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Geography Week

Geography Week was a great success and we were so proud of the children's work. It started off in Key Stage 2 with a talk from Andrew and Simon about NUFC 's Lemington Hub. Once we knew what Newcastle Foundation were looking for in a new football centre, we then created our own survey and asked members of our family what they would like to see at the centre. Then we had a debate about the different users of the football centre with a vested interest in the design (dog walkers, NUFC, environmentalists and historians etc.) Finally, we had the chance to design our own Hub. This was made even trickier by the two trees that have a Tree Preservation Order on them and the Vallum (the old ditch that runs in front of Hadrian's Wall) which needed to be kept as a site of historic interest.   

We were all so impressed with the children's creativity and thoughfulness of their designs. The NUFC team said that after listening to the presentations, they would definitely be incorporating some of our ideas into the real plans for the Lemington Hub!