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Weekly Tasks

Hi Reception,

We can't quite believe that it is the last week of term!

A time when we would usually be celebrating a full year together, visiting our new classes and saying goodbye...

This year you are meeting your new teacher in a very different way, by video!

We will also be saying goodbye in rather a different way too! (shhhh, that's a secret)


Please find below the last week of planning, based on the story 'How many Legs'.  Another of my favourites!  Hope you like it too.

We have also included a 'Transtition Pick and Mix' including somethings you might like to do over the Summer for your new teachers.


Take good care and have a lovely Summer!

We will be sure to stop by and see you in your new classes as soon as we are able to.


Miss you all heart

Mrs Stokoe smiley Mrs Hay smiley Miss Forster smiley

Hi Reception,

We have had some lovely posts on our Blog this week as more of our little learners have their birthdays and turn big 5!!!!  Thank you for sharing smiley

This week is MADD week!  This stands for Music, Art, Drama and Dance.  We usually plan an entire week around these areas and enjoy a lovely celebration at the end of the week.

So please find below some ideas that you might want to try at home! We would love to see ANY of your lovely CREATIVE ideas heart.

We have also added our usual weekly planning for literacy and Maths all based around the story of 'The Dinosaur who Pooped a Planet' (Hee hee, I can guess a few of you who will enjoy a giggle at this).

Have a lovely week

Mrs Stokoe heart Mrs Hay heart Miss Forster heart



6.7.20 Happy MADD week!

Hi Reception,

We hope that this weeks learning finds you safe and well. smiley

Our story this week is 'Oliver's Vegetables' there are also other stories in this series too which you might enjoy, Oliver's Fruit Salad and Oliver's Milkshake.  

We would love to see any work that you do at home or any activities you take part in with your family. heart

This week we have also included a special 'Rainbow Memories' learning home learning sheet for you to explore with your grown up! heart


We really look forward to seeing your Rainbow Memories learning on our class blog!


Mrs Stokoe wink Mrs Hay wink Miss Forster wink

Hi Reception,

Here are this weeks learning tasks all based around the fabulous story ZOG!

We have also added some sporty ideas this week in our 'Pick and Mix', as this would have been sports week in school.


Please also find below further sporting ideas and activities from Mr Outson our sports leader.


Can't wait to see how active you can get this week! smileywinksmiley

SPORTS WEEK - 22nd-26th June - Have a look at all these fun activities and try some at home. Let's get active!

Hello Reception,

Well, what a wonderful week!  

Mrs Hay and I were so lucky to receive the most wonderful card and letter in the post.  It was a lovely surprise going into school and finding it!  Thank you Ava smiley.  

We have also seen some fabulous writing, spell making, number work and crafts!  Simply magic!

This week we are continuing with our magical theme, looking at the story of 'Princess MIrror-Belle and the Dragon Pox'.

This is a story I hadn't read before and had to borrow it from Mrs Hay's little girl. heart

What a lovely story, we hope you enjoy it and that you manage to try some of the exciting jobs too.

I have also started to add some of your tricky words to remind you to practise reading and writing them too.

Have a good week yes

Mrs Stokoe winkMrs Hay wink Miss Forster wink

Hello to all of our wonderful Reception learners! smiley

We hope that you are all well and really hope that we get to see some of your lovely faces on our Blog this week.

We miss you all very much heart

This week our story is 'The Princess and the Wizard' and we have planned some magical activities for you to try!

*** please remember, as always there is no need to print ***

Enjoy heart

Hi Reception,

We hope that you had a lovely sunny half-term filled with lots of fun!


Please find below your new weekly learning tasks...

This week we are using the story of 'The Snail and the Whale'.


We look forward to seeing how you get on, on our Reception Blog!


* all tasks can be completed on paper - no need to print *

Hello Reception Super Stars smiley

This weeks work is now saved below.  

This week we will be thinking about the brilliant story of 'Superworm'.

We hope you enjoy the activities and would love to see your amazing work on our Blog.


(Please remember that you need not print out all of these activities and that they can be completed in your work book or on paper)


Have a lovely 'wriggly' week...


Hello Reception!

What wonderful posts we have received again this week.  It is so lovely to see some of your smiling faces and to see that you are working hard and having fun too.

This week our jobs are about, 'The Very Busy Spider'.

Do you like spiders?  What is your favourite mini beast?

Again, we have provided some resources that you can use, but all activities can also be completed in your workbooks or on paper.

Hope you enjoy learning about spiders.

Mrs Stokoe heart Mrs Hay heartand Miss Forster heart

WOW!  It has been so lovely to see some of the amazing pirate work the children have completed last week.  We can see you are all working so hard smiley

We have added below some tasks for this week 4.5.2020.  They are all based around the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', we hope you enjoy them.  

All activities can be done without printing anything off. 

Enjoy heart

Here are our weekly tasks for week beginning 27.4.2020.

You will find a daily session for English and Maths.  This week all of our lessons are about pirates!  So if you have any pirate stories you could share that would be wonderful!

This week we will continue with monster phonics, curly caterpillar handwriting and also some pirate dancing, (which you may recognise from class)

We hope you enjoy the tasks, we would love to see any of your efforts on our class blog.

We have included some formats you could use BUT these ARE NOT ESSENTIAL, all tasks can be completed in your school workbook or any paper you may have yourself.


Here are our weekly tasks for 20.4.2020.

You will find a daily session for English and Maths.

If you have the stories of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' or 'Supertato' (one of our favourites!) They might come in useful, but aren't essential.

We have also included a phonics game you can work through and a focus for handwriting this week.

Our lovely Reception learners...


Why don't you join in with a SuperHero themed Dough Disco Party on Friday? 




Reception parents:

If you fancy making your own playdough, the following recipe is a simple one to follow (with a video too):


Hello our lovely Reception learners,


We know how much you love 'Story Mapping' (Talk for Writing) in class so here is a wonderful booklet of learning where you can join Mavis the magical Cat in exploring a magical world!