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REACH FOR THE STARS THROUGH LEARNING...POSSIBILITIES...MAKING A DIFFERENCE...BOOKS BUILD BRAINS... ADVENTURE...Latest whole school attendance for the year stands at 95.9%. Help us to achieve 96% by the end of term. LATEST OFSTED REPORT PUBLISHED. Our school is 'good' in all Ofsted Framework areas. 'Thoughtful, high-quality care contributes well to the happy and harmonious school atmosphere.' Well done to all our pupils, staff and school community for their efforts in contributing to an excellent report. Department of Education data indicates no better performing school within a 75 mile radius with similar key stage 1 scores. WELL DONE WESTERHOPE.

Who's Who

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Come and meet the staff at Westerhope Primary

Mr M Outterside

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Mrs S Russell
Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum Lead/Governing Body member

(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Specialist Leader of Education


Mrs K Salkeld

Deputy Headteacher- Disadvantaged Team/Governing Body member

(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Year 5 Teacher


Miss K Priest
SEND Coordinator/Governing Body member


Mrs S Ridley
School Business Manager/Business and Continuity Leader


Mrs J Coverdale
Data Manager/ICT Support/GDPR Lead


Mrs J Hall
Administrative Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor Lead


Mrs J Leath
SEND Admin/Reception/Attendance Team


Mrs S Donaghy
Nursery Teacher/Year 1


Mrs J Stokoe
Reception Teacher - EYFS Leader


Miss A Ellis

Reception Teacher/Outdoor Learning Program Lead/Governing Body Associate


Mrs E Hay

Reception Teacher/Parent Support Team


Mrs C Phillip
Year 1 Teacher/Parent Support Team/ Whole School Events Support


Mrs A Trowell
Year 1 Teacher/RE Lead


Miss C Stewart
Year 2 Teacher/School Council Lead


Miss L Holisz
Year 2 Teacher - KS1 Leader/Maths Team


Mrs  K Dalkin
Year 3 Teacher/DT Lead/NQT, RQT, Student Lead


Mr P McDonald
Year 3 Teacher - History Lead/MFL Lead


Mr M Outson
Year 4 Teacher/Geography Lead


Mrs H McManus
Year 4 Teacher - Life Skills Lead/Parent Support Team

Specialist Leader of Education


Mrs V Purdy
Year 4 Teacher - Lower KS2 Leader/Literacy Lead/Phonics International Lead


Mrs S Dawes 

Year 5 Teacher/ Science Team


Mr S Thoburn
Year 5 Teacher - Computing Lead

Specialist Leader of Education 


Mr A Bell
Year 6 Teacher - Science Lead/STEM Lead/Governing Body member

Specialist Leader of Education 


Mrs G Coker
Year 6 Teacher - Upper KS2 Leader/Maths Mastery Lead

Primary Mastery Specialist


Mr S Devlin
PE Teacher/PPA/PE and Sport Lead


Mrs S Wyld
Pastoral Lead/Attendance Team


Mr C Brown
Behaviour Support Officer/Forest School Lead


Ms D Blair
Nursery Nurse/Reception


Mrs N Anderson
Teaching Assistant - Nursery


Mrs E Poolan
Nursery Nurse 


Mrs K Hirst
Teaching Assistant - Reception


Mrs R Butler
Teaching Assistant - Year 1/ Support Staff Assistant Lead  (Currently on maternity leave)


Miss H Carter
Teaching Assistant - Year 1


Mrs B Hewitson
Teaching Assistant - Year 1


Mrs H Shorter
Teaching Assistant - Year 1/Year 2/First Aid & Administration of Medicines Lead


Miss K Frend
Teaching Assistant - Year 2


Mrs T Beckwith
Teaching Assistant - Year 3


Mrs S Haggath
Teaching Assistant - Year 5/Support Staff Lead


Mrs C Spark
Teaching Assistant - Year 5


Mrs D Atkinson
Teaching Assistant - Year 6


Mrs N Dunn
Teaching Assistant - Year 6





Picture 1