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Summer Term 1

Our topic this half term is National Parks. 


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We love Timestables Rockstars!

Remember to complete your 10 minutes on Timestables Rockstars per week. 

Design and Technology project - Boats

This half term in Science we are learning about forces.

We used our knowledge of air resistance and water resistance to design and build boats. 


We designed the sails for our boats based on the shape and size we thought would be best to catch the most wind. 


We designed the boat (hull) based on the shape and type we thought would be best to create the least amount of water resistance. This shape is called streamlined. 


Watch the videos below to see our boats being tested. 

Class 11 - Evaluation of our boats

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Class 12 - Evaluation of our boats

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Class 12 - Wonder character role play - Should Via be allowed to ride the subway home from school?

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Science - Air Resistance 

Check out our air resistance investigation we completed this week...


Air Resistance Investigation

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Maths - Decimals 

In Maths we are learning about decimals.


Class 12 explaining how to order and compare decimals.

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Science - forces




I am learning to explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity. 


We investigated if the weight of an object affects how fast it will fall to the ground. 


Check out out our videos below. 

Class 12 gravity investigations.

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