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Our lovely Reception learners have been exploring Talk for Writing techniques to retell our class story of We're Going On A Bear Hunt!

Our wonderful Year 4 learners using Talk for Writing to explore kindness...

In Year 1 we LOVE Talk for Writing! We have been learning the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff through reading, acting, drawing pictures and creating actions to match parts of the story to help us retell it.

Our wonderful Reception learners have been super Talk for Writing stars! ⭐️

Spring Term 2020 - lots of lovely exciting writing opportunities across school with a focus on our grammar and punctuation. We are using our class readers to help us with our writer's knowledge and application of key grammatical concepts...

Autumn Term has been full of busy and our pupils have been working hard with their writing - lots of exciting texts with clear audience and purpose. There has been lots of grammar being taught in classes using our class readers to put it in context then pupils have been applying rules in their own writing. Well done everyone - neat, interesting and meaningful writing across the school. 

Year 4 have written some brilliant myths and legends. They included great action and detail as well as ambitious vocabulary. They read their myths to three friends and enjoyed listening to and discussing each other’s writing.

Autumn Term 2018 Here is a sample of some of the fantastic English work and cross curricular writing going on across school...

Look at all of the fabulous writing going on across school - children are excited to share and discuss what they have been writing and there is lots of brilliant work displayed around school. Here are just a few examples...

Spring 2 - 18.1.18 Our Year 4 pupils enjoyed some cross curricular writing about the Anglo-Saxons. They demonstrated brilliant historical knowledge to write in role to show the viewpoints of a Roman, Briton, Anglo Saxon and a Pict. They also labelled a village using their knowledge from guided reading which will form detail for some historical fiction!

GUY BASS author update - towards the end of last year our current Year 5 pupils created some posters to thank GUY BASS, the author of STITCH HEAD, for visiting our school. We sent a few of these to him and he loved them! So much so that he has been back in contact to say that he has included them on him website. Guy emailed Year 5 to say he thought their work was "ridiculously imaginative" and "greatly appreciated".Great effort!

LKS2 Year 4 writers were really proud of the feedback they were given from their Let's Write task where they had to write a diary entry as STITCH HEAD. They are all keen to work towards their targets with spelling and sentence punctuation and they all really impressed us with their use of ambitious vocabualry and the way they all included character viewpoint. Keep up the great work!

UKS2 Year 6 Wow! We loved how our Year 6 authors have been able to "Show not tell" in their writing in order to give their reader vivid images as well as building up suspense and humour for them to enjoy reading year 6's work! Well done for focusing carefully on the purpose of writing and of course your audience!

4.10.17 UKS2 - Year 6 have had a really busy start to their year. They have become grammar experts already in all things linked with sentence types and clauses, they have their own mind maps to help them to apply all of their knowledge when working in SPAG sessions or in their own writing. Mind mapping has also helped them to create cohesion between their paragraphs - You definitely look like SPAG experts so far year 6.

LKS2 Year 3 have been very busy finding out about Adventure Stories and their settings. They have used drama to help them focus on characters and worked together to describe their own settings. Today they worked with a box it up plan to plan out a full adventure story - we can't wait to read them Year 3.

KS1 Year 1 have been very busy with their new phonics lessons then working hard to apply their reading and spelling knowledge in their English lessons. Look at the range of forms, purposes and audiences they have been writing for... postcards,notes, stories, setting descriptions! Not to mention their reading work which gives them some great new vocabulary to include in their own work!

4.10.17 Reception have been very busy in the writing area. Look at their lovely work telling us what they'd like to be...

UKS2 20.9.17 Year 5 have been working on some Classical Literature and reading Black Beauty. They are applying their writers knowledge of form, language, formality and style to plan and write their very own chapter. The box it up plan helps them to sequence their ideas and record key words or phrases to add description and detail. We can't wait to read their chapters...

LKS2 20.9.17 Year 4 have been very busy reading the story of Stitch Head which they have discussed and analysed in Guided Reading. They are working on their persuasive writing skills and are trying to persuade their audience to visit the Gruesome Grubbers Nubbin - certainly not for the faint-hearted! Year 4 discussed the language features needed for their chosen genre as well as thinking carefully about the audience and purpose of their written work. They also worked in role as teacher, to edit and mark a piece of writing and were able to suggest lots of ways to improve it so it is more persuasive and descriptive for their reader. Great to see some beautiful presentation and that handwriting pens have been awarded already! Keep it up...

KS1 20.9.17 Wow! Year 2 have made a really "SUPER" start to the term and have used their knowledge from guided reading to help them with ideas and language to plan and write their own superhero story. Year 2 have loved using a story map and talking the text to help them rehearse story language and layout. Lovely presentation too!

Welcome back to another great year of writing at Westerhope.

We can't wait to get started!

In Spring term 1, year 2 became experts on all things related to The Great Fire of London. They loved creating their own information books. They included a front cover, subheadings, diagrams, a contents page and even a glossary of subject specific vocabulary. Great job Year 2

As part of their work on Free Verse Poetry this term, Year 4 enjoyed reading 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. They worked collaboratively to write and present their own versions, which we have posted off to Roger McGough himself! Let's hope he likes them!

Year 4 have finished the Christmas term by reading the story "The Snow Queen", exploring use of language to describe setting and character before finally retelling thier own version with an individual twist at the end. Year 4 teachers have beeen very proud of the progress the children have made with their story writing. They have also been extremely busy creating their own dragons to create some fantastic non-chronological reports to complete their topic linked to Beowulf. Keep it up.

LKS2 enjoyed reading "The Donkey's First Christmas" before writing their own version as a comic strip. They had to think really carefully about the main events and character viewpoint. Some children even managed to add some humour! Well done.

Year 5 have been working on their sustained writing. This learner is certainly able to write long and relevant texts! They also read examples of text types to analyse them before writing their own. Reading supports our writing across the school.

This writer has made good progress in their presentation and is now joining their letters - keep it up! Our marking ladders give children feedback of what they've done well ( green) and their next steps or targets are shown in pink ( think pink!)

Across the school, we use text maps to help rehearse text and language features. We use lots of speaking and listening techniques like "talking the text" to help us improve our own writing and vocabulary! Here is a great example...

Year 6 have also been busy publishing some of their writing in ICT. Do you think you would be persuaded by their adverts?

Year 6 have been working on some top secret, classified files after reading one of our favourite class texts - Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. Their writing about the story has been full of action and suspense. Well done Year 6!

We are keen to show off our writing around school. On this page you will see some excellent example -starting with the year 4 'Jungle Book' topic.