot really big and really small objects, be detectives and match pictures and objects and design amazing chairs. We loved looking at the scary tiger shark and the magical blinking eyes! By lunchtime we were very hungry and really enjoyed our picnic on the grass.

Coastguard Visit

We were very excited today when the coastguards from Blyth visited Year 1 to talk to us about keeping safe near the sea. We talked about dangers at the coast, found out about tying knots and how strong some of them are and looked at a range of different equipment that the coastguards use. We even got to try some of it on!

PE this half term is all about multi-skills. We will be doing lots of activities to improve our control  and co-ordination when working with balls, such as rolling, kicking, throwing and catching.

We warmed up by pretending to be green beans, broad beans, jelly beans and runner beans!

We practised rolling the ball around the hall with good control and passing it to our partner.

Enjoying a Happy Meal after earning 100 Win Its, well done!!!

Our Topic for this term is 'Lighthouses'.

Take a look at our topic map.

Lighthouses Topic Map

Working with numbers to 100!

In Maths this week we have been making numbers with tens and ones, comparing numbers and saying which is the bigger or smaller number and ordering numbers. We have used lots of different equipment to help us including hundred squares, Dienes, Numicon, ten pence coins, one pence coins and counters.

smileyWe visited the WINITS shop today!smiley

Remember you need to be in school and on time every day for a week to earn 5 WINITS! You need 20 WINITS to win a prize. 

We decided to spend our WINITS!

I decided to spend my WINITS on a meal from MacDonalds!

We decided to save our WINITS!

We lots of fun at our sports afternoon. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to watch us.

Laura Samuel, a silver medalist in the triple jump, came to talk to us in assembly. She told us about her training, showed us some of the steps and jumps she needs to practise and answered our questions. She even let us hold her silver medal!

After assembly we did some circuit training with Laura, mountain climbers, spotty dogs, press-ups and star jumps. It was really hard work but great fun!

At playtime we did some exercises to keep ourselves fit.


Making Smoothies with the Smoothie Bike!

Wow, our last half-term in Year One! We've got so many fun things to fit in and so much exciting learning still to do, we can't wait to get started!