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Summer 2

We had so much fun hosting our Reception class auditions in preparation for Westerhope's Got Talent! So proud of our talented little friends in all ways possibly!

Our wonderful MADD week!

What a way to kick start our MADD week with ... Lindisfarne!! WOW! We feel so super lucky to have had this opportunity with one of the band members, Steve. Thank you so much to one of our Class 2 learners for letting us borrow their uncle!!

We are very excited to tell you ... we have our first FROG!

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!


We are so excited! Please visit the website to see some of our winning entry and details of the prizes we have won.

Thank you for all of your support as photos of the children's bug models were part of our winning entry.



We have had an amazing week!

We have particularly enjoyed our 'Bee' learning especially because we had a special bee keeper called Stevie come to visit us in our classroom.  He was amazing!  Teaching us all about different kinds of bees, how they make their honey and even showing us how he extracts the honey from the hive.  Our children were brilliant asking lots of questions and we have had a wonderful bee day today where we made our own hives and bees, made observational drawings of bees, wrote letters to thank Stevie and even practised our waggle dance!


We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs.

Our Bee Project

An amazing reception sports day today! The children were fantastic and did themselves proud. A huge thank you to our lovely parents and grown-ups for being so supportive, as always.

Hope you all had a lovely half term holiday! Our first day back has been wonderfully busy with Sports Week activities, balance bike training and lots of bug hunt fun to kick start our new topic of Bug Hunt!

Lots of 'big bug' learning ...

Lots of fabulous home-made bug creations brought in today - thank you so much to our little learners.